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Juan Gonzalez Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 97%

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Address success percentage: 97%    
Total number of submission on this address: 677
# of Success: 574  # of Failed: 16  # of Pending: 87
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-13-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
CrazyBreaks37 08-12-2022 Pending -2/0  
framinghammadjack 08-11-2022 Pending -1/0Sent Index Card and $5. 
Smashduck 08-08-2022 Pending -4/0SASE, LOR, 4 cards 
Tarman44 08-08-2022 Pending -3/0Sent 3 cards 
pirates88 08-06-2022 Pending -1/0  
Tumbleweed29 07-28-2022 Pending -2/0LOR, SASE, no fee 
mtool 07-27-202208-06-2022Success 104/4signed 4 cards 
weisberm 07-09-2022 Pending -3/0  
RobSpires 07-08-2022 Pending -3/0LOR/SASE, 3 cards 
hockeytown 07-02-2022 Pending -5/0  
jesseceilings 07-01-2022 Pending -2/01990 Donruss error, 1998 UD Collector's Choice 
lifeboy1 06-30-2022 Pending -1/092 Score 
dmhinton138 06-29-2022 Pending -3/0LOR, SASE, 92 Stadium Club, 93 Ultra and 21 Archives. 
RedsFan75 06-28-2022 Pending -3/0  
Balmybuffalo1 06-25-2022 Pending -1/0  
Sunday1014 06-22-2022 Pending -4/04 cards 
thegonz 06-21-202206-27-2022Success 61/194DDK 
Debone44 06-21-202206-27-2022Success 61/1LOR, SASE, signed my 89UD in blue sharpie 
autographs2010 06-21-202206-27-2022Success 63/3 
Jimmyfats 06-13-2022 Pending -1/0  
Bordercityboy 06-02-2022 Pending -2/091F 99T league leaders 
andyb426 05-31-202206-28-2022Success 283/33/3 signed beautifully in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez!
erikmshapiro 05-31-2022 Pending -3/0  
NYYJMM 05-26-202206-10-2022Success 152/21998 Upper Deck & 2000 Black Diamond
bkline 05-23-202206-21-2022Success 293/3  
mtool 05-21-202206-10-2022Success 204/4signed 4 cards 
AaronJudge 05-21-202206-10-2022Success 204/3signed 3 in blue but kept one card unfortunately check out my returns at Yankees Union on youtube 
Vercingetorix 05-19-202206-10-2022Success 226/6Quick Return. great signature 
cch15 05-18-202205-27-2022Success 93/3Signed all 3! 
Worrellj22 05-17-202205-24-2022Success 74/4HWLOR, SASE, 4 cards with option to keep 2...Wow! Signed/returned ALL 4 from the 2x AL MVP!!! Thank you! 
Maxheidkamp 05-16-202205-31-2022Success 151/1  
Jasfazad88 05-16-202205-28-2022Success 121/1  
RMJ 05-16-202205-31-2022Success 151/1A&G. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez.
RedsFan324 05-10-202205-21-2022Success 115/5Sent 5 cards, SASE. Hoping he will sign these for a kid because he seems to have a 3 card limit. He signed all 5!! Super happy with this return! 
Will3119 05-06-202205-16-2022Success 103/3Signed all 3 cards in blue sharpie. 
MrOctober518 04-30-202205-12-2022Success 121/12014 Topps Archive /1973 style signed boldly in blue sharpie.
K5bulldog 04-26-202205-10-2022Success 142/2Thank you Mr. Gonzalez!!!!! 
dish142002 04-25-202206-11-2022Success 474/4w/$30 
lews2 04-25-202206-10-2022Success 462/290 Donruss Rookie + Leaf 92 
derfzinkerbelle 04-22-202205-13-2022Success 211/1Topps 1993 Toys R Us Stadium Club card, SASE, Note. Gorgeous autograph, thanks Juan!
Centre 04-14-202206-17-2022Success 642/290F and 93L (Triple Play) signed in blue sharpie; no fee... Thank You Mr. Gonzalez 
BleedBlue15 04-11-202204-25-2022Success 142/2'92 Fleer, '01 Fleer, Blue Sharpie. 
macheskyjeff 04-09-2022 Pending -3/01991 Topps, 1992 Score Select and Donruss Triple Play 
drcloutier34 04-09-2022 Pending -4/0  
sobrienaasc 04-06-2022 Pending -4/0  
Victor1965 04-02-202204-15-2022Success 132/3Juan sent a signed 1990 Donruss card 
sampio 04-01-202204-15-2022Success 142/2LOR, SASE, awesome! 
Bballgrl1891 03-31-2022 Pending -3/0  
Whawke 03-30-2022 Pending -5/0  
Sunday1014 03-26-2022 Pending -4/04 cards 
Ky1603 03-26-2022 Pending -2/0  
rggedglory 03-11-202205-02-2022Success 513/33 cards 
mrdavidjb 03-10-202204-07-2022Success 274/3Sent 97 Fleer, 96 Leaf Signature Series, 93 UD Checklist, 94 UD Collectors Choice Checklist. 93 UD Checklist did not return.
jmcraven 03-09-202204-08-2022Success 292/1'91 & '92 Topps, signed 1, returned both 
TheoB 03-08-202204-08-2022Success 305/3Kept 2 cards 
macheskyjeff 03-07-202204-08-2022Success 313/31991 Upper Deck, 1992 and 1993 Topps 
Bailey10 03-06-2022 Pending -1/0Allen & Gunter card SASE with note 
Sunday1014 03-03-2022 Pending -4/04 cards 
Mortgage Dude 03-02-2022 Pending -1/0One card sent with a SASE 
kinzigerj 03-01-2022 Pending -3/0  
dmhinton138 02-28-2022 Pending -3/0LOR, SASE, 92 Stadium Club, 93 Upper Deck and 21 Topps Archives. 
autographs2010 02-18-202203-03-2022Success 134/4 
white_rabbit 02-18-202203-02-2022Success 123/391 fleer, 91 Bowman & 00 Topps, thanks a lot Juan 
Debone44 02-15-202203-01-2022Success 141/1LOR, SASE. Thanks!!
rggedglory 02-11-202203-02-2022Success 191/11 card 
Tucker 02-11-202203-30-2022Failure 461/02nd attempt 
Schmidty548 02-09-202202-28-2022Success 194/4Signed my 4 baseball cards - Check out my returns on the Hot Corner -
jricupero 02-08-202202-22-2022Success 142/2  
bjp40 02-07-202203-17-2022Success 376/590b.90d rn.90f.90ud.93studio sil.97pms. Kept the 90 Bowman. 
bryanfrench 02-04-2022 Pending -4/04 cards and letter 
angelsninety9 01-31-202203-01-2022Success 293/3Signed all three!
georgef3518 01-25-2022 Pending -4/0Sase 
Historyhokie 01-21-202203-04-2022Success 422/2Signed 2/2 in blue sharpie 
wallieygraphs 01-19-2022 Pending -1/0  
haynmay 01-19-202203-03-2022Success 432/21993 post, 1992 topps stadium club 
Klummp 01-18-202203-15-2022Success 553/33 cards hwlor sase 
Danmay55 01-14-202202-19-2022Success 366/5Signed 5 returned other unsigned 
Will3119 01-06-202202-28-2022Success 534/4All for in blue sharpie. 
dgsportsltd 01-04-2022 Pending -2/0HWLOR SASE 90F 93L 
tilt122 01-04-2022 Failure -3/091 Fleer, 91 Score, 95 UD 
  Edit your submission Guest 01-03-2022 Pending -11/0  
AaronJudge 01-03-202203-10-2022Success 6611/6cant remeber when i got it back but i sent 11 he signed 6 and kept 5 
Slyfamilybreaks 01-03-2022 Pending -3/0sent 3 cards and a note 
Mr Goody 12-31-202103-07-2022Success 665/491 fleer, 92 diamond kings, 97 fleer, 98 topps, kept one all in blue sharpie thank you Mr Gonzalez 
levi 12-31-202103-05-2022Success 641/11990 Fleer for set
sabro9 12-31-202103-09-2022Success 681/1Sent one 2021 topps archives card . The card came back signed ty Mr Gonzalez 
macheskyjeff 12-28-202103-08-2022Success 702/22021 Allen and Ginter and 1992 Score 
Falzone829 12-27-202107-01-2022Success 1853/3Signed the back of the E-Motions, signed all 3. Thanks Juan !!!
dkaplan33 12-24-202103-07-2022Success 732/2He signed 2! thanks! 
Favi123 12-23-202103-05-2022Success 722/2Signed 2021 topps archives and 91 fleer Texas rangers sticker. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
Will3119 12-17-202105-21-2022Success 1544/4Signed all 4 in blue sharpie, including a jersey card that turned out great! 
TitanUp01 12-11-202112-28-2021Success 175/4Send HWLOR, SASE, (2) 1990 Topps Debut, (2) 1990 Donruss, (1) 1999 UD MVP Power Surge - He kept 1 1990 Topps Debut and returned the other 4 all signed! Thank you so much Mr. Gonzalez!
macheskyjeff 12-09-202112-27-2021Success 183/31990 and 1991 Donruss; 1992 Score 
Cjtherien 12-09-202112-27-2021Success 187/7Signed all when I offered him to keep any.
SG7586 12-08-202112-27-2021Success 191/12020 A&G 
Pine Tar Cards 11-30-2021 Pending -2/01990 fleer & 2020 archives 
macheskyjeff 11-27-202112-06-2021Success 93/31990 Donruss, 2020 and 2021 Topps Archives 
pmc14 11-24-202112-07-2021Success 132/2Signed 2/2 
rich summa 11-17-202112-06-2021Success 191/190 Donruss 
Dean28 11-17-202112-06-2021Success 192/290S & 93TW in blue Sharpie
Slyfamilybreaks 11-15-202111-23-2021Success 85/0sent 5 cards and a note 
NovRains 10-20-202111-23-2021Success 342/2LOR, SASE, '90F & '90UD. Signed both ~ Muchas Gracias! 
fiveleones 10-19-202111-08-2021Success 201/1Quick return thanks MR Gonzalez 
DeeWib 10-18-202111-08-2021Success 213/3HWL, SASE. 3 cards. All signed . Return address from Tennessee. Great success
Falzone829 10-14-202111-22-2021Success 393/3Thank you Juan !!
WalterBison 10-11-202111-23-2021Success 432/2Returned without card saver but cards weren't damaged. Signed nicely in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez. 
FlyingDutchmen 10-04-2021 Pending -4/093 Donruss DK, 93 Upper Deck, 93 Upper Deck Checklist, 14 Topps Mini Die Cut 
argallucci 10-04-202111-23-2021Success 503/3LOR, SASE, and 3 cards. Signed all 3 nicely in blue. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Altego2099 09-27-202111-23-2021Success 574/4Sent 4 card, $5, offered what he wanted: returned all 4 back signed!! Worth the $5 by far.. Thank You Mr. Gonzalez!! 
dcurtoys 09-24-202111-22-2021Success 594/4  
PadreQueso 09-21-202111-24-2021Success 641/1sent playing card, SASE, LOR 
RockyTopDad 09-21-2021 Pending -4/0Sent a letter, 4 cards, & SASE 
Jbutch20 09-18-202111-23-2021Success 663/3  
StetsonMan 09-13-2021 Pending -5/0Sending hand written letter and 5 cards and offered him to keep all he wanted. 
Tucker 09-07-202112-13-2021Failure 973/0Write Off 
Sunday1014 09-04-202111-23-2021Success 803/3  
Bigcheese 09-01-202109-20-2021Success 193/33 cards signed in black sharpie thank you sir 
Will3119 08-23-202111-22-2021Success 914/4Signed all 4 in blue sharpie. 
hockeytown 08-21-202111-06-2021Success 774/4  
espyonage 08-19-202111-27-2021Success 1002/01990 Bowman & Donruss ERR 
polarbear 08-18-202111-08-2021Success 822/22017 Topps Archives, 2020 Topps Archives; Postmarked from Memphis 
dish142002 08-11-2021 Pending -4/0  
Kylebahnick 08-10-2021 Pending -2/0  
russevans 08-10-2021 Pending -1/092 UD 
Therealtmack 08-06-2021 Pending -2/0first ttm submission, sent 2 1990 bowman cards, sase and lor 
goldengeckocards 08-02-2021 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, and 1990 Donruss Rated RC 
Scoringgoals 08-02-2021 Pending -4/0Hoping to get him back 
macheskyjeff 07-31-2021 Pending -2/0  
TribeFan83 07-28-202108-11-2021Success 143/33 signed in black, thanks Juan Gone! 
Will3119 07-26-202108-09-2021Success 145/5  
hockeytown 07-26-202107-07-2022Success 3463/3  
green15tt 07-21-2021 Pending -1/0Sent (1) 1990 Topps card 
JMac25 07-21-2021 Pending -5/091 T, 91 F, 91 UD, 91 Score and quad already signed by Palmeiro. 
Bordercityboy 07-15-2021 Pending -4/090UD, 91UD, 91F, 00T w letter and SASE 
macheskyjeff 07-15-202107-30-2021Success 152/21990 Score and 1990 Donruss 
zbraves31 07-12-202108-02-2021Success 216/6 
Danmay55 07-09-202107-30-2021Success 216/6Signed all 6! 
AndrewTM Cards 07-08-202108-02-2021Success 257/6Sent ‘90 UD RC, ‘90 Bowman RC, ‘91 Topps, ‘92 Topps, ‘93 Topps, ‘94 Topps Gold, and ‘19 A&G. Update: Received all but the 91 Topps back signed in blue, thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
nicw16 07-07-202107-30-2021Success 232/22 cards 
StetsonMan 07-06-202111-22-2021Success 1394/4Sent a hand written LOR along with 1990 Donruss, Topps, Fleer, & Score Cards. Update- he returned all 4 cards signed in blue sharpie! 
mtool 07-06-2021 Pending -4/0  
Stebbins25 07-02-2021 Pending -5/0(4) Baseball Cards - (1) Blank Index Card 
Tomahawks 06-29-202106-29-2022Failure 3653/0Write off 
Spinners11 06-28-2021 Failure -4/0Over a year with nothing back, probable failure. I always send a HWLOR and SASE. 
bjp40 06-25-202107-06-2021Success 113/4Ball and 2 cards. signed the 3 I sent and a '90 Fleer. Thank you sir. 
dgo71 06-22-202108-02-2021Success 414/419 A&G, 20 A&G, 01 Heritage, 91T
bdcool77 06-22-202107-30-2021Success 381/12001 Topps 
Bballgrl1891 06-22-202107-31-2021Success 393/3  
Supup 06-21-202107-30-2021Success 393/3Signed in blue. 
mikeC3 06-21-202106-28-2021Success 73/3D90, D93,T96 very fast Thank you Mr. Gonzalez
thegonz 06-19-202108-04-2021Success 462/290S, 01DClassics 
Carney 06-09-202106-22-2021Success 131/1  
brooks13307 06-05-202106-17-2021Success 124/493, 96 topps, 92 score, 97 fleer checklist 
Will3119 06-04-202106-26-2021Success 224/4  
m4catky 06-03-202106-26-2021Success 234/4Signed 4 of 4 TCs. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez!
chef 06-01-202106-22-2021Success 211/1  
Nwingenfeld 06-01-202106-25-2021Success 241/3Card, SASE, LOR, got 2 extra upper deck 97 and upper deck 02. If those are anyones or he was just nice 
FordFan19 06-01-202106-18-2021Success 172/2HWLOR SASE 91 Donruss 91 Fleer offered for him to keep one, signed both blue sharpie. Great TTMer!! 
recbball 05-28-202106-22-2021Success 252/2Sent LOR, SASE, 2 cards. Received both cards signed.
dkcheese915 05-24-202106-19-2021Success 264/4  
mtool 05-23-202106-18-2021Success 264/4signed 4 cards 
boonie17 05-22-202106-19-2021Success 283/33 cards sent 
Altego2099 05-21-202106-21-2021Success 313/3Sent 3: Signed all 3!! Thank You Mr. Gonzalez!! Great to the TTM Community!! 
StarrsCards 05-17-202106-26-2021Success 401/12021 Heritage MVP card
Schmidty548 05-11-202105-21-2021Success 104/4Signed my 4 baseball cards including one previously signed by Rafeal Palmeiro
jedistiles 05-11-202106-22-2021Success 422/2Signed a '02 Upper Deck Vintage and a '03 Fleer Platinum in blue. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Mmartone 05-11-202106-22-2021Success 426/6This guy is Pure Class! sent 6 cards, he signed them ALL! Thank you Mr. Gonzalez! 
Will3119 05-11-202106-22-2021Success 424/4  
Will3119 05-04-202105-18-2021Success 144/4All 4 signed in blue. 
Will3119 05-03-202105-17-2021Success 144/4  
Tfarcerc 04-26-202105-07-2021Success 116/6Signed all 6, returned in 11 days!! 
TheoB 04-21-202105-17-2021Success 265/5  
nccards 04-16-202105-22-2021Success 362/2  
ericsagara 04-15-202105-27-2021Success 423/3 
autographs2010 04-12-202105-25-2021Success 432/1  
slytano 04-09-202105-22-2021Success 432/21990 Upper Deck, 1990 Donruss 
AZcollector 04-09-202105-22-2021Success 432/2Signed in Blue, looks great, thanks!
locly 04-08-202105-15-2021Success 375/5  
locly 04-08-202105-15-2021Success 375/5  
Cmoney66 04-06-202105-22-2021Success 464/4  
SG7586 04-05-202106-25-2021Success 811/190 Topps 
polarbear 03-31-202105-15-2021Success 454/42002 Topps, 2002 Topps 206, 2005 Topps, 2020 Topps A&G 
Mmartone 03-26-202105-17-2021Success 521/1Very Nice Gentleman! Thank you Mr. Gonzalez! Blue sig on score Rookie! 
octavio23 03-22-202104-10-2021Success 192/2Sent SASE, Typed Letter and 2 cards (offered 1 as thank you) - received both cards back signed! 
RealMSavage 03-16-202104-02-2021Success 172/1LOR & 2 Texas Rangers Cards Returned Signed
Falzone829 03-13-202104-02-2021Success 194/4Thanks Juan !!!
RZ3699 03-12-202104-01-2021Success 192/2Sent sase and Lor along with 2 cards. 
BJackson1008 03-12-202104-02-2021Success 201/02 cards both signed! 
RandyPolicar 03-11-202104-03-2021Success 222/22 cards, LOR, SASE 
GashouseGorillas 03-09-202104-02-2021Success 233/3signed in blue sharpie 
Haqel 03-08-2021 Failure -1/0Sent 96' Topps 
xtra-innings 03-04-202103-30-2021Success 255/5x5 cards
ahuggins81 03-03-202104-01-2021Success 281/1Sent a LOR, card and a it back signed
BirdmanantCollect 02-26-202103-09-2021Success 113/3Signed 3 Trading Cards w/Blue Sharpie 
ctownslammers 02-26-202104-03-2021Success 353/3  
Altego2099 02-25-202103-12-2021Success 154/4SASE, LOR, 2 Card Return, 2 Gift Card: Sent all 4 back signed!! Thank You Mr. Gonzalez!! 
JGorms41 02-25-202103-08-2021Success 112/2Both cards signed in Blue Sharpie. One of my favs! 
Pearly39 02-20-202103-09-2021Success 174/44 cards // signed 4 
Phillies 02-19-202104-16-2021Success 553/32001 Upper Deck, 2002 Fleer, 2003 Topps, signed in blue sharpie 
Withhillis 02-12-202103-22-2021Success 371/192 pinnacle 
gojacks 02-10-2021 Pending -4/04 cards 
sandrwowitzb 02-08-202102-16-2021Success 81/1  
xtra-innings 02-02-202104-09-2021Success 653/3x3 cards
Nlunn21 01-29-202102-06-2021Success 81/0Signed my 1990 topps but got smudged when he mailed it back. But still cool and fast!!
russevans 01-28-202102-16-2021Success 191/194 Topps 
ahuggins81 01-27-202102-05-2021Success 91/1Sent a LOR, card and a it back signed
ecfan 01-25-202102-23-2021Success 294/4Signed 2 TC, 1 AC, Jack of Diamonds.
eodenocbicue 01-19-202102-06-2021Success 182/2  
TimMan376 01-17-202102-06-2021Success 201/1  
Cmoney66 01-16-202102-07-2021Success 222/1  
Mikesrade 01-09-202102-05-2021Success 274/4  
WickyScratch 01-08-202102-08-2021Success 313/3Sent 3 cards and $, had friend translate my English letter to spanish and wrote both in letter. 
sosa0718 01-07-202102-06-2021Success 305/5Sent five cards with a letter and SASE, said he could keep a couple; sent all five signed in blue sharpie, thanks so much!!! 
Txw07160 01-06-202102-05-2021Success 303/3  
Bdude 01-06-202102-24-2021Success 492/2  
Pearly39 01-05-202102-05-2021Success 312/21 ROMLB - 1 card // signed both #19 on ball 
NASKAT48 01-04-202102-05-2021Success 321/11999 Topps Club 40. Thank you Mr Gonzalez!
Theathlete99 01-02-202102-16-2021Success 453/3  
Torsportsfan 01-01-202102-11-2021Success 412/2Sent hand-letter with 2 cards and SASE. Thank you, Mr. Gonzalez 
dcurtoys 12-26-202002-06-2021Success 424/4  
Scout20 12-15-202001-11-2021Success 271/1Sent 8x10. No $. Asked for MVP inscription. Returned signed but no inscription. Kept rigid 8x10 holder (odd?) 
postalmetfan 12-12-202001-02-2021Success 211/2Sent 1 card and he sent back 2 signed. Very cool.
Jared1805 12-10-202001-02-2021Success 232/2  
autographs2010 12-09-202001-04-2021Success 262/2  
brauk219wr 12-03-202012-19-2020Success 161/12005 Topps - Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
1450798969mw 12-02-202012-21-2020Success 193/3Signed all 3!!! Thank You Mr.Gonzalez!!! 
white_rabbit 12-01-202001-02-2021Success 323/390ud, 92d & 92f, thanks a lot Juan 
RealMSavage 11-24-202007-06-2021Success 2232/22 Donruss Baseball Cards Both Signed, Thought these were a lost cause, Wow 
Pearly39 11-23-202007-06-2021Success 2241/11 card // signed 
Centre 11-23-202007-06-2021Success 2243/393UD (#497 Award Winner); 96UD (#219 Season Highlights) and 90D signed in blue sharpie... Thank You Mr. Gonzalez 
SC20 11-21-202006-21-2021Success 2111/1Sent 1993 Fleer with LOR and SASE. Returned signed in blue Sharpie! Well worth the wait! 
Sc77 11-18-202006-21-2021Success 2141/1A/G 
mtool 11-18-202006-22-2021Success 2152/2signed 2 cards 
StetsonMan 11-17-202006-21-2021Success 2156/4I sent 6 cards offered him to keep some duplicates of his RC's and a hand written letter- Update- He returned today 4 cards signed in blue sharpie and kept two...thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
thorgy213 11-17-2020 Pending -4/0sase-note-6 
bird75041 11-11-202012-14-2020Success 332/2sent 2 ROMLB with note, Got both signed!. 
sebastian1997 11-09-202004-01-2021Success 1423/3Sent (3) cards with a hand written letter: UPDATE: all (3) cards returned signed. 
xtra-innings 11-07-202001-04-2021Success 584/4x4 cards
Beast275 11-07-202011-17-2020Success 101/1ROMLB signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez. God bless 
joweber18 11-03-202011-16-2020Success 134/4For SC, sent 4 cards, signed all in blue 
bernst90 10-31-202011-19-2020Success 191/1Signed on 1991 Leaf. 
xXxCHEWBACCAxXx 10-30-202011-21-2020Success 222/21990 Fleer and 2020 A&G, hand written letter, and SASE.
rich summa 10-30-202011-19-2020Success 202/290 Topps 91 Topps 
GRombach13 10-30-202011-17-2020Success 183/32020 A&G, 1994 Collectors Choice Team Card, 1993 Upper Deck 
BraveStarr 10-28-202011-30-2020Success 332/2'90 Score, '97 Donruss Signature Series - 
ericsagara 10-26-202004-10-2021Success 1664/4 
Ransom 10-22-2020 Pending -1/01 card and 10$ donation 
SpartyBall 10-21-202004-10-2021Success 1712/2LOR, SASE 
Yankeenate 10-20-202004-10-2021Success 1721/1Signed 1990 Classic Rookie 
joweber18 10-13-202010-29-2020Success 164/4Signed 4 1995 UD Choice cards in blue 
thorgy213 10-09-202011-03-2020Success 255/3sase-note-returned nicely signed - one of the nicest autos out there. 
Chrisblan12 09-29-2020 Pending -4/0  
rggedglory 09-29-202011-02-2020Success 342/290UD, 20T A&G 
marty77 09-26-2020 Pending -4/0  
jedijohnny 09-24-2020 Pending -2/0sent 2 cards with $5 
ctownslammers 09-23-202002-23-2021Success 1533/3  
JamesBearsFan 09-22-202010-05-2020Success 132/2Signed in blue!
Canterbury25 09-22-202010-05-2020Success 132/2  
Kinglouie456 09-21-202010-05-2020Success 143/3(3) Cards~~~ Signed all 3! 
TribeFan83 09-19-202010-05-2020Success 164/44 autos in blue, thanks Juan Gone!!! 
StapleHalo032 09-15-2020 Pending -3/0  
SG7586 09-11-202008-06-2022Success 6941/192 Upper Deck 
locly 09-09-2020 Pending -1/0  
Paulstrahm3 09-09-202007-03-2021Success 2971/1Rookie card
nyyankee213 09-08-202009-18-2020Success 103/3  
PolishMafia6969 09-03-202009-16-2020Success 131/1  
JamesBearsFan 09-01-202009-28-2020Success 275/6Included an extra!!
gbly22 08-29-202003-15-2021Success 1983/3Sent letter, 93 Fleer, 97 Topps Chrome, 14 A&G 
Hamyjunior 08-28-202009-28-2020Success 312/2signed 2 - one on the back, but still signed! 
Mikesrade 08-28-202002-06-2021Success 1623/3  
ebrennan9 08-28-202002-13-2021Success 1691/11990 Topps card with SASE. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez! 
ajblack81 08-27-202002-09-2021Success 1662/21999 Topps and 1992 Fleer 
Danmay55 08-27-2020 Pending -4/0  
Tank 08-25-202002-17-2021Success 1763/2Sent 3 he signed 2 Ty Gonzo 
jkirn 08-25-2020 Pending -4/090 Bowman, 90 Fleer, 90 Score, 91 Leaf. $20 
Freduccine 08-20-202009-05-2020Success 161/190T RC; Letter; SASE
mhh0006 08-19-202002-06-2021Success 1713/2LOR, SASE, 1992 Donruss, 1995 UD Predictor HR Leader 
achan929 08-19-202009-14-2020Success 262/2  
Falzone829 08-15-202009-08-2020Success 241/1Thanks again Juan !!
Roaddawg58 08-14-202009-08-2020Success 253/0'90 Score, '91 Bowman & '93 Topps Gold signed in black sharpie 
jdresbach 08-12-202009-08-2020Success 272/2  
dgo71 08-10-202009-09-2020Success 304/419A&G, 94T, 01 Heritage, 93UD Team CL
Piester 08-09-202009-17-2020Success 392/2  
pedersom 08-07-202009-09-2020Success 334/4  
Jakemorrow18 08-06-202008-25-2020Success 191/191 Donruss- Fast!! Turned out Awesome!! 
ericsagara 08-04-202008-25-2020Success 213/3 
xtra-innings 08-01-202008-26-2020Success 255/5x5 cards
dish142002 07-29-202009-22-2020Success 555/5  
Stebbins25 07-28-2020 Pending -6/0(5) Baseball Cards - (1) Blank Index Card 
LiutenantVan 07-28-202009-21-2020Success 554/44 cards...all signed in blue 
Gwar5911 07-24-2020 Pending -3/0  
bzap62 07-23-202008-26-2020Success 344/301 Topps Traded, 04 Topps, 05 Topps. Signed 3, returned 1 unsigned 
Vwcrunr 07-22-202009-08-2020Success 483/3Handwritten note, 3 cards and SASE.
Poormans Stack 07-21-202008-25-2020Success 356/6Signed all in Blue Marker. 
TangoDelta 07-20-202006-25-2021Success 3401/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 1991 Donruss
Oklahomabo 07-17-202002-23-2021Success 2212/2Worth the wait. Signed both cards in blue ink. Looks great. 
Chrisblan12 07-14-2020 Pending -4/0  
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 07-14-202001-02-2021Success 1722/21991 Topps, 1991 Donruss 
Wildpitch86 07-13-202011-03-2020Success 1132/2Sent 1 1996 Select and 1 Upperdeck, received both cards back signed, it took a while but well worth the wait, thank you Mr. Gonzalez.
Bballgrl1891 07-13-202011-04-2020Success 1143/3  
HalosFan2002 07-09-202009-08-2020Success 612/21990 Upper Deck and Score, No $, signed it, kept the index cards 
Chrisblan12 07-09-202008-14-2020Success 361/1Custom picture 
jedistiles 07-09-202009-08-2020Success 611/1'00 Pacific Vanguard in black. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Jbutch20 07-09-202009-08-2020Success 612/290/91 Topps 
JashyJay1986 07-07-2020 Pending -1/0  
Centre 07-06-202009-18-2020Success 742/294D and 98UD (AS26) signed in blue sharpie... Thank You Mr. Gonzalez 
nolan34ryan 07-02-202009-08-2020Success 684/44 for 4 from IGOR!!! Juan was always my favorite Rangers Hitter! Thanks!!! 
  Edit your submission Guest 07-02-2020 Pending -1/0'14 Allen Ginter base 
Keithdfields 07-02-202007-20-2020Success 182/2Sent 1990 Donruss regular and negative. Signed both. Thanks 
Jacobdanielsyt 07-01-202007-20-2020Success 195/5Sent 3 1990 Rookies and rangers team cards. All Signed! 
kurtkurtkurtalan 07-01-2020 Pending -1/01 card sent 
Klummp 07-01-202007-11-2020Success 102/2Two of two Fast and beautiful Thanks Juan Gone!! 
mhh0006 06-29-202007-09-2020Success 101/1LOR, SASE, 1991 Bowman 
msomms 06-25-202007-10-2020Success 151/1Sent LOR and 1 card 
quickstraw 06-23-202007-09-2020Success 161/1Sent 8 x 10 ... Signed it. 
quickstraw 06-23-202007-09-2020Success 161/1Sent 8 x 10 ... Signed it. 
eagle1981sem 06-22-202007-06-2020Success 142/2  
Falzone829 06-20-202007-06-2020Success 161/1Thanks again Juan !!!
bdye9 06-20-2020 Pending -2/01999 Topps Chrome + 2016 Donruss 
spikeowen 06-18-202007-08-2020Success 205/593F “Superstar Specials (already signed by Palmeiro), 96Ultra Double Trouble w/ Will Clark, 97T Gallery, 97Pinnacle Team Pinnacle, & 97UD3 HR Heroes - "Juan Gone" is such a good dude! Signed all my cards, thanks so much! 
Seniorbonbon 06-18-202002-08-2021Success 2351/1Came back in blue sharpie not smudged 
Achilles106 06-17-202007-06-2020Success 191/1Sent an Upper Deck card (very cool card) THANK YOU JUAN
Chrisblan12 06-17-202006-23-2020Success 64/4  
GoWarrior 06-17-202007-13-2020Success 264/5Sent 4, got 5 back! He either threw in an extra or maybe included by mistake? Either way, very happy he signed!
Zsnyder1985 06-16-202001-04-2021Success 2021/01 card. Better late than never! Almost 6 months. Thanks Juan! 
xtra-innings 06-15-202007-10-2020Success 254/4x4 cards
bombers3shooter 06-13-202006-29-2020Success 161/18x10 signed nicely. Very happy about this get! 
Motrudeau 06-13-202006-30-2020Success 171/1LOR, SASE.. great return, looked awesome 
pbtank67 06-12-202001-08-2021Success 2104/4All nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
Throwback34 06-12-202007-09-2020Success 271/1LOR, Topps card SASE 
ddisbrow29 06-11-202007-10-2020Success 293/3‘02 Topps, ‘02 UD Victory, ‘04 Topps Cracker Jack, blue sharpie 
Stzelalis 06-11-202007-08-2020Success 273/3signed all 3
Plssignmycards 06-11-202007-07-2020Success 264/4Signed 1990 Donruss, 1990 Topps, 1993 UD, and 1993 Score. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez. 
ste513lee 06-08-202007-10-2020Success 321/1Didn’t return my card protector. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
Disciple Jack 06-08-202007-09-2020Success 313/31990 Topps Debut, 2000 Topps, 1999 skybox Premium.
lambeauleap87 06-06-202007-10-2020Success 342/2Signed 2/2 cards in blue Sharpie 
white_rabbit 06-06-202009-22-2020Success 1083/390t, 91d & 92d, thanks a lot Juan! 
jimrice1978 06-04-202007-20-2020Success 462/214 & 16 Topps Heritage 
Braveheart30 06-04-202006-30-2020Success 261/1Beautifully signed Beckett from Mr. Gonzalez 
bostoncards26 06-02-202007-20-2020Success 486/6  
gfast12 06-02-202006-13-2020Success 111/1Signed ROMLB sweet spot w/ blue pen. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
jonron 06-02-202007-22-2020Success 502/002tt, 03tc, LOR, SASE - looks great, thanks Mr Gonzalez!
viper45 06-02-202007-18-2020Success 464/4signed all 4 cards I sent 
TheCajunCollected 06-01-202011-06-2020Failure 1586/0All unsigned thanks for nothing 
steagald85 06-01-202006-08-2020Success 72/2  
east 06-01-2020 Pending -5/0  
briang0381 06-01-202003-13-2022Failure 6501/0Sent 1 1992 Upper Deck Baseball Card - Write Off 
ClassicBaseball 05-29-202006-08-2020Success 103/3Signed 3 cards with blue Sharpie. 
TribeFan83 05-28-202006-06-2020Success 92/22/2 autos received in blue ink. Thanks Juan Gone!!! 
BIGSHOT 05-28-202006-15-2020Success 181/1ROMLB +DONATION LOR SASE Check out my YouTube channel baseball_fan75 
Falzone829 05-28-202006-08-2020Success 113/3Thanks Juan !!!
Vader99 05-28-202006-08-2020Success 113/390B, 90F, 90UD 
squeaky08 05-26-202006-08-2020Success 133/3  
chazeroom 05-26-202006-08-2020Success 137/7  
StarrsCards 05-26-202006-08-2020Success 131/11990 Donruss RR
Abneric 05-26-202006-08-2020Success 131/11991 score, thanks! 
DJBallpark 05-22-202008-26-2020Success 962/21990 Fleer #297, 1997 Topps Stars #37
Treyballautograph 05-22-202006-08-2020Success 176/6signed all 6 in blue. sent note and no $ 
msomms 05-21-202008-25-2020Success 963/3Sent 3 cards, thought these were gone so I resent. Got one return in 10 days and this one 3 months later 
BleedBlue15 05-20-202008-26-2020Success 982/2'91 Upper Deck, '99 Fleer Ultra, Blue Sharpie. 
dgo71 05-19-202006-13-2020Success 254/492D DK, 91T, 92T, 97F CL
chrisborene 05-19-202006-15-2020Success 272/2Sent a 90 topps and 93 topps gold, keeping fingers crossed!! Signed both in blue sharpie, awesome!!!
FlyOrDieGuy1992 05-15-202005-30-2020Success 152/2  
THRIFTY211 05-15-202005-30-2020Success 151/11/1 TC 
brooks13307 05-14-202002-22-2021Success 2844/494, 95 Topps, 90, 95 Donruss 
Carney 05-13-202005-30-2020Success 171/1  
jketcham530 05-12-202005-30-2020Success 181/1Signed 1991 Topps! Thank you Mr. Gonzalez!! 
hndfiuhnuiofhsni 05-09-202005-31-2020Success 223/3signed all 3 cards 
Mike McK 05-09-202005-18-2020Success 93/3 
east 05-09-202006-01-2020Success 233/3  
caseydownam 05-07-202005-30-2020Success 231/11990 Upper Deck 
zonino 05-06-202006-01-2020Success 265/5  
Centre 05-06-202005-27-2020Success 213/3One of the great Rangers... 90T, 90S and 91UP 
GavinL 05-06-202005-18-2020Success 122/2  
Danmay55 05-05-202005-18-2020Success 134/5Signed all and included extra signed card! 
BEastlake 05-05-202005-30-2020Success 254/3He signed 3 cards and kept one. 
saul16 05-05-202005-18-2020Success 131/101 Fleer. Card came back without the top loader but undamaged. Awesome success 
nccards 05-05-202006-03-2020Success 296/6  
Cubs14 04-30-202005-19-2020Success 196/6In blue and added inscriptions 
MostMirror 04-28-202005-18-2020Success 208/6Kept two of my cards 
Leeburtt 04-28-202005-18-2020Success 203/3  
Barbosa79 04-25-202005-18-2020Success 232/2Great sig
BEastlake 04-24-202005-04-2020Success 102/2He signed both cards. 
mrtrhl13 04-24-202005-03-2020Success 94/3**2nd** HWLOR, SASE, 4 cards, no $. 3 Returned signed, Kept 1.
Abneric 04-23-202005-06-2020Success 131/11 card did not answer questions 
Sjuschmitty 04-21-202005-04-2020Success 131/1  
FlyinWV 04-21-202006-02-2020Success 422/2LOR, SASE '92 Ultra and '92 UD - Returned both signed in blue sharpie
thorgy213 04-20-202006-01-2020Success 424/4sase-letter 95 pinnacle-93UD-92donruss-colectors choice -asked for 2 signed 2 for him / sent all 4 back signed beautifully. Great return..
RedskinRussell 04-20-202005-06-2020Success 164/4Signed 91 Studio, 91 Topps, 92 Fleer and 92 Score 
bhays44 04-20-2020 Pending -6/0  
kellykruse23 04-20-202005-30-2020Success 402/291 Topps and 92 DR 
Mr Goody 04-20-202005-19-2020Success 295/591 score,93 legacy,99 arms race,99 statitude,99 SP Authentic, all in thin blue sharpie thank you again Mr Gonzalez 
Piester 04-12-202004-28-2020Success 161/1  
Altego2099 04-11-202004-29-2020Success 183/3Sase, LOR, 1 Card Return, 2 Gift Cards: Returned All 3 Signed!! Thank You Mr. Gonzalez!! 
Altego2099 04-11-202004-29-2020Success 183/3Sase, LOR, 1 Card Return, 2 Gift Cards: Returned All 3 Signed!! Thank You Mr. Gonzalez!! 
pkbhfong 04-05-202004-20-2020Success 152/2  
Justin Vasquez 03-31-202005-29-2020Success 592/2Signed 2 of 2 with bad blue sharpie but still a success 
B-Beatty415 03-31-2020 Pending -4/090 Upper Deck Rookie, 97 Score 'Goin Yard', 97 Fleer 'Double Trouble' W/ Will Clark, 02 Upper Deck Vintage 
rickyluke 03-30-202004-11-2020Success 121/192' Studio Project — Black Sharpie 
Billyj79 03-27-2020 Pending -4/0  
PPCLI1988 03-25-202005-26-2020Success 623/3Double entry 
PPCLI1988 03-25-202005-26-2020Success 623/3Signed 3 4x6 Photos 
Slbailey 03-24-202004-17-2020Success 244/42 fleer, an upper deck, and a bowman. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez!! 
Dean28 03-21-202004-11-2020Success 213/390T Debut, 92T, & 94 Select Skills signed in black Sharpie 
Bballgrl1891 03-14-202005-30-2020Success 773/3  
crbaughn62 03-03-202003-14-2020Success 106/6  
Danmay55 02-25-202003-17-2020Success 206/6Signed all 6! 
rickyluke 02-19-202003-16-2020Success 251/1  
FlyingDutchmen 02-18-202003-18-2020Success 285/490 Donruss, 90 Score, 91 Upper Deck, 92 Score, returned 90 Upper Deck unsigned
thegonz 02-12-202003-16-2020Success 322/291D, 92D 
Mr Goody 02-11-202003-17-2020Success 345/590 donruss RRC, 90 upper deck rc, 91 score,95 select,95 upper deck, all in thin black sharpie my favorite thank you Mr Gonzalez 
white_rabbit 02-06-202006-20-2020Success 1344/490 Topps, donruss, score & upper deck, thanks a lot Juan! 
SyxxSynse 02-05-2020 Pending -2/090 score 91 donruss 
BroadStreetBullie 02-03-202006-15-2020Success 1322/2SASE and an 2 cards 
mitty 01-31-202006-15-2020Success 1352/2  
jerseyman1992 01-30-2020 Pending -4/0  
IAK683 01-30-202006-15-2020Success 1365/5Five cards; offered some to him- but signed Them All Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
Falzone829 01-29-202006-16-2020Success 1384/4Almost 10 weeks, but signed all 4, Thanks Juan !!!
RIFF RAFF 77 01-27-202006-15-2020Success 1392/1  
DestinedMiner 01-25-2020 Failure -1/0Upper Deck 1990 #72 RC (x1) [Write off 1 year] 
Comikaze 01-23-202006-19-2020Success 1473/3Sent 3 tc, lor and sase. Recvd 3 signed.
cangle64 01-22-202006-13-2020Success 1421/12015 Topps Archives. Blue sharpie. Thank you! 
ddisbrow29 01-17-202004-15-2020Success 882/2Received both cards back. 
Snapper06 01-10-202001-24-2020Success 142/2  
Sportsjunkie24 01-08-202001-24-2020Success 161/1  
spwhitta 01-03-202001-24-2020Success 213/3  
mitty 12-26-201901-24-2020Success 291/1  
sabro9 12-24-201901-24-2020Success 314/4Sent SASE LOR 4 Rookie Cards Bowman Score UD Donruss along with $20 All 4 came back signed in blue sharpie TY Igor 
mrtrhl13 12-19-201901-24-2020Success 364/4HWLOR, SASE, 4 cards, no $. All 4 returned signed.
dish142002 12-17-201901-25-2020Success 395/5Signed 5 cards! 
white_rabbit 10-21-201912-16-2019Success 563/393d, 93p and a 02t, thanks a lot Juan! 
Leeburtt 10-18-201912-16-2019Success 594/4  
Brooksfamily 10-11-201912-16-2019Success 663/2Only got two out of three back. I'll have to send again to get my third one. 
kandiclipper 09-26-201904-28-2020Success 2152/2  
Calebssportscards 09-23-201912-14-2019Success 822/2Autographs For A Cure
ericsagara 09-18-201901-24-2020Success 1284/490 Donurss, 90 Topps, 91 Fleer & 93 UD
Gyro 09-17-2019 Pending -3/0LOR / SASE 
aeich11 09-11-201904-28-2020Success 2303/3Thought this was dead. Glad to move back into the W column!
zonino 09-11-2019 Pending -2/0  
kandiclipper 09-10-201904-28-2020Success 2311/1Attempt #2 
kaw316 08-28-201906-13-2020Success 2902/2  
Jgtdec29 08-09-2019 Failure -4/0Sent 3 cards, photo, two index cards, and LOR. Haven't heard back, writing it off. 
jeff1981ny 08-04-201904-06-2020Success 2463/3Address is 649 Ext Cantoni A-9 Vega Baja,PR 00693 
Leeburtt 07-29-201910-06-2019Success 693/3Wrong address 
Sdlynch 07-19-201907-26-2019Success 73/3Got all three cards back signed in black marker. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez 
Ky1603 07-01-201907-24-2019Success 231/12001 All Star ROMLB 
Dcook088 06-06-2019 Pending -1/01990 Bowman card 
Baldones 04-24-2019 Pending -1/0Sending 1 Photo 
kandiclipper 04-13-201909-10-2019Success 1501/1Sent 1 card. Got card back signed today! Didn't think it was coming back. 
jsmallwod2003 04-05-201909-09-2019Success 1571/1Fleer Rookie signed in Blue. Great looking card. Thank you! 
Craiggb 03-28-201908-26-2019Success 1512/2  
splaice 03-27-2019 Pending -1/090UD, Topload, SASE, Personal Note. 
gabsttms 03-26-201909-09-2019Success 1673/3@gabsttms on instagram 
TnDodger 03-15-201909-07-2019Success 1762/290 and 92 Donruss
Yburack 03-13-201909-09-2019Success 1802/2  
dgo71 03-13-2019 Failure -4/002F, 91T, 04T, 01F - giving up on this one 
toddgreen 03-07-2019 Pending -1/0  
BraveStarr 03-06-201908-24-2019Success 1702/1'93 Upper Deck (returned another card unsigned) - 
Stebbins25 03-04-201904-11-2020Success 4033/2(2) 1991 Donruss - Blank Index Card 
luau1945 03-01-201903-12-2019Success 103/3  
TideFanDan 02-28-201903-12-2019Success 111/11990 Upper Deck RC, thank you Mr. Gonzalez. 
Jawheels73 02-21-201903-12-2019Success 184/44 cards signed one of my all time favorites
Leeburtt 02-13-2019 Failure -2/0Wrong address 
NiMo15 02-12-201909-11-2019Success 2102/5sent 2 cards, sent back a total of 5 cards none were the ones i sent. cards got beat up but a good success 
ahuggins81 02-07-201903-04-2019Success 251/1Sent LOR and trading it back signed nicely
dgrooms72 01-28-201902-19-2019Success 221/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 90 Fleer card.
39special 01-28-201902-19-2019Success 221/1'92 Donruss 
twinsfan83 01-25-201902-19-2019Success 252/21990 Fleer 
NYMCollector17 12-29-201802-01-2019Success 345/55/5 
Jamesalford23 12-18-201809-10-2019Success 2652/2  
tilt122 12-03-201803-11-2019Success 971/1Wow got it 
RedskinRussell 12-01-201810-07-2019Failure 3094/0Sent 91 Donruss, 91 Fleer, 91 Upper Deck and 96 Topps. 
Poormans Stack 11-24-201803-28-2019Success 1234/44 Rookie year cards Signed in Blue Marker, My First TTM I sent out, it took 4 months to get it back but well worth the wait. Thank You Mr. Gonzalez. 
jasonpriv 11-13-2018 Pending -3/0  
bootzilla 10-24-201811-13-2018Success 205/3signed 3, kept 2 that I offered 
haynmay 10-19-201803-12-2019Success 1441/11990 upper deck 
eafick 10-12-201803-11-2019Success 1506/62000 topps, 1998 Pacific crown royale, 2002 fleer platinum wheelhouse, 2001 upper deck ovation, 1995 bazooka, 1990 score rookie. Return date approximate. He signed all cards very nicely in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez. 
mrrosado 10-09-201811-09-2018Success 312/0  
jonnyk 10-02-201810-19-2018Success 171/1 
bickel84 09-26-201810-13-2018Success 171/094 Donruss 
mrrosado 09-24-201809-27-2018Success 32/2he signed a relic card and another card super fast for me.
Flynbadger 09-17-201809-27-2018Success 101/11/1 . Blue sharpie 1990 Score Rookie Card . 
Flynbadger 09-17-201809-27-2018Success 101/11/1 . Blue sharpie 1990 Score Rookie Card . 
Flynbadger 09-17-201809-27-2018Success 101/11/1 . Blue sharpie 1990 Score Rookie Card . 
pmc14 08-31-201809-08-2018Success 81/1Signed 05 UD I sent 
chazeroom 08-21-201809-16-2018Success 266/6  
jonnyk 08-14-2018 Pending -1/0  
Danmay55 08-11-201809-20-2018Success 405/5Signed all 5! 
dennisbaker 08-10-201809-18-2018Success 392/290 Fller, 90 Upper Deck
chcards9 08-06-201809-08-2018Success 333/3Signed 3 
Goaftermath 07-23-201807-23-2019Failure 3652/090D 90T year CLOSING OUT 
RedskinRussell 07-23-201808-07-2018Success 154/4Signed 98 Bowman, 98 Fleer, 98 Topps and 00 Topps. 
jk19 07-21-201808-06-2018Success 165/52014 Topps Gypsy Queen, 2000 UD, 2004 UD x2, 2004 Topps
ctownslammers 07-11-201808-04-2018Success 243/3  
brooks13307 07-09-201807-19-2018Success 105/5  
LegitTC25 07-06-201807-13-2018Success 71/1Sent 1991 Topps 
Ky1603 06-29-201807-12-2018Success 132/21990 Topps & 2016 Archives 
Schmidty548 06-26-201807-09-2018Success 133/3Signed my 3 baseball card
jasonthebald 06-25-201807-10-2018Success 151/191 Ultra
JeremyS 06-25-201807-13-2018Success 181/290UD, LOR and SASE--sent one card and he returned 2! Amazing! Thanks Juan! 
xtra-innings 06-23-201807-02-2018Success 94/4x4 cards
bones0325 06-23-201806-30-2018Success 73/3  
baseballttmman 06-22-201807-02-2018Success 104/21990 fleer x2 and 1991 donruss x2 
jsorah10 06-19-201807-02-2018Success 133/33 cards, LOR, SASE 
Logan Richmond 06-18-201807-02-2018Success 144/31990D, 1996UD, 1997F, and 2000T **returned 3 other cards -not a single one was one I sent...** 
dodgers10 06-16-201806-23-2018Success 75/5super fast 
jacksonkdj 06-14-201806-22-2018Success 81/1Sent a 1994 Fleer All-Star Insert
GoStLCards 06-14-201806-23-2018Success 95/5  
Vikesfan22 06-08-201806-16-2018Success 82/2  
aqscards 06-06-201806-18-2018Success 125/4  
Baldones 06-02-201806-16-2018Success 142/2OML Baseballs Signed Both Thanks Juan... My First From Puerto Rico. 
xtra-innings 06-02-201806-14-2018Success 124/4x4 cards
stevienicks77 05-30-201806-15-2018Success 162/2 
jupitersailfish 05-30-201806-18-2018Success 191/1Sending 1 card with SASE. Signed Nicely! 1990 Bowman
brooks13307 05-28-201806-15-2018Success 185/51991, 92, 93, 96, 97 UD 
Raleigh5 05-21-201805-29-2018Success 84/4Sent SASE, 4 cards and letter 
Tbird21 05-19-201805-29-2018Success 103/3sase... thanks again juan. so tight 
moneygold1264 05-19-2018 Pending -1/0  
NewToTTM 05-09-201805-19-2018Success 103/33 signed cards, my first success! Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
moneygold1264 05-08-201805-19-2018Success 111/2Sent a 2016 topps bunt card but received 1990 fleer 
LiutenantVan 05-04-201805-21-2018Success 172/1one came back signed. 
39special 04-27-201805-07-2018Success 101/1'90 Topps 
NYYanks2018 04-18-201805-03-2018Success 153/3  
Tbird21 04-18-201805-01-2018Success 132/2sent an sase and it came back. super happy with that 
Johnlightning 04-14-201805-17-2018Success 333/3  
xtra-innings 04-12-201804-27-2018Success 155/5x5 cards
Coopernelson 04-03-201804-18-2018Success 151/1SASE and LOR sent, success 
702tpr777 03-30-201808-04-2018Success 1273/31998 Bowman's Best, 199 Bowman, 2003 Topps... Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! Got back in his own hand-written envelope and his own stamp, and did not get my sase back! 
Meatballer23 03-29-201804-14-2018Success 163/2Signed 1996T and 1991D, kept dupe 1991D. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
yankeesfan1324 03-26-201804-16-2018Success 215/5  
whitesox17 03-21-201804-05-2018Success 152/0Sent LOR, SASE, (2) custom 4x6, offered to keep one. Signed and returned both, signed beautifully. Thx Juan Gone!!! 
Asfan2017 03-21-201803-29-2018Success 84/4  
jketcham530 03-19-201803-31-2018Success 121/1Signed 1992 Topps. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez!! 
RedskinRussell 03-17-201803-24-2018Success 74/4Signed 90 Donruss, 90 Fleer, 92 Upper Deck HH and 93 Topps. 
codysmith1997 03-15-201803-22-2018Success 72/2Both cards signed! Thanks Juan!! 
JustStartingOut 03-14-201803-23-2018Success 91/1LOR, SASE, card. Returned signed nicely in blue. 
Oriolesrise 03-07-201803-15-2018Success 73/390 Classic 90 Donruss & 93 Upper Deck 
ebelote81 03-06-201803-14-2018Success 71/12001 UD P&P Relic card, LOR, SASE signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez
Rjohns46 03-03-201803-13-2018Success 92/2Sent two cards 
KDCardsBoston 03-02-201803-16-2018Success 131/1Signed a 1990 Fleer card in blue. Awesome success from Puerto Rico 
zooiiks 02-28-201803-09-2018Success 95/5Signed all 5 cards! Sent LOR, SASE and 5 cards
jberg 02-27-201803-19-2018Success 192/2  
jacksonkdj 02-27-201803-08-2018Success 93/4Sent 3 cards and received 4 back, an extra 1990 Topps
Logan Richmond 02-26-201803-16-2018Success 171/12001 Upper Deck Vintage #118 
RobHarrington 02-24-201803-15-2018Success 183/3Signed three cards in blue Sharpie. 
Danmay55 02-22-201803-05-2018Success 113/3signed 3 cards 
luau1945 02-20-201803-06-2018Success 144/4  
cutchamin 02-17-201803-29-2018Success 391/12014 Topps Heritage 
jzimmerman 02-15-201802-26-2018Success 112/22001 topps heritage and RC 
John Norcia 02-14-201802-24-2018Success 101/1Not exactly sure when it arrived, but received 1/1 in blue sharpie! Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Eshrive 02-08-2018 Pending -1/0  
twinsfan83 02-07-201802-16-2018Success 91/093 O-Pee-Chee Premier 
Datboijohnny 02-05-201802-17-2018Success 123/3Sent 3 cards. All 3 came back signed in blue. Thank you! 
bdmorr 02-05-201802-12-2018Success 71/1  
Figman75 02-05-201802-12-2018Success 72/2Sent 1990 UD and 2014 A&G. - Signed in blue. Thank you! 
BoLane 02-02-201802-12-2018Success 103/2'91 Donruss / '93 Donruss x2 // Kept 1. Great signatures!
NYYJMM 01-27-201802-08-2018Success 123/31992 Jimmy Dean, 2000 Topps, 2014 Topps Archives signed in blue
andrewcoy 01-22-2018 Pending -3/0Sent three cards I believe. 
Lofton0788 01-22-201802-02-2018Success 114/4Signed in blue...Thanks!!! 
xtra-innings 01-20-201802-12-2018Success 235/5x5 cards
BugeaterBaseball 01-20-201802-02-2018Success 131/0Sending UD 10th Anniversary Card/Signed in blue sharpie 
erinbobaron11 01-15-201802-02-2018Success 183/395 score, 91 studio, 91 score - all 3 signed in blue sharpie. Look great!!
vitinmj23 01-10-201801-20-2018Success 101/1  
xyzjy88 01-02-201801-25-2018Success 231/2Sent a 2016 Bunt Card, Received with additional Bowman 90s Card Both Signed in Blue Sharpie. Thank you very much Mr. Gonzalez 
jman23 12-27-201701-22-2018Success 262/2  
chelseanykole92 12-03-201701-02-2018Success 302/2sent 2 cards with SASE 
autograder79 12-01-201701-19-2018Success 492/21990 Bowman 1991 Fleer Update 
Kylebahnick 11-30-201701-21-2018Success 522/2  
CRM302 11-29-201701-19-2018Success 512/2Sent 1993 Topps and 2014 Gypsy Queen. Signed both in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Appraiserjake 11-28-201701-22-2018Success 553/3Signed all 3 in blue sharpie 
Doer03 11-27-201701-23-2018Success 576/3Signed 3, kept 3. The 2 I wanted signed the most, were 2 of the 3 signed cards. 
ProspectTrades 11-27-201701-10-2018Success 446/3Signed 3/6, kept duplicates 
Baldones 10-30-201706-22-2018Success 2352/2Two OML Baseballs sent Thanks Juan... 
Cjohnson1221 09-29-201701-20-2018Success 1133/3A very nice fellow. 
Royals1982 09-13-201710-17-2017Success 342/2signed 2 rookie cards in black. Great sigs too! 
aqscards 09-12-2017 Pending -8/0Hope the hurricane didnt cause these to get lost 
bigbenjobu 09-11-201710-20-2017Success 394/4Signed all 4 nicely, but they got damaged pretty good
RobHarrington 09-01-201710-17-2017Success 462/21990 Fleer & 1992 Topps Gold signed in black Sharpie. 
hernandez37 08-17-201708-31-2017Failure 143/0Mailed 3 Rookie cards-RTS- unknown address 
zac141lucky 08-14-201710-18-2017Success 653/3Sent SASE, received 3/3 signed. Thanks Juan!
andypscards 08-06-201711-22-2017Success 1085/5  
DrewEd 07-31-201708-21-2017Success 212/2Signed 2 cards in blue sharpie 
nickk96 07-11-201707-27-2017Success 164/33/4 kept one 91 T dupe 
andrewgrafe 07-10-201707-28-2017Success 181/191 UD for set 
cwatrous17 07-03-201707-25-2017Success 223/3Signed a '17 Topps Home Run Derby Champ insert, a '97 Upper Deck Postseason Celebration insert, and a '17 Topps Archives in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Datboijohnny 06-28-201707-26-2017Success 283/301 Topps gallery, Donruss RC, 01 donruss classics, SASE, and LOR. All signed in black sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
cwatrous17 06-19-201707-25-2017Success 366/6Signed two '90 Topps, a '93 Upper Deck Collector's Choice, a '92 Donruss Diamond a kings, a '94 Upper Deck Collector's Choice checklist, and a '17 Topps Home Run Derby Champ insert in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez! 
Cards&Phils 05-13-201707-25-2017Success 733/3Sent 91UD, 04DK, 15 Archives, LOR, and SASE. ~~UPDATE~~ Got cards back today, signed in black Sharpie. Great success!
nolan34ryan 05-01-201707-09-2017Success 693/3One of my all time favorite Rangers I was super excited about this one. God Bless! 
acemaker 03-03-201705-06-2017Success 632/21990 Fleer & 93 UD SP 
Bryan 11B 02-27-201708-08-2017Success 1611/1  
Spikes40 02-22-201705-04-2017Success 702/2both signed 
j5isnotforsale 02-21-201705-05-2017Success 723/395 flair for the set, 95 limited, 95 Studio. 95 limited was signed on the back also, pretty cool. All blue sharpie, Mr. Gonzalez was a pleasure to watch and one of my favorite returns. 
Eddie_2 02-21-201705-08-2017Success 752/276 days. Signed two cards in blue sharpie. 
BoSoxFan4235 02-21-201705-08-2017Success 754/4Signed 4 in blue 
ellwoodbandrules 02-14-201705-08-2017Success 824/3Sent Four Different Rookie Cards and Received Three Different Cards Back Signed 
hueball27 02-10-201704-17-2017Success 651/1Sent 1 baseball heard he was at WBC and was away, but received the ball back today signed nicely on the SS 
brendanrocks 02-09-201706-01-2017Success 1114/1sent beck completely different card. sent 4, returned 1 
LoyalRoya8515 02-03-201702-14-2017Success 111/0ROMLB; Returned in only 11 days!! 
ctownslammers 01-26-201702-06-2017Success 115/5  
Dean28 01-12-201702-06-2017Success 253/2'90 Upper Deck & '92 UD FanFest signed in black Sharpie 
Mitchell2314 01-04-201702-13-2017Success 409/6Sent 9 cards. Kept cards as resquested. (1-1994 Topps Finest, 1-2001 Upperdeck, 1-1991 Score, 1-1990 Topps,1-1994 Fleer Ultra, & 1-2002 Topps Total) 
Smittzerland 01-03-201702-04-2017Success 322/21991 Topps, 2005 Topps 
BleedBlue15 12-27-201602-06-2017Success 413/3'90 Donruss RC, '90 Score RC, '02 Upper Deck. Blue Sharpie, 41 days. 
chazeroom 12-20-201602-15-2017Success 576/6  
levi 12-19-201602-16-2017Success 593/31994 Pinnacle, 1994 UD CC x2
hippcardskc 12-16-201601-18-2017Success 336/6  
totalnv 12-16-201601-17-2017Success 322/2SASE, LOR, 2 trading cards - signed both cards in blue sharpie
Mike McK 12-15-201602-04-2017Success 513/3  
Cubs14 12-15-201601-09-2017Success 2515/8  
magic79 12-15-201602-06-2017Success 536/6Six cards signed in blue Sharpie, including the extra I'd sent for him 
mas 12-12-201612-20-2016Success 86/6  
Deweygator 12-12-201612-20-2016Success 85/590,91 UD. 93 Pacific. 97 Donruss Preferred. 98 Topps Gold Label.
Gerns99 12-05-201612-20-2016Success 156/6All 6 signed w/blue sharpie. This guy is on a roll lately! 
Redsoxsaholic3 12-02-201601-19-2017Success 482/22 cards // returned both signed beautifully 
tbeau 12-02-201601-18-2017Success 477/7Signed 7 cards in blue sharpie 
yankeesgiants2000 11-28-201612-13-2016Success 155/515 days! great success from a former mvp 
Atlantaman 11-28-201612-12-2016Success 141/1Signed ROLB2 on SS 
nysportsxtra 11-27-201612-12-2016Success 151/1  
michaelsm1th 11-23-201612-13-2016Success 205/5Juan Gonzalez is awesome. Signed all 5, and mostly made sure they dried before sending. A++ 
Rockiesfan13 11-22-201612-09-2016Success 171/1Sent 92 fleer got it back signed in blue thank you Mr Gonzalez! 
xtra-innings 11-20-201612-23-2016Success 335/5x5 cards
mnbigfoot 11-20-201612-06-2016Success 163/31992 Topps, 1993 Leaf, and 1993 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez!
mauckster9 11-17-201611-28-2016Success 111/1Got back MLB baseball with signature and number on SS. No fee! 
TTMCollecter 11-14-201611-24-2016Success 101/1Sent a Legends of Today card.... Returned!! Thank you, Mr. Gonzalez! 
bigbenjobu 10-27-201611-22-2016Success 266/6Signed all 6!
Oriole13 10-25-201611-08-2016Success 142/2Awesome success, please check out my site to see all my TTM's and other cool sports autographs: 
Mitchell2314 10-24-201611-09-2016Success 165/5Sent 5 cards. (1- 1991 Upperdeck, 1- 1991 Topps, 1- 1991 Bowman, 1- 1994 Donruss, & 1- 1999 Upperdeck) All signed in blue sharpie 
Cubs14 10-19-201611-08-2016Success 2014/14  
Foul Bunt 10-17-201611-10-2016Success 246/6Signed 6 cards for my son. 
xtra-innings 10-01-201611-09-2016Success 394/4x4 cards 
Baumans916 09-27-201610-11-2016Success 143/3Sent 90 Topps, 92 UD and 2016 Topps Archives and SASE. Juan signed 3/3 in blue sharpie. 
Foul Bunt 09-26-201610-06-2016Success 105/5Signed my 1990 Topps, 1998 Topps Interleague Play, 1995 Studio Gold, 1994 Ultra and 1996 Select in blue sharpie. 
Smittzerland 09-26-201610-07-2016Success 114/41990 Donruss, 1990 Topps, 1991 Bowman, 1991 Topps 
Rolltide 09-22-201609-30-2016Success 81/1Sent a mini helmet; returned signed in gold 
Rolltide 09-22-201609-30-2016Success 81/1  
cosanostra78 09-21-201610-06-2016Success 152/2Sent LOR, SASE and two cards ('91 Topps & '91 Donruss). Received both signed in blue! 
Chris819 09-20-201610-01-2016Success 114/4  
bigbenjobu 09-19-201610-07-2016Success 185/5One got smudged a bit, but still a great success
levi 09-15-201610-01-2016Success 163/31990 Donruss, 1994-1995 Topps
abonham1 09-15-201610-22-2016Success 374/4  
Pedroia15TheBest 09-13-201609-30-2016Success 174/4  
TonyWoodside 09-09-201609-17-2016Success 81/1LOR and ROMLB. *UPDATE* Received ball back today signed. Very fast 8 day turnaround!
mazefan72 09-08-201609-17-2016Success 93/3Signed 3 cards, TY! 
tigsfan 09-06-201609-17-2016Success 114/4  
kevinw1013 09-06-201609-20-2016Success 140/1  
marty77 09-03-201609-19-2016Success 164/4  
BayAreaJavy 09-02-201609-24-2016Success 224/44 cards, signed all 4! 
sml8bp 09-02-201609-17-2016Success 153/3Sent 3 cards (90UD), signed all 3 in blue sharpie...
jrheffy 09-02-201609-19-2016Success 173/3Signed 3 Cards, Thanks Juanl 
ajkraz 09-01-201609-17-2016Success 163/3Sent 3 cards and request to sign index card UPDATE: Signed all three cards, didn't sign index card but still a nice success in 17 days 
xtra-innings 09-01-201609-17-2016Success 165/5x5 cards
diback34 08-31-201609-17-2016Success 172/2sent to base cards... signed both cards In blue ink. Returned without cases or penny sleeves 
kevinw1013 08-30-201609-10-2016Success 110/1  
bigbenjobu 08-30-201609-17-2016Success 184/4Signed all 4 nicely
Ezdno 08-20-201608-27-2016Success 74/5Sent all 4 cards back plus Autographed the extra $5 I sent him in case he needed postage. TY Juan G.
levi 08-15-201608-29-2016Success 144/41992-2005 Topps, 1991-1995 Upper Deck
gratiotknight 08-03-201608-29-2016Success 261/12000 Topps Update #T97 signed in thin blue Sharpie.... 
marty77 08-01-201608-08-2016Success 72/21990 Classic and 1992 Score
Doer03 08-01-201608-08-2016Success 73/3  
Soxfan99 07-22-201608-30-2016Success 393/3Recieved all cards back signed beautifully in blue sharpie. 
bigbenjobu 07-21-201608-29-2016Success 394/4Signed all 4 nicely in blue sharpie
magic79 07-14-201608-27-2016Success 442/2Two cards signed in blue Sharpie 
levi 07-12-201608-29-2016Success 482/21990 Upper Deck, 2000 Topps-for set
spikeowen 07-12-201607-28-2016Success 164/490UD rc, 90D rc, 96 Ultra HR Kings, and 94D Power Alley insert - super fast turnaround. Great success!!!
BSRice 07-11-201609-16-2016Success 672/2  
goodfellas2015 07-09-201607-18-2016Success 94/4signed all 4 cards and returned promptly in my SASE. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez 
abonham1 07-09-201607-27-2016Success 183/3signed 3 cards in black sharpie. 
mas 07-06-201607-18-2016Success 123/3  
Calebssportscards 06-25-201607-11-2016Success 161/1Testing// It worked! 
mikegion23 10-05-201106-30-2016Success 17301/1um....speechless about this one. Almost 5 years later!! 
CusTM22 06-17-201012-29-2011Failure 5603/0  
lizard-jd 05-05-200912-12-2016Success 27783/4WOW, signed my 3 cards & paper separator after almost 7 YEARS - by far the longest ever TTM for me LOL! 
nick98292 04-04-200905-02-2009Success 282/2'04 Topps & '00 Topps
RockiesFan33 03-19-200905-04-2009Success 461/1Signed my new custom design.
dicekmvp 03-13-200904-01-2009Success 192/2Signed 2 cards!
freezeover98 03-01-200912-13-2016Success 28442/2Not sure if this is the address I used, but took over 5 years. 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 0
Added by:delones24   Added on: 05-02-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 05-03-201305-13-2013Failure 101/092 Score - Card came back unsigned with a note written in Spanish (Unable to read writing) 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
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Added by:indyreds   Added on: 09-17-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 6
# of Success: 5  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Added by:mrtrhl13   Added on: 08-03-2019
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
dgferris 11-10-202007-06-2021Success 2371/190UD
MyPenIsHugeTTM 04-27-202005-18-2020Success 213/3@MyPenIsHugeTTM on Twitter 
zonino 01-14-202003-19-2020Success 645/5  
aeich11 12-30-201901-24-2020Success 256/6asked for 2 offered 4, signed all 6! was my 2nd attempt though...
Wolverine 09-13-201912-16-2019Success 942/2Sent LOR, SASE and 2 cards. Returned 2/2, signed in blue.
mrtrhl13 08-03-2019 Pending -3/0LOR, SASE and 3 cards: 2002 Diamond Kings (x2), 1993 Upper Deck (x1) 


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