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Tippy Martinez Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 99%

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Address success percentage: 99%    
Total number of submission on this address: 174
# of Success: 167  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 6
Added by:wmhc28413   Added on: 01-14-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Jbutch20 05-22-2021 Pending -1/0  
NYYJMM 05-20-2021 Pending -2/0  
SG7586 05-18-202105-27-2021Success 92/276 and 86 Topps 
autographs2010 05-17-202106-01-2021Success 153/3  
crbaughn62 05-14-202105-26-2021Success 124/4no inscription 
dgo71 05-04-202105-13-2021Success 92/278T, 86T
frozenpond58 04-22-202105-03-2021Success 112/284T and 87T - signed in blue sharpie Thanks Mr. Martinez 
RMJ 04-21-202105-03-2021Success 121/11978 Topps nicely signed w/ a blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Martinez!
autographs2010 04-16-202105-03-2021Success 173/3  
Dennisscan 04-09-2021 Pending -3/0  
mnbigfoot 04-02-202105-04-2021Success 323/31983 Topps, 1983 Donruss, and 1984 Topps. Thanks Mr. Martinez!
jdresbach 03-18-202103-29-2021Success 112/282F and 83F 
dcurtoys 03-17-202103-30-2021Success 133/3  
brauk219wr 03-15-202103-29-2021Success 143/385F, 85T, 87T - Thanks Mr. Martinez! 
Freduccine 03-05-202104-01-2021Success 261/1IG: @fortheloveofautographs
SG7586 02-22-202103-29-2021Success 343/379, 85 Topps and Crown Coke Card 
robb23 02-09-202103-04-2021Success 232/2 
Davedale0000001 01-21-2021 Pending -1/0  
Doogs1972 01-17-202102-20-2021Success 344/4  
pedersom 12-11-202001-08-2021Success 281/1  
RealMSavage 12-07-202001-09-2021Success 331/1LOR & 1 1987 Topps Card Signed in Blue
Travish33 11-30-202001-04-2021Success 353/386T, 87T, 86D. SASE. Signed all 3 
Centre 11-16-202012-22-2020Success 363/384F, 87T and CIC signed in blue sharpie...Thank You Mr. Martinez 
ericsagara 11-06-202011-20-2020Success 142/2 
Chooch08 10-22-202011-04-2020Success 137/7  
RH81 10-17-202010-05-2020Success -121/0  
twinsfan83 10-16-202011-05-2020Success 201/2signed my custom and sent bonus signed card. 
Ransom 10-12-202011-05-2020Success 241/11 card. Came back signed thanks Mr. Martinez 
Wildpitch86 09-30-202010-21-2020Success 213/31980, 1981, 1987 Topps cards, received all 3 back signed. Thank you Tippy.
Goaftermath 09-28-202010-19-2020Success 213/380T 86T 90PTC 
sportsview 09-25-202010-02-2020Success 75/5Kindly signed all 5 cards and wrote nice note of advice to the kids.
Canterbury25 09-23-202010-05-2020Success 121/1  
JamesBearsFan 09-22-202010-05-2020Success 133/3Signed in blue!
StapleHalo032 09-22-202010-05-2020Success 131/1  
autographs2010 09-21-202010-20-2020Success 295/5 
Feldspar 09-19-202010-03-2020Success 142/2Sent 84 Topps and 82 Fleer along with LOR and SASE. Received both back nicely signed in blue sharpie 
FlyinWV 09-04-202009-17-2020Success 133/3LOR/SASE '81 Fleer, '84 Fleer and '87 Topps - Signed all three in blue
Mikesrade 09-02-202009-18-2020Success 161/1  
sabro9 09-01-202009-14-2020Success 132/2sent one 1979 topps and one 1984D. both cards came back signed ty Mr. Martinez 
SG7586 08-31-202009-18-2020Success 182/2Topps ‘83 and ‘87. Both signed! Thanks Mr. Martinez! 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 08-31-202009-12-2020Success 121/11987 Topps 
jimrice1978 08-24-202009-18-2020Success 253/379, 81, 83 Topps 
rggedglory 08-21-202009-18-2020Success 282/279T, 86D 
Gwar5911 08-15-202009-01-2020Success 172/2  
Poormans Stack 08-12-202008-28-2020Success 164/4Signed all in Black Marker. 
BigBCherney 07-15-202008-10-2020Success 261/1Ice cream mini helmet. Thank you, Tippy Martinez!!! 
BraveStarr 07-01-202008-10-2020Success 403/3'79 Topps, '86 Topps, '87 Topps - 
TripleOption67 06-10-202008-15-2020Success 662/276T & 81F, blue Sharpie, LOR, SASE 
Dmcnama317 05-31-202008-10-2020Success 711/1Sent 1 card received it back signed!!! Thanks 
brooks13307 05-20-202008-08-2020Success 801/18x10 
Mike McK 05-15-202008-21-2020Success 982/2 
Robicheaux 05-14-2020 Pending -6/0  
IAK683 04-24-202008-10-2020Success 1081/11980T Return Label From Baltimore MD - signed nice sig Thanks Mr. Martinez 
thegonz 03-11-202008-13-2020Success 1553/383D, 84F, 87T 
THRIFTY211 03-02-2020 Pending -4/0  
dgo71 03-02-202008-12-2020Success 1623/387T, 86D, 84T
rich summa 02-03-202002-29-2020Success 261/176 Topps 
Restau21 01-09-202001-29-2020Success 201/183 Topps signed in blue. Thank You Mr. Martinez 
rich summa 12-18-201912-26-2019Success 81/177 Topps 
TangoDelta 11-27-201912-23-2019Success 261/1Sent SASE, LOR, and 1978 Topps
dodgerbum 11-27-201912-23-2019Success 261/178 Topps 
rich summa 11-12-201911-25-2019Success 132/283 Topps 87 Topps 
Newbomb Turk 09-27-201910-19-2019Success 221/178 Topps. 46th of my 1978 set. Thank you, Mr. Martinez. 
pbtank67 09-24-201910-21-2019Success 274/481F, 82T, 83D, & 83F. All nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
rich summa 09-14-201910-18-2019Success 343/384 Fleer 85 Topps 86 Fleer 
GoStLCards 09-11-201910-19-2019Success 383/3  
tonyt1957 08-22-201909-07-2019Success 161/180/topps singed in black 
NYYJMM 08-14-201909-06-2019Success 232/21982 Topps plus 1980 Topps Orioles Team card signed in black
BraveStarr 08-06-201908-14-2019Success 84/4'78 Topps, '79 Topps, '87 Topps (2) - 
Craiggb 07-22-201908-12-2019Success 211/1  
rich summa 07-02-201907-13-2019Success 113/379 Topps 80 Topps 81 Fleer 
dilfer 06-15-201907-01-2019Success 161/187T 
haynmay 06-10-201907-02-2019Success 224/44 diff cards 
brooks13307 05-31-201906-08-2019Success 81/18x10 
baseballgeek 05-06-201906-06-2019Success 312/2signed 1987 topps 
refinitivtime 04-24-201905-07-2019Success 131/11 1987 Topps w/SASE signed in blue Sharpie 
chazeroom 04-20-201905-02-2019Success 125/5  
39special 04-01-201904-15-2019Success 141/1'81 Donruss 
Jawheels73 03-12-201904-15-2019Success 345/5Signed 5 cards
Jamesalford23 03-12-201904-15-2019Success 342/2Thank you!! 
Patgrealish 02-28-201903-08-2019Success 83/3Sase. 82,86,and 87 Topps 
cangle64 02-21-201903-06-2019Success 131/11986 Donruss. Nice looking blue signature. Thank you! 
dgrooms72 01-30-201902-08-2019Success 92/2Sent LOR, SASE, 83 Fleer, and 85 Donruss cards. Both cards returned, signed in black.
tglg 01-22-201902-08-2019Success 175/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice black sharpie. 
tc123 01-18-201903-01-2019Success 421/1Sent Card 
Ky1603 01-12-201901-26-2019Success 141/11984 Topps 
bostoncards26 01-12-201901-28-2019Success 163/3  
mezmaster10 01-07-201901-23-2019Success 161/11976 topps 
Calebssportscards 12-31-201801-11-2019Success 112/22 cards signed for a friend
Danmay55 12-31-201801-14-2019Success 141/1Signed it! 
BlueSkinnyFan 12-27-201801-07-2019Success 111/11981 Topps
brooks13307 12-26-201801-05-2019Success 108/81981, 83, 84, 85, 86 Donruss, 84, 84 Firemen Fleer, O's Crown 
Rayjess1923 12-17-201812-29-2018Success 122/22 cards Thanks Tippy!!!
dodgers10 12-04-201812-11-2018Success 71/1  
Craiggb 11-20-201812-01-2018Success 113/2  
haynmay 11-19-201812-01-2018Success 122/21985 opc, 1986 opc
justindi 11-15-201811-23-2018Success 81/1Signed 1983 Topps in blue, thanks Mr. Martinez! 
adamd 11-15-201811-23-2018Success 81/187 Topps signed in blue Great signature.Thanks Mr Martinez 
Oriolesrise 11-05-201811-19-2018Success 143/381 Topps 83 Fleer 84 Topps 
zooiiks 11-01-201811-17-2018Success 164/4Signed 4 cards!
pbtank67 10-27-201811-19-2018Success 232/283T & 87T. Both signed in blue sharpie. 
Goaftermath 10-15-201810-25-2018Success 102/281D 86D signed in blue 
Schmidty548 10-13-201810-25-2018Success 122/1Signed my baseball card
Roaddawg58 10-11-201810-26-2018Success 153/3'79 Topps, '86 Topps & '90 Pacific Senior League signed in blue sharpie 
mnbigfoot 09-18-201810-12-2018Success 243/3(2) 1983 Topps and 1987 Topps. Thanks Mr. Martinez!
Rayjess1923 09-03-201809-08-2018Success 51/11987 Topps
EnSeguida 08-29-201809-10-2018Success 122/278 & 87 Topps 
brooks13307 07-02-201808-16-2018Success 451/08x10 
nthornton511 06-02-201806-14-2018Success 121/11987 Topps signed in blue sharpie 
bdcycw 05-29-201806-14-2018Success 161/187 Topps 
Raleigh5 05-23-201806-05-2018Success 133/3Sent SASE, 3 cards and letter 
camsue 05-02-201805-16-2018Success 143/3blue sharpie 
ebelote81 04-30-201805-16-2018Success 161/11983 Fleer, LOR, SASE 
NYYJMM 04-09-201805-03-2018Success 243/31976, 1985 and 1987 Topps signed with blue sharpie
brooks13307 03-16-2018 Failure -8/01981 Topps,1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1984 Fleer, 1984 Fleer SS...this must have gotten lost 
tglg 02-27-201803-17-2018Success 174/4Got back all 4 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
druce26 02-12-201802-19-2018Success 72/2  
Foul Bunt 01-22-201802-05-2018Success 142/2Signed my 1987 Topps and 1987 Topps Checklist 
sreader3 01-18-201802-06-2018Success 194/2Signed 85D & 87T in blue Sharpie. Did not sign 87T duplicates, but returned them. Pleased.
brooks13307 01-02-201802-05-2018Success 346/66 Cards 
autograder79 11-28-201712-14-2017Success 161/11976 Topps....Thank you ! 
GoStLCards 11-08-201711-24-2017Success 161/1  
nickk96 04-20-201705-03-2017Success 133/3great Success 
PatsFan9 04-10-201704-22-2017Success 126/66/6 
PPCLI1988 04-03-201704-26-2017Success 233/3  
tglg 03-22-201703-31-2017Success 95/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
crbaughn62 03-07-201703-14-2017Success 63/3no inscription 
39special 03-03-201703-09-2017Success 61/1'76 Topps 
tglg 02-17-201703-06-2017Success 175/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice black sharpie, but badly damaged by the post office. 
mauckster9 12-06-201612-16-2016Success 103/3Sent 3 cards, only signed 2 of them, but did send the other card back. 
chazeroom 12-05-201612-16-2016Success 115/5  
levi 03-28-201604-30-2016Success 331/11983 Topps 
flutie13 11-12-201501-11-2016Success 601/1  
magic79 11-05-201511-14-2015Success 93/3Three cards signed in black Sharpie 
Doer03 10-21-201511-16-2015Success 264/478T, 79T, 81T, 87T 
mas 08-07-201509-17-2015Success 413/3  
Ebys23 06-04-201507-24-2015Success 502/283 Topps- signed in blue 
Musclebeech 04-27-201505-18-2015Success 212/2  
chazeroom 02-24-201503-13-2015Success 169/9  
haynmay 02-10-201502-21-2015Success 113/383 donruss, 83 fleer, 83 topps 
yanks39 08-15-201408-27-2014Success 124/481T, 83T, 84T, 86T 
Calebssportscards 08-02-201408-12-2014Success 102/1signed the card, pretty fast considering how long he normally takes 
marty77 03-27-201404-28-2014Success 323/3Signed 1984, 1985, and 1987 Topps
imcoop 03-26-201404-28-2014Success 331/1signed my 1987 Topps 
Robextend 03-15-201403-25-2014Success 105/51981, 1982, 1987 Topps (2), 1981 Fleer/Great success, thank you Mr. Martinez. 
collector41 01-13-201401-23-2014Success 101/1  
BigRedMachine 11-12-201311-23-2013Success 111/1Signed an '87 Topps
dukemiller 10-18-201310-26-2013Success 82/22 - 84 Fleer 
Chris819 10-15-201310-26-2013Success 114/4CS. 10 Days 
tglg 10-15-201310-28-2013Success 134/4  
TideFanDan 09-03-201309-13-2013Success 101/11979 Topps. Fast Response, thanks Mr. Martinez. 
white_rabbit 08-14-201308-22-2013Success 83/382D, 84F & 87T. Thanks a lot Tippy!
xtra-innings 08-01-201308-15-2013Success 144/4x4 cards
bboonie53 05-24-201307-15-2013Success 523/3'76 Topps, '81 Topps, '82 Topps/Signed all 3! 
Preflight101 01-31-201302-13-2013Success 131/1sent ROLB1 and letter 
FL Oriole 12-20-201202-20-2013Success 621/1  
39special 08-27-201211-05-2012Success 701/1Signed my '78 Topps.It took awhile but worth the wait. 
Chris819 02-23-201203-15-2012Success 203/3CS. 18 Days 
jcb314 08-10-201108-29-2010Success -3461/1Signed my 1982 Donruss!! with black sharpie!! 
JaguarsFan28 07-13-201108-04-2011Success 221/1Signed my 1984 Topps in Blue Ink 
O'sRavensDevils 06-22-201107-02-2011Success 101/11/1 in blue pen! 
levi 05-06-201105-31-2011Success 252/21982, 1987 Topps for set 
levi 04-21-201105-05-2011Success 144/3'83, '85, '86 Topps 
PONCHO 03-07-201104-16-2011Success 393/3Signed 3-cards I sent. 
mmalpedo01 11-15-201012-01-2010Success 163/3Signed 81 and 82 Donruss, and 82 Fleer with black sharpie 
TigersFan6884 11-12-201011-20-2010Success 81/1Sent 1983 Topps. Received card signed in blue Sharpie. 
gcrl 09-07-201010-04-2010Success 271/1nice sig on 78 topps. 
laf7uc1 08-26-201009-01-2010Success 61/1Signed trump ball. 
oriolefan123 07-12-201007-15-2010Success 31/1  
xtra-innings 04-26-201005-05-2010Success 93/3 
xtra-innings 04-03-201004-12-2010Success 93/3 
yankees27rings 02-12-201002-19-2010Success 71/1Signed a 76 Topps in black sharpie. Very fast return 
wmhc28413 01-08-201001-14-2010Success 62/2 
bronxbomber 01-06-201001-16-2010Success 102/2 
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:yankees27rings   Added on: 08-05-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 02-19-201403-13-2014Success 211/178 Topps
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 16
# of Success: 16  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:xtra-innings   Added on: 04-28-2014
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Dean28 03-30-202105-06-2021Success 373/376,79, & 84T in blue Sharpie
Klummp 03-22-202105-03-2021Success 422/22 cards LOR SASE They look awesome Thanks Mr. Martinez!!!!!!!!
ddisbrow29 03-19-202104-01-2021Success 132/2‘81 Fleer and ‘86 Donruss; signed both in blue sharpie 
Bballgrl1891 01-23-202102-18-2021Success 261/1  
ClassicBaseball 10-23-202011-04-2020Success 122/2Signed 2 cards with blue Sharpie. 
xtra-innings 09-09-202010-03-2020Success 244/4x4 cards
Foul Bunt 09-27-201610-07-2016Success 106/5Signed my 1977 Topps, 1983 Topps, 1985 Fleer, 1986 Fleer and my photo with Martinez taken in 2009. 
xtra-innings 07-01-201608-01-2016Success 313/3x3 cards
xtra-innings 10-01-201511-17-2015Success 475/5x5 cards
xtra-innings 09-01-201509-17-2015Success 164/3x3 cards
justinw182 12-08-201412-15-2014Success 71/1Signed 1987 Topps 
xtra-innings 10-15-201411-06-2014Success 224/4x4 cards
xtra-innings 08-01-201408-14-2014Success 135/5x5 cards
acratertocoffin 05-20-201406-17-2014Success 281/11987 Topps signed in blue 
xtra-innings 05-15-201405-31-2014Success 164/4x4 cards
xtra-innings 04-01-201404-28-2014Success 274/4x4 cards


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