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Vern Law Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 100%

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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 296
# of Success: 288  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 8
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-25-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
mrtrhl13 9-04-202009-11-2020Success 1551/1HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (1952 Topps #81), $10. Returned signed.
sebastian1997 08-08-2022 Pending -1/0(1) Buc Hill Aces card 
Oriolesrise 07-09-202207-16-2022Success 71/354 Topps Archive w/ donation plus index card and nice note 
ttmbackin2021 07-05-202207-15-2022Success 102/2Signed 2/ 2 cards 1963 Fleer Vintage / 1957 Topps Vintage 
tylerchilds22 06-30-202207-18-2022Success 182/4Sent HWLOR, 2 cards, and donation, received both cards signed with an extra card and thank you card! So many Inscriptions! Thank you Mr. Law!
Bordercityboy 06-22-202207-07-2022Success 152/363F 67T $20 w letter and SASE + signed IC and answered questions 
bigbenjobu 06-14-202206-25-2022Success 111/1Signed and inscribed one with donation
Freduccine 06-07-202206-14-2022Success 71/251 Bowman RC; IC; $10 
cch15 06-01-202206-09-2022Success 81/1$10. Signed with All Star, Cy Young, WS champs, Gehrig Award 
Sutersullivan 05-20-202205-28-2022Success 84/41951 and 55 Bowman. 1956 &65 Topps loaded with inscriptions. Sent $10 donation per card. Thank you Mr Law. One of best returns yet. 
bigjsouth 05-16-202205-23-2022Success 71/1Signed in Blue Sharpie $10 Fee
AndrewCard1 05-09-2022 Pending -1/0  
NojoStutz 05-02-202205-17-2022Success 152/2Sent a baseball and a Card along with a note and $20. Got it back, signed Beautifully and loaded the card up with inscriptions! 
Bballgrl1891 04-30-202205-10-2022Success 101/1W/$10 
framinghammadjack 04-13-202204-21-2022Success 81/1Sent Index Card and $10. Received nicely signed personalized populated index card back. Thanks Mr. Law! 
jupitersailfish 04-01-202205-05-2022Success 341/2Sending 1 card with SASE and $10. Signed nicely and also the index card.
Vercingetorix 03-30-202204-07-2022Success 81/1Quick Return. great signature Asking $10.00 for sons cancer treatment 
Debone44 03-22-202204-01-2022Success 101/1LOR, $10 cash, SASE, signed my 1956T with inscriptions in blue sharpie! 
Rogerc26 03-16-202203-23-2022Success 71/1Vern request $10 a card, due to his son's health and expenses, thank you for the autograph
rggedglory 03-16-202203-25-2022Success 91/11 card plus fee 
lbeadles 03-15-202203-24-2022Success 91/2signed 1 tc and loaded up my index card with inscriptions. $10 
evalladares 03-08-202203-15-2022Success 61/1Sent 1961 Topps Buc Hill Aces already signed by Roy Face and $10 
maym1706 03-05-202203-11-2022Success 61/152' Topps, LOR, SASE and $10 
Freduccine 03-02-202203-08-2022Success 61/254 Bowman, signed IC w/inscriptions 
19socks59 02-28-202203-08-2022Success 81/11 card + $10 Said - I do stay in touch with who is left of us 
rggedglory 02-25-202203-15-2022Success 172/22 cards plus fee 
jricupero 02-22-202203-03-2022Success 92/2$20 
Goodall10 02-21-202203-02-2022Success 91/2MLB Baseball, $20, SASE. Inscribed "Cy Young & WS Champs 1960". Asked for and also received his son's signature, inscribed "NL All-Star 1988" 
Thump 02-11-202202-17-2022Success 62/2sent LOR, SASE, 90 Impel, 91T Archives, $20; received back signed 
AnotherEaglesFan 02-02-202202-18-2022Success 161/1Sent LOR, SASE, 8x10, and $10. Signed my 8x10 in blue, and added several inscriptions. The best part is he gave some great answers to my questions, including one about Clemente. Great return! Thanks Mr. Law! 
macheskyjeff 01-18-202201-27-2022Success 91/21961 Topps Buc Hill Aces (already signed by Mr. Face); inscribed index card,$10 
crbaughn62 01-15-202201-22-2022Success 73/3with inscriptions, $20 
jricupero 01-15-202202-02-2022Success 181/1  
Spinners11 01-06-202201-22-2022Success 161/152T with $10. Asked for some inscriptions if possible and he loaded the card up with them - it looks amazing! 
platosocrates 01-04-202201-18-2022Success 141/1ROMLB, $10 beautiful sig ty Mr. Law! 
jdresbach 01-04-202201-24-2022Success 202/2two cards and $20 
Thump 12-27-202101-07-2022Success 112/2sent LOR, SASE, 57T, 63T, $20; received both back signed, w/ added inscriptions on his own 
rggedglory 12-27-202101-28-2022Success 322/22 cards 
TideFanDan 12-15-202112-30-2021Success 151/161 Topps Buc Hill Aces already signed by Face, with $10, thank you Mr. Law 
Freduccine 12-01-202112-09-2021Success 81/2IG: @fortheloveofautographs
CadillacBill 11-15-202111-23-2021Success 82/2Sent 1961 Topps & 1961 Topps Buc Hill Aces already signed by Roy Face to complete the dual autograph - Signed both! Thank you again Mr. Law! 
CadillacBill 10-01-202110-12-2021Success 112/2Sent 2 cards and $20.00 - Sent 1963 Topps and the Father/Son card from 1985 Topps Set which his son Vance also signed! Thanks to both Vern and Vance Law! 
Piester 09-25-202110-06-2021Success 111/1  
Quterte 09-21-202109-28-2021Success 72/21959 T plus a 1967T, asked him to keep the 67 if he wanted. He sent back a long letter detailing the financial needs of his family due to very expensive leukemia treatment and asked for $20. Which I will send. Please consider donating to him, if you can. 
TribeFan83 09-16-202109-22-2021Success 62/2$10/card, 2 signed in blue with a ton of inscriptions and a letter back. Thanks Mr. Law! 
TedWilliams1941 09-07-202109-14-2021Success 71/0Sent $10 and hand-written letter. Sent back card with lots of inscriptions. 
polarbear 08-24-202108-31-2021Success 73/31952 Bowman, 1954 Topps, 2003 Topps ATFF + $30 check 
rsbarrett00 08-09-202108-20-2021Success 111/1Sent a handwritten letter and SASE, wrote some answers and interesting stories in nearly all of the space I hadn't written in. 
bdcool77 07-30-202108-09-2021Success 101/160 Topps w/donation 
FlyinWV 07-26-202108-02-2021Success 71/2LOR/SASE 61 Topps Buc Hill Aces and donation - Retuned signed with index card listing accomplishments. Thanks Mr. Law
Mr Goody 07-23-202108-06-2021Success 141/279 TCMA Japanese pro baseball card, coach card& an index card with career highlights, thank you Mr Law 
Schmidty548 07-14-202107-27-2021Success 131/1Signed my 8x10 photo w/ $10 donation - absolutley love the inscriptions
Piester 07-11-202108-02-2021Success 221/1  
chef 06-30-202107-07-2021Success 71/0$10 donation 
rggedglory 06-18-202106-28-2021Success 102/22 cards + $5; update, signed both and got his son Vance to sign the father/son one as well! Solid! 
buccofan24 06-09-2021 Pending -2/0Sent baseball and card and $20 
Stebbins25 06-04-202106-24-2021Success 202/3See My Returns On YouTube 
rggedglory 05-07-202105-11-2021Success 41/11 card 
sebastian1997 05-03-202105-17-2021Success 144/4Sent (4) cards with a hand written letter +10$: UPDATE: All returned signed with kind note and a ton of inscriptions per card 
Mikesrade 04-16-202104-23-2021Success 71/1  
Mmartone 04-12-202104-20-2021Success 81/156 Topps W/inscript! Donation .This guy is a pure class act! Thank you GOD BLESS 
Ramblin2020 04-12-202104-20-2021Success 81/190 Pacific LOR $10 Multiple inscriptions! Thank you Mr. Law! 
Bordercityboy 04-08-202104-26-2021Success 182/2Great return 2/2 with added inscriptions and sent back a note answering questions about his time coaching in Japan. Thanks Mr. Law 
StarrsCards 04-06-202104-16-2021Success 101/12021 Heritage Cy Young Award. Added “1960” inscription and also added a signed note
Klummp 04-02-202104-26-2021Success 242/32 cards 20$ got Vance to sign the father son card for me tons of inscriptions Amazing return Thank You Mr. Law!!!!
Morrison Baseball 04-02-202104-09-2021Success 71/1Sent card/letter/$15. Signed in sharpie with a ton of inscriptions and all questions answers. TY Mr. Law! 
thegonz 03-31-202104-08-2021Success 81/266T $10; added IC, another awesome Vern return! 
19socks59 03-29-202104-06-2021Success 81/11 card + $10 
blitzaceod 03-23-202104-01-2021Success 92/2Sent 2 cards and $20. Perfect with a ton of inscriptions!
Mikesrade 03-19-202104-01-2021Success 132/2  
Jbutch20 03-19-202103-29-2021Success 101/1With $10 
ericsagara 03-15-202103-22-2021Success 71/1 
Colin1997 03-15-202104-09-2021Success 252/2Great success! Sent father son card and index card. Both signed with stats 
Freduccine 03-11-202103-19-2021Success 71/1IG: @fortheloveofautographs
pezking 03-10-202103-20-2021Success 91/1LOR and $10: Mitchell and Ness Pirates Pennant inscribed with 1960 Cy Young and WS Champs
BRair 03-04-202103-15-2021Success 103/3ESPN magazine & 2 cards, LOR,SASE and $30. All 3 signed. Thank you Mr. Law 
RoxfantrpdnAZ 02-27-202103-15-2021Success 151/1Father/Son card w/ donation. Vern asks for donation to help pay medical bills of a son who had leukemia twice. . 
coat0018 02-26-202103-09-2021Success 112/21985 Topps Father/Son and "1952" Archives with LOR, SASE, and appropriate fee...returned in due course including an autograph from his son Vance on the father/son card. Thanks! 
Abneric 02-16-202103-03-2021Success 151/2$10, Signed 85 topps father son and got vance on it, added stats and answered my questions fantasticly!!! 
sebastian1997 02-10-202102-22-2021Success 121/1Sent a ROMLB signed already by Dick Groat: UPDATE: Signed perfectly and added a ton of inscriptions. 
Loehr22 02-08-202102-19-2021Success 112/2Greatest success in my entire time in the hobby. Signed card and personal note to my father. Unbelievable is an understatement. 
bigjsouth 02-06-202102-13-2021Success 710/10Donation + Signed All 10 In Blue Sharpie, He Wrote Letter Back.
heystu17 01-30-202102-09-2021Success 101/12001 Topps Archives + $10. The inscriptions were a pleasant surprise.
jparker44 01-21-202103-02-2021Success 401/1Got him on an 88 topps. Sorry it was Vance, his son. 
Torsportsfan 01-20-202102-10-2021Success 212/2Sent 2 cards with donation, hand-written letter and SASE. Kind enough to have his son, Vance, sign the 84T father/son card. Thank you, Mr. Law! 
Dbcooper 01-02-202101-09-2021Success 71/1Sent Romlb and $10 donation. Got ball back loaded with inscriptions. Thank you Mr. Law 
Gwar5911 01-02-202101-16-2021Success 142/2  
831 12-28-202001-06-2021Success 91/1sent 8 bucks, and 85 topps father son card. he signed it and had his son vance sign it as well. they live very near to each other. 
Mr Goody 12-28-202001-05-2021Success 81/167 topps, inscribed cy young w.s. champ 1960 & 2x all star $5 donation thank you Mr Law 
mtool 12-16-202001-19-2021Success 343/3signed 3 cards and got father son card signed by him and his son 
brauk219wr 12-11-202012-19-2020Success 82/21967 Topps & 1985 Topps w/ $16 - his sign Vance also signed the 1985 Topps Card! Thanks so much Mr. Vern & Mr. Vance Law 
Sc77 12-07-202012-15-2020Success 81/1Romlb $10. Arrived today along with the other ball I sent back in September. Both loaded with multiple inscriptions. 
tabcollects 11-21-202011-30-2020Success 91/11966 Topps w/ note. He returned with note saying that he now charges $8 for a card. He has a son battling Leukemia for a 2nd time and mentions how he made less throughout his 20 year career than rookies make today. 
pedersom 11-12-202011-20-2020Success 81/1$8 
Bballgrl1891 11-07-202011-20-2020Success 132/3W/$20 
frozenpond58 11-05-202011-18-2020Success 131/161T already signed by Roy Face included $ - signed in Blue thanks Mr. Law 
TheCajunCollected 11-04-202011-16-2020Success 121/23rd success)signed my 1960 pirates postcard and added a note 
jedistiles 11-02-202011-09-2020Success 71/1Signed and inscribed a '57 Topps in blue. Thanks Mr. Law! $10 
JayFL 11-02-202011-16-2020Success 141/1Sent LOR, SASE, 66T ERA leaders card and $10. Signed nicely in blue and also signed an index card with career stats! 
frankm 10-20-202010-26-2020Success 61/1Mr. Vern Law signed 1my 985 Topps Father & Son card; his son Vance signed it as well by request. $5 donation. Thanks Vern & Vance Law! 
sebastian1997 10-19-202010-27-2020Success 83/3Sent (3) cards including one signed by Elroy Face. And donation. UPDATE: Signed and inscribed all (3) and wrote a full page letter to me about his career 
polarbear 10-19-202010-27-2020Success 84/44 cards + $30. He also included a long thank you note. This made my day -- he's such a class act. 
monktonpops 10-17-202010-29-2020Success 123/3Signed 2 cards and an SI cover, with donation, and included a very nice thank you note. Thanks very much, Mr. Law. 
GRombach13 09-25-202010-05-2020Success 101/11961 Topps Buc Hill Aces w. Roy Face and signed Index Card with career acheivements 
RIFF RAFF 77 09-17-202009-24-2020Success 71/1  
bostoncards26 09-17-2020 Pending -1/0  
Stf77 09-16-2020 Pending -1/0  
Sc77 09-16-202012-15-2020Success 901/1Romlb $10. Finally made it. Thanks Mr Law! 
RIFF RAFF 77 09-16-2020 Pending -1/0ROMLB $10 
bcommerce 09-14-202009-23-2020Success 92/3Sent 2 Cards and $16 Returned my two plus one of his own plus not card! 
Canterbury25 09-09-202009-17-2020Success 81/1$10 for Sons hospital bills 
FlyingDutchmen 08-24-202009-01-2020Success 81/166 Topps + $10 donation
SG7586 08-22-202009-01-2020Success 101/1Topps 1961, $8 donation and a personal letter. 
Ramblin2020 08-17-202008-22-2020Success 51/1ROMLB and donation. Quick turn around great autograph! 
TheCajunCollected 08-17-202008-25-2020Success 81/22nd) one card one apology note and a $20 donation....signed it and added a long note 
sportsview 08-14-202008-24-2020Success 102/2Sent $20, kindly signed two 4x6 photos and wrote a long, thoughtful note to our family.
kintetsuwhales 08-14-202009-02-2020Success 192/2[email protected] 
Vader99 08-08-202008-15-2020Success 71/1w/ donation 
TheCajunCollected 08-06-202008-13-2020Success 71/1his note-dear sir i just want to let you know that I do charge a small fee of $8 for cards and $10 for balls and photos. the reason for that is i have a son with leukemia for the 2nd time and your donation will be gratefully received- thank you Vern Law 
Feldspar 07-17-202007-27-2020Success 101/1sent LOR, SASE, $10 donation & 1965 Topps. Recieved card signed and inscribed with "Cy Young WSC 1960" Thank you Mr. Law! 
Supup 07-16-202007-24-2020Success 81/1Signed in blue; $10 
Newbomb Turk 07-11-202007-21-2020Success 101/155 Bowman. Thank you, Mr. Law. 
ajblack81 06-29-202007-11-2020Success 121/11963 Topps with $10. Came back inscribed 
Marty Dee 06-01-202007-02-2020Success 313/3What a gentleman. Thank you so much to Mr. Law, one great MLB player! 
JeremyS 05-25-202006-06-2020Success 121/1LOR, ROMLB and $10--thanks, Mr. Law! 
Treyballautograph 05-23-202006-02-2020Success 101/11951 bowman inscribed with 8$ 
gfast12 05-12-202005-19-2020Success 71/1Signed ROMLB sweet spot w/ blue pen. Added Cy Young & 1960 WSC inscription. Thanks Mr. Law 
spwhitta 05-08-202006-04-2020Success 271/1  
FlyinWV 05-02-202005-09-2020Success 71/1LOR, SASE, '66 Topps and $8 - Returned signed and inscribed "Cy Young 1960" Awesome return!
IAK683 04-24-202005-05-2020Success 112/21967T, 1961T with $20 - signed both with inscriptions! Thanks Mr. Law! 
Slbailey 04-20-202005-15-2020Success 254/4is charging now, son has leukemia 
sydbarrett3177 04-15-202004-23-2020Success 82/22 1963 topps with 16 $ 
Piester 04-06-202004-20-2020Success 141/1  
chazeroom 03-30-202004-08-2020Success 94/4with fee 
PPCLI1988 03-25-202005-29-2020Success 652/2Signed 2 8X10 Photos already signed by Roy Face. Inscribe Cy Young and WS Champs 1960. 
GRombach13 03-12-202003-21-2020Success 91/11955 Bowman + $8 
ronsonelrod 03-12-202003-23-2020Success 111/1Sent Buck Hill Aces card already signed by Elroy Face. Thank you Mr. Law!!
sydbarrett3177 02-06-202002-14-2020Success 81/11965 topps pirates team card already signed by tommie sisk, elroy face, steve blass, bob priddy, dick schofield, and don schwall with 8$ 
jrosscp 01-17-202001-31-2020Success 142/0Awesome signatures and inscriptions included! Sent a 56T & 55B, $16 donation, SASE and note. 
kandiclipper 12-27-201901-04-2020Success 81/1Sent $8 and signed the card in black thin sharpie. Off to Roy Face today to complete it. Thanks! 
polarbear 12-18-201912-30-2019Success 124/41955 Bowman, 1957 Topps, 1958 Topps, 1963 Topps + $30. Added inscriptions to all, and also sent a short thank you note. Very excited about this one! 
ericsagara 12-18-201912-30-2019Success 121/190 PTC
sydbarrett3177 11-23-201912-02-2019Success 93/31951 bowman, 1952 bowman, 1967 topps with 24$ 
WhiteSoxFan13 11-18-201911-25-2019Success 71/2LOR, SASE, $8, 1955 Bowman, signed in blue with Cy Young & W.S. Champs 1960 inscription. Wrote a lengthy letter back about playing with Clemente. 
kaw316 11-06-201911-16-2019Success 102/2$8 Each 
RedskinRussell 11-04-201911-12-2019Success 84/4Signed 58 Topps, 61 Topps, 63 Topps and 85 Topps with check donation. Was nice enough to have his son also sign the 85 Topps, also included a nice note with it. 
Newbomb Turk 11-01-201911-08-2019Success 71/161 Topps Buc Hill Aces. Added a nice note. Thank you, Mr. Law. 
sydbarrett3177 10-26-201911-01-2019Success 63/31959 topps, 1967 topps, and 1966 topps national league ERA leaders from 1965 with 15$ included letter thanking me for the donation to help his son with leukemia 
JayFL 10-19-201910-25-2019Success 62/2Sent LOR, SASE, 61T w/Roy Face and 85T w/Vance Law plus $$-Signed both cards with inscriptions and answered questions in my letter. Very detailed answers. Awesome return from Mr. Law! 
brooks13307 09-20-201909-30-2019Success 103/352, 59, 66 Leaders Topps, $20 
rmbenjamin 08-08-201908-13-2019Success 52/2Sent him a Face/Law Combo card. Elroy and Vernon both signed. My favorite Pirates card. Thank you, Mr. Law and Mr. Face. $16 
GoStLCards 07-25-201908-02-2019Success 83/3Included a great, long note as well. Great letter! $8/card 
jrosscp 07-22-201907-29-2019Success 71/1Awesome signature with "Cy Young and WS Champs 1960" inscription. Sent a 51B (rookie card), $6 and SASE. 
RIFF RAFF 77 07-16-201907-23-2019Success 71/3Sent index card. He sent me a signed card and a letter. He stated that he will now charge for autograph request 
bootzilla 07-15-201907-23-2019Success 84/4signed 4/4 $8/donation each card 
baseballgeek 06-11-201906-17-2019Success 61/1signed mlb ball 
Myerhead 05-11-201905-20-2019Success 93/3Sent 8x10 and 2 cards and $15 donation. Signed all 3 items and sent a note: future charge is $10/photo and $8/card. 
baseballgeek 04-23-201904-29-2019Success 61/2signed ball and sent his own big card 
Jawheels73 04-16-201904-23-2019Success 74/5Signed 4 cards and added his own thanks
ahuggins81 04-06-201904-15-2019Success 91/1Sent a LOR, SASE $7 and card and received back with his inscription with a returned note.
Poormans Stack 03-18-201903-26-2019Success 81/2One 1960 Topps + $5 
Rsn1661 03-09-201903-19-2019Success 91/0IC signed by Lonborg. 
bootzilla 02-22-201903-09-2019Success 153/3signed 3/3 baseball cards for $15 donation check, 2 inscribed 'Cy Young & WS Champs 1960' 
baseballgeek 02-21-201903-01-2019Success 81/1signed 1959 topps card cy young 1960. 10.00 
mezmaster10 02-20-201902-28-2019Success 81/11960 topps and donation 
Ky1603 02-19-201902-28-2019Success 91/11961 Topps - Buc Hill Aces - to complete dual auto with Roy Face 
NYMCollector17 02-06-201902-15-2019Success 92/22/2 with donation inscribed 1960 CY Young 
dgrooms72 01-22-201901-29-2019Success 71/1Sent LOR, SASE and 02 Topps Archives card. He signed the card, with "Cy Young 1960" and also included a very nice, long, handwritten personal letter to me. It was incredibly kind and sincere. If you send to him, please include a donation of $8 per.
quickstraw 01-22-201902-01-2019Success 101/1Sent 8 x 10 $ 10. ... Signed and added Cy Young and World Series champs inscriptions. 
brooks13307 01-16-201901-22-2019Success 62/22 photos plus a donation 
gabsttms 01-10-201902-01-2019Success 221/15 dollar donation. sent father/son card and asked for him to get vance to sign as well, came back signed by both. @gabsttms on instagram 
Mike McK 01-09-201901-18-2019Success 93/3$5.00 per
Leeburtt 01-03-201901-11-2019Success 82/2  
AZWildcat007 12-31-201801-07-2019Success 71/1+Donation 
NYMCollector17 12-29-201801-14-2019Success 163/3$5 he signed all 3, but he’s signing to raise money for his son with leukemia. I’d send $5 per card next time.
Jim182 12-26-201801-04-2019Success 91/1Sent LOR, SASE, a ROMB, and a $10 donation. Got it back beautifully signed and inscribed! Thanks Mr. Law! 
brooks13307 11-26-201812-12-2018Success 1610/1057, 59 BHA, 61, 61 BHA, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 Topps + Donation 
ActionWeston 11-21-201812-03-2018Success 121/1Sent SASE, letter And $. Great success from a great player and person. 
RobHarrington 11-19-201811-27-2018Success 82/2Sent $15 donation. Signed two cards in blue. 
bickel84 09-26-201810-04-2018Success 81/161 Topps and $8...Received card signed and inscribed with Cy Young & WS Champs 1960 
jmaciu 09-22-201810-01-2018Success 92/21954T/1959T Buc Hill Aces + $25. Both signed in blue sharpie. But Hill Aces is now signed by all of its living members. Nicely inscribed the 1954. Thank you, Mr. Law!!!
Goaftermath 09-11-201809-17-2018Success 61/152T + $10 signed in blue looks amazing! 
1956WS 08-24-201808-31-2018Success 71/154B + $10. I requested thin black pen and some specific inscriptions. Just perfect. Thank you, Mr. Law!
scoot51015 08-17-201808-24-2018Success 71/1  
jmaciu 08-03-201808-14-2018Success 111/21955 Bowman + $10. Very nicely signed and inscripted like I wanted it. Also, included a nice thank you note, which he also signed. Thank you, Mr. Law!!!
Danmay55 07-17-201807-26-2018Success 91/1W $8 signed my card! 
1956WS 07-17-201807-26-2018Success 91/152B. Asked for blue pen, best wishes inscription only, and no personalization. Included $8. Beautiful. Exceeded my expectations again. Thank you, Mr. Law!
Roaddawg58 07-05-201807-16-2018Success 112/2'60 Topps signed in black & '63 Topps signed in blue. Both inscribed Cy Young & WS Champ 1960. I Included $20 to make up for only sending $5 for a previous card. (He requests $8) 
autograder79 05-29-201806-09-2018Success 111/11951 Bowman $10 added inscriptions 
Tay1038 05-15-201805-26-2018Success 111/1SASE, LOR
cutchamin 03-06-201803-19-2018Success 121/11961 Buc Hill Aces w/$10 - added a handwritten note about his son, who has Leukemia, thanking me for the donation, which will go towards his son's heart surgery 
RedskinRussell 02-26-201803-05-2018Success 73/3Signed 59 Topps BHA, 60 Topps, 61 Topps BHA and answered questions with $20 donation. 
Roaddawg58 02-20-201803-05-2018Success 131/1'66 Topps Buyback signed in blue sharpie. I included $5.00 and he sent back a polite note saying that he was now asking $8.00. 
Restau21 02-20-201802-27-2018Success 71/267 Topps signed with multiple inscriptions. Even added an extra. Answered questions as well. Great guy. $8 donation to good cause. 
bigbenjobu 01-31-201802-09-2018Success 92/2Signed 2 for $15 and added inscription as requested
Restau21 01-16-201801-25-2018Success 91/1Topps Archives signed in black with inscriptions. Wrote an awesome letter about his Pirate years...Now charges $8 per card. 
brooks13307 01-02-201801-11-2018Success 92/21985 Topps, 1958 Topps, $10 
1956WS 12-18-201712-26-2017Success 81/155B + extra donation for his son battling leukemia. Got the "Merry Christmas" inscription I asked for.
totalnv 12-08-201712-15-2017Success 71/1SASE, LOR, 5x7 color photo, $5 cash - signed photo in blue sharpie with 1960 Cy Young & WS inscriptions
OC22 11-01-201711-14-2017Success 131/1Returned signed & inscribed, included $5 donation
ellwoodbandrules 06-20-201706-29-2017Success 93/3He signed all three cards with a nice donation. He also wrote a nice note about how my donation will be used. 
1956WS 06-05-201706-12-2017Success 72/251B + 59T 'Buc Hill Aces' + $10 cash. The 'Buc Hill Aces' is going out to Mr. Roy Face. The 1951 Bowman looks especially good! Thank you, Mr. Law!
NatHon995 05-30-201706-09-2017Success 102/2Signed 67T and 66T and 10$ 
bronxbomber 05-25-201705-31-2017Success 61/1Signed my card and sent note congratulating me that my card was now worth $150-$200. Then went on to tell me I should donate some because they didn't make that much money back then, like today's players do.
LiutenantVan 04-19-201704-27-2017Success 81/1Sent 52T w/ questions + $5 cash...Signed nicely in blue with Inscriptions. Questions answered too. Great guy! 
grapher0315 03-16-201704-04-2017Success 194/1Signed 1 card, wrote a very long letter telling me that autographed cards now sell for $75 to $125 each so he will now only sign 1 free per person, others will be $8 per card, $10 per baseball, and $25 per 8x10. No idea where he sees cards sell for tho $ 
Foul Bunt 03-14-201703-21-2017Success 73/3Signed my 1961 Nu Card Scoops, 1955 Bowman and 1952 Topps. Inscribed the Bowman and Topps with Cy Young & WS Champs 1960. I paid $10/card. 
xtra-innings 03-13-201703-20-2017Success 72/2x2 cards w/$$
LiutenantVan 03-08-201703-16-2017Success 71/1Sent 54 Bowman with note/questions, SASE and $5 cash...returned signed with 'C.Y. & W.S.Champs 1960' and answerd questions. Terrific signer for hobby! 
asquareron 02-20-201703-08-2017Success 161/116 Topps 65th Archives... Awesome sent back in black w/ 1960 Cy Young inscription 
Mike McK 02-13-201702-21-2017Success 82/1Sent note saying will only sign 1 for free. Too many getting posted on ebay! 
1956WS 12-10-201612-17-2016Success 72/21952 and 1954 Topps + $10. Asked for a "Merry Christmas" inscription on the '52 and boy does it look nice. What a return. Thank you, Mr. Law!
Pedroia15TheBest 11-28-201612-05-2016Success 71/1  
NatHon995 11-23-201612-03-2016Success 104/4Signed 50B, 52B, 52T and 53T great signer 
OC22 11-01-201611-12-2016Success 111/1Returned ball signed, included $5 donation 
CubsPackersOilers 09-22-201610-13-2016Success 211/1signed 8x10. 
sroane1224 08-21-201608-30-2016Success 91/1sent donation $5. Completed the father-son card and he added 1960 Cy Young.
NatHon995 08-15-201609-02-2016Success 184/5Signed 59T, 60T, 61T and Father son card. Plus had Vance Law sign it too. Awesome! 15$ 
xtra-innings 08-01-201608-12-2016Success 113/3x3 cards (w/donatinon)
1956WS 07-26-201608-04-2016Success 91/11967 Topps. Great success. He signed with inscriptions I wanted in blue sharpie in the spot I asked for. With donation. Thank you, Mr. Law!
publiknme 07-14-2016 Pending -1/0  
RED BARON TX 07-01-201607-08-2016Success 72/2LOR, SASE, 2x 1965 Topps w/sharpie and ROMLB w blue bp pen, $10. Kept 1 65 Topps (as offered). Ball signed in SS w ws champs and cy young insc. Card signed w 1960 w insc. Awesome sig btw. 
1956WS 02-26-201603-05-2016Success 81/11961 Topps 'Buc Hill Aces' already signed by Roy Face w/$5 donation. Excellent! Thank you, Mr. Law!
Pedroia15TheBest 02-20-201602-27-2016Success 71/1Card and $5. Signed and finished 59 Topps with Face and Friend! 
mrREALiTi 01-09-201601-21-2016Success 121/1  
ellwoodbandrules 11-30-201512-10-2015Success 102/1Included a $5 Donation and He Signed One of the Two Cards 
xtra-innings 11-01-201511-17-2015Success 162/2x2 cards
Westman1721 10-09-201510-19-2015Success 101/1Sent custom card and a general question notecard with my LOR and SASE. Received back today signed with 1960 CY Young and WS Champs Inscription. Also answered my question in detail which is always awesome to get back! 
Pedroia15TheBest 09-15-201509-23-2015Success 83/3  
Tru2thaduce 08-19-201508-29-2015Success 101/2Signed baseball and replied to letter. 
xtra-innings 08-01-201508-13-2015Success 124/4x4 cards (w/donation)
bboonie53 07-09-201507-16-2015Success 71/1$5 ROMLB/Very fast! Came back with great inscriptions! 
graphing310 06-23-201506-30-2015Success 71/1ROMLB w/ Cy Young & World Champs inscription. Included donation. 
lankyrighty34 05-27-2015 Pending -2/0  
Calebssportscards 04-13-201504-21-2015Success 81/2sent $8 check// Also signed an I.C. - Bonus Autograph 
bcommerce 02-24-201503-06-2015Success 101/1Sent 1 8 x 10 photo! Signed with CY Young Inscription! 
agl519 02-20-201503-09-2015Success 161/1Sent back signed ball with inscriptions, requesting 10.00 for signing 
Hit Man 23 12-30-201401-08-2015Success 91/1ROMLB full of inscriptions!! included $8 
haynmay 12-17-201412-26-2014Success 91/11955 bowman and 5 bucks 
steelhead26 12-05-201412-15-2014Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE, 1 Card, $5 Donation. Came Back Signed With Inscription. Thanks Mr. Law
Pedroia15TheBest 11-01-201411-10-2014Success 91/1  
collector41 10-30-201411-08-2014Success 92/3sent extra signed postcard 
Cmoney66 10-27-201411-05-2014Success 92/3Signed my two cards and added one of his own! Thanks! Sent w/ donation 
Pedroia15TheBest 07-29-201408-05-2014Success 73/3  
Eric Parsons 06-16-201406-24-2014Success 83/4Got 3x 1965 Topps signed with 1960 Cy Young inscription, plus Mormon testimony card. Included $10 donation. 
Robextend 03-31-201404-08-2014Success 83/31985 TCMA, 1985 Topps (previously signed by Vance Law), 2002 Topps Archives + $20 Donation/Great success, also included postcard, thank you Mr. Law. 
dgarden 03-29-201404-10-2014Success 122/2Sent 2 cards and $10. He signed both, and also had Vance Law sign the father / son card I sent. Really happy about this one! Thanks Vern and Vance 
bcommerce 03-20-201403-27-2014Success 72/2Sent 2 Cards ! Returned 1 Card signed with his Player Card! 
buddyg13 03-12-201403-21-2014Success 91/1Very nice Thank you Mr. Law you made a life time Pirates fan happy!
Autographs 02-10-201402-24-2014Success 142/3  
bcommerce 10-29-201311-10-2013Success 122/3Sent 2 Cards!! Returned both signed one inscribed along with his own card! 
xtra-innings 08-20-201309-05-2013Success 163/4x3 cards (w/donation) (and incl. x1 extra signed pc)
xtra-innings 08-01-201308-09-2013Success 83/2x2 cards
bcommerce 07-23-201307-31-2013Success 83/2Sent 3 Cards!! Returned 2 Signed plus one of his own also sent $8 per notification! 
Colts15 07-01-201307-22-2013Success 212/2sent 1960T, pink IC, letter...signed both, added inscriptions to both as well 
collector41 06-21-201306-29-2013Success 81/1sent IC to be signed by Mr. Law. Signed with many inscriptions 
jerseyman1992 05-13-201305-31-2013Success 181/118 days - Added 1960 Cy Young inscription
1117drewbay 03-28-201304-03-2013Success 61/1Signed ball with 1960 NL Cy Young and 1960 World Champs on it already signed by Dick Groat. Thanks! 
Baseball45 01-25-201302-07-2013Success 132/2Sent letter, 1962 Topps, IC, and Fee. Got back both signed in 13 Days! IC included all stats. Thanks Mr. Law!!! 
Csarge8 01-23-201302-08-2013Success 162/2  
1117drewbay 01-08-201301-15-2013Success 71/1Signed 66 Topps with 1960 Cy young inscription. Also sent a note saying he could only sent one auto for free then signed the note. Also answered my questions 
J_A_S_Z 12-28-201201-16-2013Success 191/11958T+$5-signed and inscribed 
white_rabbit 12-19-201212-31-2012Success 122/258T & 59T w/$5. Thanks a lot Vern!
dtwohig 09-19-201209-26-2012Success 71/1ROMLB with Cy Young inscription - $8 fee 
arfmax 08-03-201208-10-2012Success 72/385 Topps (Father/Son)/90 Pacific and enclosed $20, received both signed, but 85 Topps signed by both Vern and Vance! 
metsfanforever101 07-26-201208-03-2012Success 81/1Thanks Mr. Law! 
Foul Bunt 06-13-201206-19-2012Success 61/1Signed my ball with lots of inscriptions. Also sent a note saying he charges $8.00 for the ball, Also charges $8.00 for flats and $20 for jerseys. Will be sending him a check, 
Riggs 04-27-201205-04-2012Success 72/1signed one. very happy. 
Jeremy_Falcons 04-26-201205-04-2012Success 81/1Sent five dollars and he signed my 4x6
white_rabbit 04-18-201204-25-2012Success 71/161T w/Roy Face. Also included a nice letter. Thanks a lot Vern & Roy!
dawgbizkit83 11-08-201111-17-2011Success 91/1baseball card 
Cardcollector6794 11-03-201111-09-2011Success 62/2signed a card and index card. Inscribed CY what ever year and the index card had CY and WS champs details. Really fast and great signer, only took 6 days to mail back (in state)! 
lizard-jd 10-17-201110-25-2011Success 84/2Signed my CICs & kept the set I made for him. Nice that he put a different inscription on each one - "the Deacon"!
bounty331 10-06-201110-15-2011Success 91/1NICE AUTO 
bball15fan 09-26-201110-05-2011Success 91/18x10 SI 
madduxfan123 09-06-201109-16-2011Success 101/1sent '61 buc hill aces, received signed with cy 1960, off to roy face for a nice duel 
juflo331 08-15-201108-22-2011Success 71/11966 Topps card. DID NOT REQUEST MONEY. TY SIR! 
ajunod 07-15-201107-23-2011Success 81/1ROMLB - Nice auto on ball with Cy Young 1960 per request. Sent a note back stating fee schedule. Flats/Baseballs - $8; Bats/Jerseys - $20. 
RockiesFan33 07-14-201109-10-2011Success 581/1Signed my 8x10
JaguarsFan28 06-29-201107-08-2011Success 91/1Signed my custom 8.5x11 with Cy Young 1960
devin 06-29-201107-11-2011Success 122/3signed 1 of my ic with inscriptions, sent his own card and a lil pricelist that is signed with his first name 
Beersman21 06-06-201106-14-2011Success 81/1Awesome signature...signed my ROMLB on the SS...sent a letter back that he charges $8 for autographing baseballs. ..Definitly willing to pay....thank you Mr. Law. 
Chris819 02-17-201102-25-2011Success 82/17 Days. 
coronado2010 11-23-201011-30-2010Success 72/2personalized index card w/ his stats(View all my successes @ 
baseball123 11-19-201011-30-2010Success 112/2  
lizard-jd 09-03-201009-11-2010Success 82/1Signed my custom 8x10 & kept the special one I made for him - the Deacon. It will be hung up in a frame with a black mat by tonight!
MNsportznut 08-16-201008-27-2010Success 111/1'53 archives & 5 bucks 
braves9 07-13-201007-24-2010Success 112/2Great Signer
Dean28 07-06-201007-16-2010Success 102/3'85 Topps & '54 Archives - '85 "Father/Son" came back signed by both Vern & Vance! 
levi 06-17-201006-25-2010Success 81/1'85 Topps "Father-Son" signed in fine blue sharpie, inscribed "Cy Young "60"" above his to Vance now 
mmalpedo01 05-03-201005-10-2010Success 72/2Signed my 1963 Topps and 1961 Topps previously signed by Roy Face. Signed both w/blue sharpie. 
RockiesFan33 03-17-201003-25-2010Success 81/1Signed my 8x10.
jj21388 02-18-201002-25-2010Success 71/1Signed my 1951 Bowman in blue sharpie for no fee. Great signer! CYA 1960. 
lizard-jd 09-29-200910-13-2009Success 148/44/8 CIC - he kept the set of 4 that I offered. Vern's gotten to know me over the years and enjoys it when I send his own copies of customs.
RockiesFan33 09-01-200909-09-2009Success 81/1Signed my custom. 
Sutersullivan 05/20/202×05-28-2022Success 191404/41951 and 55 Bowman. 1956 &65 Tools loaded with inscriptions. Sent $10 donation per card. Thank you Mr Law. One of best returns yet. 


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