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  1. My personal hockey trading card collection improvements, September 2016

    Last two months has been very busy and eventful especially September where I have managed to achieve all time high in one month by creating three trades in SCF and in October 1st I completed the UD ePack 2015-16 Fusion RC Achievement Black set.

    2015-16 UD Black Pride of a Nation #PNAI Arturs Irbe /99


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  2. Kronozio
  3. Clyde's Stale Cards on

    As I haven't sold much on eCrater this year, I've decided to move a bunch of that inventory over to a relatively new site from Canada, You may have started seeing their ads popping up on sites like or They are based in Montreal, and are all native French speakers, so if some of the English on the site seems a ...

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  4. The Start Of My TTM Career

    Today is the day I sent out my first TTM in the mail to Terry Bradshaw. I found out about these a couple days ago when I was watching youtube videos about sports cards. before I watched those videos I didn't know TTM's existed. for the last couple of years I have lost interest in my sports card collection but now because of the chance at TTM's from sports athletes im starting to get interested in sporting cards again. I haven't been this excited about sports cards and sports memorabilia since I ...
  5. cjs-sportscards tradelist (Hockey / Football / Baseball)

    1992 Classic Four Sport Draft Pick Collection LPs #LP15 - Shaquille O'Neal, Phil Nevin, Roman Hamrlik, Desmond Howard /46080

    1994 Classic Autographs #106 David Roberts Serial #'d 0824/1970
    1995 Classic Five Sport Autographs #128 Steve Kelly
    1995 Classic Five Sport Autographs #148 Brent Peterson
    1998-99 Be A Player Autographs #241 Manny Malhotra (Rangers)
    1998-99 Be A Player Autographs Gold #271 Joe Murphy (Sharks)
    1998-99 SP ...

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  6. Trade list

    2009 Upper Deck X Rick Porcello RC 96
    2011 Topps Chrome Ref 132/562 Miguel Cabrera C108
    2010 A&G GU Miguel Cabrera AGR-MCA
    2010 Topps Chrome Ref Miguel Cabrera 156
    2010 Cards Your Mom Threw Out AL Kaline CMT61
    2010 Topps Heritage Miguel Cabrera 95
    2011 Bowman Platinum x-Fractors Avisial Garcia BPP12
    2011 Bowman Platinum Emerald Miguel Cabrera 6
    2009 Bowman Chrome Miguel Cabrera 18
    2012 Topps Golden Moments Miguel Cabrera GM-40 ...

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