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Kent Hrbek Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 89%

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Address success percentage: 91%    
Total number of submission on this address: 176
# of Success: 139  # of Failed: 14  # of Pending: 23
Added by:jerseyman1992   Added on: 08-08-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Stzelalis 6/12/2020 Pending -2/0  
white_rabbit 10-22-2020 Pending -1/083ddk, 
Newbomb Turk 10-17-2020 Pending -1/088 Topps. 
dgo71 10-13-2020 Pending -4/087T, 90 Leaf, 88T, 89UD + $20 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 10-02-2020 Pending -4/01986 Topps, 1987 Topps w/ $5 
jimrice1978 09-29-202010-20-2020Success 212/287 Topps & 89 Score - $10 
nyyankee213 09-16-202010-05-2020Success 193/3with donation 
BraveStarr 09-14-202010-05-2020Success 214/4'85 Topps, '87 Donruss, '90 Upper Deck, '93 Upper Deck (+ donation) - 
Mikesrade 09-14-202010-08-2020Success 241/1  
pedersom 09-03-202009-16-2020Success 131/1+$5 
iJust Cards 08-21-202009-17-2020Success 271/1Check out my Youtube Video on this card! iJust Cards Youtube 
frozenpond58 08-19-202009-19-2020Success 312/283T and 84T with donation- Thanks Mr Hrbek 
DylanJ 08-14-202009-17-2020Success 342/2SASE, LOR, and donation; signed both 
ericsagara 08-07-202009-17-2020Success 412/2 
BIGSHOT 08-04-2020 Pending -2/087 DONRUSS LOR SASE Donation 
Centre 08-03-202009-18-2020Success 462/287T and 92P signed in blue sharpie; $5 per card fee... Thank You Mr. Hrbek 
crbaughn62 07-25-202008-14-2020Success 202/2$5 smeared cards. 
Gwar5911 07-23-202008-13-2020Success 212/2Sent 2 with 10 dollars 
papabear2 07-23-202008-14-2020Success 221/1HWLOR, SASE, 1987 Topps. Signed in bold blue Sharpie 
joshcockerham 07-21-202008-13-2020Success 232/2Signed 2/2 cards; included $5 cash 
RIFF RAFF 77 07-20-202009-23-2020Failure 652/0  
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 06-29-202007-18-2020Success 192/21988 Topps 
JMac25 06-25-202007-18-2020Success 234/3Signed 3/4 nicely in blue with donation. Kept other card. 
JermOfDoom 06-22-202007-16-2020Success 242/286T, 87T, $5 bill. Blue Sharpie. 
Wildpitch86 06-19-202007-17-2020Success 282/2Sent $5. Received both trading cards back signed. Thanks Kent!
bombers3shooter 06-08-202006-18-2020Success 101/18x10 signed in blue, $5 
jdresbach 05-27-202006-05-2020Success 91/1$5 donation 
guido18 05-11-202006-05-2020Success 255/5signed in blue with fee 
IAK683 05-06-202005-18-2020Success 125/41989T, 1990T, 1990D, 1991D, 1993T with donation - offered some - he signed 4 and kept 1 as offered. Thanks Mr. Hrbek! 
PuckettAuto 05-05-202005-20-2020Success 154/4Paid $5 a card, received 87 Fleer Sticker, 91 Skydome, 91 Bowman, 91 WS Ticket 
THRIFTY211 04-25-2020 Pending -3/0  
thorgy213 04-23-202005-04-2020Success 111/1SASE-NOTE-Donation-82 rookie / Nice Auto Blue Ink
Iowa1961 04-19-202005-02-2020Success 132/2I sent Mr Hrbek 2 cards and he signed both with a $5 fee
ajblack81 04-18-202005-04-2020Success 162/21990 UD and 1984 $$ 
baseballgeek 04-17-202005-04-2020Success 173/3signed 1987 &88 topps plus 89 UD for sets 
Moss84 04-16-202005-02-2020Success 163/3GO TWINS 
pbtank67 04-14-202005-02-2020Success 182/283F, 89UD, & $5. Both nicely signed in blue sharpie. One slightly smudged. 
spikeowen 04-11-202005-04-2020Success 234/486T, 87D, 2x 88S (one to keep), & 2x 89UD (one to keep) + $$ - signed the 4 I requested, kept the 2 I offered. Thanks! 
Evanfootball64 04-06-202004-13-2020Success 73/3  
kandiclipper 04-06-202004-13-2020Success 72/2$5 
rickyluke 04-03-202004-13-2020Success 101/192’ Studio Project — Blue Sharpie 
kellykruse23 04-03-202004-13-2020Success 101/083T and $5 plus LOR/SASE
mitty 04-02-202006-20-2020Success 792/2$5 
FlyinWV 02-18-202004-13-2020Success 542/2HWLOR, SASE, '89 Topps and '93 UD and $ - Returned both signed in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Hrbek
bigbenjobu 01-21-202003-06-2020Success 453/3Signed all 3 with donation
1450798969mw 01-20-202003-03-2020Success 432/22 cards. What a great guy. 
sabro9 01-20-202003-02-2020Success 421/1sent 1 1982 Topps Rookie card plus donation ...same came back signed in blue sharpie TY Mr Hrbek 
Tex2005 01-13-202003-02-2020Success 491/189 topps 
dgo71 01-11-202003-02-2020Success 513/383D DK, 88S, 87T + $15...slight smudge on the 87T
white_rabbit 01-08-202003-02-2020Success 541/190 Topps big card, thanks a lot Kent 
Thump 01-06-202003-06-2020Success 603/3sent LOR, SASE, 89UD, 82DK, 84T team leaders signed by Ken Schrom; $15; received all back signed 
aeich11 12-30-201901-16-2020Success 172/284 Topps & 91 Upper Deck. $5
NickBrischke 10-31-201911-25-2019Success 251/1Sent 5$ 
Schmidty548 10-12-201910-24-2019Success 121/1Signed my baseball card w/ $5 donation
zonino 09-25-2019 Pending -3/0  
kandiclipper 09-18-201910-23-2019Success 351/1Signed in blue. 
WPH5150 08-31-201909-19-2019Success 191/184 Topps
white_rabbit 08-23-201909-19-2019Success 271/11989 topps big card. Thanks Kent 
Craiggb 08-16-201909-19-2019Success 345/4  
Withhillis 08-05-201909-19-2019Success 452/2$, 1982 Topps, 1989 Fleer 
Davedale0000001 07-10-2019 Pending -1/0  
Ky1603 07-09-201907-29-2019Success 201/11984 Topps Batting Leaders 
Craiggb 07-08-201907-29-2019Success 215/5  
Leeburtt 06-17-201907-29-2019Success 422/2& $10 
brooks13307 06-17-201907-29-2019Success 425/583, 84, 86, 88, 89 Topps, $13 
Jamesalford23 06-07-201907-29-2019Success 522/3Got the Cardinal killer back. Thank you sir!! 
rmbenjamin 05-26-201906-07-2019Success 121/1  
Craiggb 05-18-201906-07-2019Success 204/4$ 
sydbarrett3177 04-06-201905-11-2019Success 351/11989 donruss with 5$ 
Tombrady123 03-08-201904-11-2019Success 331/1with donation 
refinitivtime 03-05-201904-04-2019Success 291/11 1987 Topps w/ $5 donation, signed in blue Sharpie 
polarbear 02-17-201904-02-2019Success 433/31983 Donruss, 1986 Donruss, 1987 Topps + Donation 
xQuinceyx12345 02-05-201902-21-2019Success 163/3  
ChefCharley 12-13-201801-23-2019Success 411/1I have to mark it as a success but it's a failure in my book. I sent my 82 Donruss and $5 donation. He so badly smeared it, easily the worst return I have ever had. No ink inside of envelope so it wasn't done by packing it too fast. A waste of money 
tcowen17 11-19-201801-22-2019Success 642/0$5 Donation 
flyingfishde 11-14-201801-22-2019Success 692/2With donation.Nice return 
pbtank67 11-13-201801-19-2019Success 672/287T, 88F, & $5. Both nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
Roaddawg58 11-09-201801-22-2019Success 744/3Signed '90 UD, '90 Classic & '91 Classic in blue sharpie and kept '86 Donruss. I included $10 
bdmorr 11-07-201801-22-2019Success 761/1  
Danmay55 11-06-201801-22-2019Success 772/2W $5 signed both! 
Vikesfan22 10-13-201811-01-2018Success 191/1  
Bravo2004 10-01-201811-02-2018Success 321/1Sent 8x10 with letter. Kent signed with blue sharpie. Nice signature. He did not add the requested inscription but this is still great! 
bickel84 09-26-201810-31-2018Success 352/285 Topps and 92 Fleer, $5 fee 
bboonie53 09-21-201810-31-2018Success 401/0ROMLB $20/Nice Halloween surprise. Came back inscribed with '87,'91 WS Champs 
dennisbaker 08-27-201809-24-2018Success 282/2'87 Donruss Opening Day, '87 Topps + $5
Goaftermath 08-20-201808-30-2018Success 102/187T 89T $5 kept the 87 signed the 89 in blue. 
Baldones 07-03-2018 Pending -2/0Sending 2 OMLB 
dilfer 06-22-201807-30-2018Success 382/284T, 90T + $5 
jonnyk 06-06-2018 Pending -1/0  
reachrulz 06-06-201806-27-2018Success 211/1Gorgeous signature on a 1991 Homer Hanky! Forgot to send donation, but it worked out anyways! 
Tay1038 05-04-201805-29-2018Success 251/187T, SASE, LOR
brooks13307 04-30-201805-29-2018Success 292/21985, 87 Topps, $5 
delones24 04-19-2018 Pending -1/090 UD 
Jabstyle 04-05-201805-01-2018Success 261/1Sent last year no return - tried again with $5, that worked! 
ebelote81 03-26-2018 Pending -3/01986 Topps, 1993 Topps Micro, 1994 Flair, $5 cash, LOR, SASE 
xQuinceyx12345 03-23-201803-28-2018Success 53/3  
cgfl 03-17-2018 Pending -2/0  
crbaughn62 03-17-201803-30-2018Success 137/4No inscription, $10, kept 3 and of 4 sent back, 2 were smeared beyond recognition, jerk 
Danmay55 03-09-2018 Pending -3/0sent 3 cards 
levi 02-16-201803-16-2018Success 272/01983 Topps x2 w/fee
cutchamin 02-13-2018 Pending -3/0sent 1983 Topps All-Star #35; 1987 Donruss #73; 1986 Fleer League Leaders #20 + 5 bucks 
Coopernelson 01-29-201802-03-2018Success 52/2Sent LOR and SASE 
haynmay 01-29-201802-05-2018Success 73/3i included a donation for his dad's foundation 
autograder79 01-29-201803-17-2018Success 463/382TT 85T 87T 
sreader3 01-09-201801-20-2018Success 115/4Sent 5 with $5 and offered. He kept 85D. Got 84T, 84F, 87T, 87F back nice blue Sharpie.
Smittzerland 12-28-201701-23-2018Success 266/41989 Donruss, 1990 Score, 1991 Score, 1992 Fleer, with $5 donation. Kept extras. 
RedskinRussell 11-30-201701-04-2018Success 354/4Signed 83 Donruss DK, 88 Topps, 89 Topps and 93 Topps with $5 cash donation. 
andrewgrafe 11-24-201701-11-2018Success 481/191 UD for complete set 
twinsfan83 10-17-201711-16-2017Success 301/11992 Topps Kids 
Kylebahnick 10-06-2017 Pending -4/0Offered 2 
Cjohnson1221 10-02-201710-16-2017Success 143/3Nice signatures on all three of the cards. 
Appraiserjake 09-28-201710-17-2017Success 195/5Sent $5 donation for his father's foundation. 
DrewEd 08-18-201709-05-2017Success 182/2Included donation. Signed 89 ud and topps 86 
Baldones 04-01-201704-16-2017Success 152/2Signed two Baseballs Thanks Kent! 
nickk96 03-16-201703-30-2017Success 144/44 cards signed w/ cash donation 
nascargaryts 03-13-201703-29-2017Success 164/4Sent 4 cards with donation, signed all 4 thanks Kent 
j5isnotforsale 02-24-2017 Pending -1/0  
mnnatural 01-09-201702-04-2017Success 263/3got ball and 2 cards back signed in blue sharpie with 20 dollar donation 
NatHon995 01-07-201702-08-2017Success 324/4Signed 82T rookie card and 82T traded rookie, 83T, 84T plus 10$ donation 
marty77 12-16-201602-07-2017Success 534/21984 and 1988 Topps 
mauckster9 10-27-201611-18-2016Success 224/4Sent SASE, LOR, 4 cards, with $10 donation. Signed all cards! Awesome!!! 
NatHon995 07-21-201608-09-2016Success 194/4Sent 86T, 87T,88T and 89T and 10$ worked great signature! 
nascargaryts 06-10-201607-08-2016Success 281/1Sent 1 5 x 7 card with donation, returned signed blue sharpie 
xtra-innings 04-13-201604-23-2016Success 102/2x2 cards (w/donation)
littlestuen 04-08-201604-22-2016Success 143/3Signed 2 8x10s and a card. Beautiful in blue sharpie. Sent $10. 
Redbuzz 03-24-201601-10-2017Failure 2922/0  
leecknox 03-14-2016 Pending -2/093 Topps & 94 UD 
WIsportsfan19 02-09-201602-16-2016Success 71/1signed in black! looks great 
Doer03 01-16-201601-17-2017Failure 3674/086T, 87T, 88T, 88S 
sml8bp 12-31-201501-15-2016Success 154/4Sent 4 cards, all 4 back signed--
football-only 12-31-201501-14-2016Success 141/1  
mas 12-31-201501-15-2016Success 154/4sent 4 cards and $5 donation
PatsFan9 12-23-201501-15-2016Success 234/4Nice sig 
gsy971 10-20-2015 Pending -1/0still waiting. seen others get way after my son sent. 
MDASCards 09-15-201509-24-2015Success 93/3Signed nicely in black, Thanks Mr. Hrbek 
TwinsFan#1 08-17-201509-03-2015Success 171/188 Donruss Card Signed in Black Sharpie. 
Cubs14 08-04-2015 Failure -3/0  
Calebssportscards 08-03-2015 Pending -1/0  
cbtvideos 07-08-201507-20-2015Success 121/1Sent one 1987 Topps Coin, letter, and SASE. Got back coin I sent, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent. Postmarked from SD.
CollectYes3x 05-28-201506-19-2015Success 221/1Fleer '91 signed in black Sharpie. I did not send a fee.
mrREALiTi 04-05-201510-23-2015Failure 2012/2i guess he didnt like my letter? no return but others have :( 
magic79 03-23-201504-13-2015Success 214/4Four cards signed in blue Sharpie; I included a $10 check 
mas 02-17-201504-21-2015Failure 625/0sent 83 topps, 92 Studio, 90 fleer x2 and 89 topps with a letter--writing this off 
haynmay 02-14-201501-24-2017Failure 7104/083 donruss, 83 fleer, 83 topps, diamond king 
mnbigfoot 02-13-201503-06-2015Success 214/386', '87, '89 Topps. Kept one. Thanks Mr. Hrbek! 
atomic912s 01-01-201502-11-2015Success 411/1Sent 1 black MLB baseball, a note of appreciation! can't wait to get this back! 
mazefan72 12-20-201401-02-2015Success 133/3Signed 3 cards..TY..No fee sent 
marty77 11-10-201412-08-2014Success 283/31987, 1989, and 1992 Topps w/donation.
lesboulez 10-24-201411-08-2014Success 151/1Signed '87 Fleer for set w/ $5 donation 
delones24 10-22-201401-28-2016Failure 4631/089 Topps - write off 
Musclebeech 10-10-201411-06-2014Success 275/5Signed all 5 in blue sharpie 
marty77 08-12-201408-30-2014Success 181/11985 Topps w/ $5.00 donation
Pedroia15TheBest 08-08-201408-29-2014Success 211/11989 Topps and donation 
67anbh 08-07-201408-19-2014Success 121/1Sent $$ and got it back on a nice topps card. View and subscribe: 
levi 07-18-201408-08-2014Success 211/11992 Topps-for set w/$5 
dgarden 02-18-201402-27-2014Success 91/1Super fast! Thanks Hrbek!
white_rabbit 06-03-201306-17-2013Success 141/188d, thanks a lot Kent 
dtwohig 11-28-2012 Failure -2/0No response after 6+ months 
Baseball111 11-10-2012 Pending -3/0  
djauwerda 07-31-201208-08-2012Success 82/2Returned 2/2. Included $5 donation. 
bcommerce 07-14-201207-14-2012Failure 04/0Sent 4 Cards!! Writing this one off! 
Riggs 07-05-201207-13-2012Success 82/2very fast return.. THRILLED TO GET THESE TWO BACK! 
whitesnake 06-18-201206-26-2012Success 82/2Great signatures in black sharpie. Thanks Mr. Hrbek. 
reolsont16 06-04-201206-14-2012Success 101/11-1 jersey name plate - 87' 91' WS inscription . 
twinnssy 05-11-201205-17-2012Success 63/3Reuires $5 donation to ALS Foundation per card. Very fast less than a week!!! 
Evo3124 02-22-201203-16-2012Success 221/1Sent 8x10. Returned 8x10 signed in black. 
juflo331 11-29-2011 Pending -3/088 score, 88 donruss, 92 topps 
white_rabbit 11-19-201112-01-2011Success 122/283DDK & 84F Thanks a lot Kent!
dreamkafka 11-17-201111-23-2011Success 62/2Very fast return, signed 82 Donruss and 81 Donruss pack wrapper (having signed by players who debuted in 81) 
Evo3124 09-15-201109-23-2011Success 81/1Signed card previosly signed by Ken Schrom. 
levi 06-29-201011-04-2012Failure 8594/0write-off 
mcgoo2 06-04-201006-09-2010Success 51/1Awesome signer. Returned my wooden baseball within one day and even inscribed it with #14 
docgallie 01-26-201009-30-2011Failure 6116/0Wo 
tonyt1957 10-25-200907-22-2019Failure 35571/0  
outtahere 10-19-200902-16-2014Failure 15813/0write off 
jerseyman1992 04-27-200905-11-2009Success 142/2 
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Address success percentage: 67%    
Total number of submission on this address: 7
# of Success: 4  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 1
Added by:druce26   Added on: 02-18-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
levi 08-18-201011-26-2012Failure 8311/0write off 
bronxbomber 08-16-2010 Pending -2/0  
gcrl 07-08-201007-28-2010Success 201/104 ud legends in black sharpie. 
MNsportznut 05-25-201006-01-2010Success 71/1'86 donruss 
rimpila3 05-10-201005-17-2010Success 71/1Signed custom 4x6, very fast return and a great signature 
levi 03-19-201012-05-2011Failure 6263/0write off 
coltsfan 02-25-201003-03-2010Success 61/1signed my 88 topps card in black sharpie 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 50%    
Total number of submission on this address: 4
# of Success: 2  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 0
Added by:tcarlic   Added on: 05-27-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
marty77 11-22-201305-21-2015Failure 5441/0  
bboonie53 04-11-201211-18-2015Failure 13162/0'91 Fleer, '05 UD Classic/ Write off 
DownGoesFrazier 03-22-201203-28-2012Success 62/284 and 89 topps signed in blue sharpie. Amazing response time!Thanks so much,Hrby! 
RedSox0518 03-16-201203-21-2012Success 51/15 Days! Boo Yah, Thank You Mr. Hrbek! One of the great ones 


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