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  1. Trade Time!

    Quote Originally Posted by titletowncards View Post
    Pretty sure this guy is a scammer, his address in Trade Manager is wrong.
    What he did is change it just enough to try to fool us, but still have the PO deliver it.

    His real address is:

    Dustin Morris
    282 Bourbon Street
    Blanchester, OH 45107
  2. Kronozio
  3. Looking for Brad Marchand and Alex Killorn cards

    Hi everyone..was brought here by Thompson..told me this is the place to find cards we do not have of Brad Marchand and Alex Killorn...My 9 yr old son can't play hockey because of medical reasons so we went the collecting route instead..we are buyers so pls hit us up with any and all cards of said players,,,not to sure how to move around here yet..ti find cards,,but with alittle help maybe we'll find other cards we don't have..thanks for reading Mike
  4. List of Autos, GU, AUTO/GU For Trade

    If anything interests you please ask for a photo of the card, I will be more than happy to provide them. All Cards listed are only Autos and pack pulled, nothing TTM or IP will appear here. Some of the cards I don't have all the info on such as year once again please ask for pictures.


    Willie Abreu USA 228/349
    Willie Abreu USA Panini EEE 198/299
    Ryan Adams 2011 Topps Pro Debut - Yankees
    Nick Ahmed 2013 Bowman Platinum - Diamondbacks
    Tim ...

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  5. Hector Noesi, Clayton Kershaw Autograph Card Error

    Last night I was staying up late looking for Yankee cards to possibly add to my collection, and I came across an autographed Hector Noesi game used jersey card........except that the autograph is actually from Clayton Kershaw

    Hector Noesi is just an average/below average pitcher that gets tossed around between teams, and Kershaw is the perennial Cy Young award winner........ So I was wondering what the card might possibly be worth? I know that it would probably be worth ...
  6. Enter the Steel City Collectibles Pick'em Challenge & Monday Night Football Pool

    We are pleased to announce two great opportunities this NFL Season for you to participate and have the chance to win some great football prizes.

    The first opportunity is our 2014 SCC NFL Pick'em Challenge, which is FREE to enter and concludes with a Grand Prize of a box of 2013 Panini National Treasures Football. There are great weekly prizes each week during the NFL season that feature unopened boxes of some of your favorite football products. Check out the full details and enter ...