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  1. My personal hockey trading card collection improvements, April 2017

    The five year long waiting for the big whale to come up has ended and I'm very happy to get a one of ten made 2008-09 Be A Player Player's Club Rookie #255 Martins Karsums, in my personal collection. You wouldn't believe how pleased I am about having this card, because there was so much doubt and disbelief that these cards even exist, these cards were a redemption cards and there was none pictures or information about these cards. These 109 cards are only Martins Karsums NHL cards made:

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  2. Kronozio
  3. TTM Success Tips

    Here are a few of the tips that I have found aid in receiving autographs from former players:

    1. Always send a self-addressed, stamped envelope. (SASE) This makes it much easier for the person autographing your card to simply drop the letter off in the mail, rather than to have to come up with their own postage.

    2. Always send a handwritten letter, never a typed one. This will add an air of authenticity to your request, and will make your request feel more personal. Write ...
    TTM Successes
  4. TTM Success #40: Former Seahawks Wide Receiver Brian Blades

    I sent a 1992 NFL Pro Set Card, 1996 Pinnacle Score Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 1992 NFL Pro Set Card and 1996 Pinnacle Score Card signed! Only 12 days! Thank you so much Mr. Blades!
  5. TTM Success #39: Current Giants Quarterback Eli Manning

    I sent a 2006 Topps Total Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 2006 Topps Total Card signed! Only 33 days! This is my first success from a current NFL player! Thank you so much Mr. Manning!
  6. TTM Success #35: Hall of Fame Cowboys Defensive End Ed "Too Tall" Jones

    I sent a 1986 Topps Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 1986 Topps Card signed! He wrote "#72" under his autograph! Only 16 days! Thank you so much Mr. Jones!
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