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Oklahoma City Thunder Addresses Report   Sport: Basketball

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:indyreds   Added on: 05-18-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
basketnbaballer 10-11-201810-27-2018Success 161/0Recieved Fan Pack 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 98%    
Total number of submission on this address: 129
# of Success: 105  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 22
Instruction:Email address for requesting a fan pack
Added by:sdfc87   Added on: 06-08-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
kenbasebasket 06-18-2021 Pending -0/1  
Gatorfan526 03-13-2021 Pending -0/0  
mtool 11-27-202012-15-2020Success 180/1got a photo of the thunder girls signed by 4 out of 16 girls 
Kinglouie456 11-02-202011-02-2020Success 00/0Dont know date sent or received 
MadCityCards 11-02-2020 Pending -0/0Fan Pack request 
norse4 10-14-202011-09-2020Success 260/4Sent email requesting Fan Pack/ received several things back 
Dodger Fan 10-02-202010-17-2020Success 150/9Sent an email. UPDATE: Got 9 things back! Thank you so much Oklahoma City Thunder! 
Leo2015 08-22-202009-02-2020Success 110/1  
TheCajunCollected 08-15-2020 Pending -0/0  
thecgriffin 05-08-202008-17-2020Success 1010/0Sent email, directed me to fill out prompt on link. Got 2 photos, game program, mini pendant, patch, luggage tag, and ink pen. Thanks OKC!
Plssignmycards 04-10-202008-15-2020Success 1270/1Wow! It finally came. Included 2 pictures, a booklet, 2 stickers, a handwritten note, a luggage tag, and a pen. Thank you Thunder. 
Finishthefight 04-10-202009-13-2020Success 1561/1They stated they would send after corona 
Tmitschke 02-26-202003-04-2020Success 70/1They sent me a fan pack with an autograph of rumble the masscot
Mikecheckgw 02-25-202003-05-2020Success 90/1Sent Email Reqesting Fan Pack. Sent Fan pack 
Stebbins25 11-11-201911-19-2019Success 80/1Requested A Fan Pack 
Patgrealish 10-14-201910-25-2019Success 111/1Email request. Awesome packet put together. Very happy! 
BurkerKing 07-04-201907-11-2019Success 71/1sent 1 fan pack for my kids! Included 4 giant cards, 2 mini pennants, 2 wrist bands, 2 pens, 2 magazines, 2 pocket schedules, letters.
BtheG 06-26-2019 Pending -0/0  
BoltBoy2113 06-11-201906-17-2019Success 60/1Sent an email requesting a fan pack and a girl name “Mariah” replied not too long after I sent the email. I received the package today with lots of goodies in it. Thank you so much Mariah! 
locly 06-04-201906-14-2019Success 100/1  
kandiclipper 05-25-201905-31-2019Success 60/8e-mail sent. Received a fan pack that included a wrist band, pin, pen, mini pennant, and a few other various items. Nice return! 
MostMirror 05-20-201905-28-2019Success 80/0Sent email. Received a great fan pack 
Moxieh 05-16-201905-25-2019Success 90/2Actually received two with a pen, large player cards, mini pennant, a program from a game vs Nuggets and other small items. Very nice. 
Jamman1978 04-03-2019 Pending -0/0Sent email request for a fan pack 
primetime27 01-01-2019 Pending -0/0  
Joeroc28 12-29-201801-11-2019Success 130/1Patch oversized cards stickers program schedule banner 
jblakeo84 12-14-201812-22-2018Success 80/2sent email, requesting fan pack. Guess they forgot sent me 2 fan packs in the mail. 
RIFF RAFF 77 12-06-201812-13-2018Success 70/0Email request 
PandaCardZ 10-23-201811-05-2018Success 130/1  
biggsy2323 08-15-201808-22-2018Success 70/7Nice FP
Saintsfan9 05-31-201806-07-2018Success 70/8Sent email request for fan pack. Received fan pack containing a Paul George player card, a Nick Collison player card, a program from Game 5 vs the Jazz, a pen, a wristband, a mini pennant, a patch, and a thank you card. 
NYYanks2018 05-18-201805-23-2018Success 50/1  
codysmith1997 05-11-201805-23-2018Success 120/8Received a gamenight program, 2 oversized player cards, OKC patch, bracelet, pen, mini pennant, and a not. Thanks OKC! 
Rippo699 02-26-201803-02-2018Success 40/6Got Alex Abrines card, Paul George card, handwritten letter, pen, bracelet and backpack tag. 
Antoni 02-03-201802-12-2018Success 90/4sames as others 
Giannis 02-02-201802-14-2018Success 120/1Fan Pack 
twp0906 02-02-201802-12-2018Success 100/1Received fan Pack. Got a luggage tag, pen, game day program, patch, and other items! 
hughgolub77 01-17-201802-06-2018Success 200/8two pictures, a schedule, A flag, A baggage tag, a sticker,a handwritten letter, and a wrist band 
thegoldeneagle100 11-17-201711-30-2017Success 130/5Requested through site form, got email saying they'll send, received mini pennant, game program, wristband, pen, thank you note and patch 
BtheG 10-31-201711-24-2017Success 240/0Gamenigt program from the Thunder vs Knicks game Thunder pennant, game schedule a pen a thunder hoops patch Thunder bracelet and a thank you card 
cardsttm 08-02-2017 Pending -0/0emailed asking for westbrook fan pack 
devils1854 07-16-201707-21-2017Success 50/0Westbrooks oversized card, sticker, wristband, pen, handwritten note 
bryson120 04-14-201707-11-2017Success 880/0got a cool pack including some cards and bracelets 
aarjon 03-09-201703-18-2017Success 80/0Received two oversize cards, pen, wristband, pocket schedule, patch, and note. Thanks Thunder! 
Jkorr42084 01-25-2017 Pending -0/0email request 
haynmay 01-24-201702-09-2017Success 160/0email request, lots of stuff back 
Pigul 01-13-201701-23-2017Success 100/7recieved response email not long after recived in mail two oversized cards, a pen, a patch, a wristband, a schedule, and a note 
primetime27 01-10-201701-25-2017Success 150/001 11 17 Received response that this will be sent. 01 25 17 Received fan pack. 
Rockiesfan13 12-05-201612-19-2016Success 140/8Very nice fan pack two player cards Kyle singler and Nick collison game pack pocket schedule pen patch and wrist band thank you! 
totalnv 11-15-201612-13-2016Success 280/1Handwritten note, small stick-on patch, bracelet, pen, pocket schedule, large photo cards of Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne 
jwpthecollector 06-13-201606-17-2016Success 40/8Received awesome fan pack in just 4 DAYS! Thanks to the Thunder! 
devinherrington 05-22-201605-26-2016Success 40/5Thank you note, 2 oversized cards, 2 playoff game day programs, wristband 
digricolic204 04-15-201604-22-2016Success 70/1  
dvsantan 04-14-201604-25-2016Success 110/0recieved a pocket schedule, westbrook & durant large cards, wristband, pen, playoffs game 2 program 
Phillyphan1 04-03-201604-08-2016Success 50/1Sent email requesting fanpack/ recieved thank you letter, Steve Adams and Kevin Durant large cards, Thunders v. Clippers program, pocket schedule, pen, wristband, and Thunder patch 
w8lifter28 04-02-201604-11-2016Success 90/1Received a nice fan pack! 
NYYanks2016 03-20-201603-28-2016Success 81/1Received a fan pack similar to the others. 
ryanlawson90 03-20-2016 Pending -0/0  
CorbinsCards 03-17-201603-26-2016Success 90/0recieved a wristband, pen, 2 jumbo player cards (Westbrook and Adams), pocket schedule, handwritten note, and a game night book from February against the Rockets 
MasonBarber 03-08-201603-20-2016Success 110/6Decent fan pack, no autographs though. Fast responce, and it came with a pen, 2 jumbo player cards, a thunder magazine, a handwritten letter from the people, and a wrist band. 
primetime27 12-11-201512-18-2015Success 70/0Received a response this will be sent. 12 18 15 Received Ibaka and Westbrooke promo pics, bracelet, pocket schedule and patch. 
bigscoop13 12-01-201512-11-2015Success 100/1Received a decent Fan Pack 
Freq 11-20-201512-05-2015Success 150/5pocket schedule, wristband, pen, Westbrook and Durant oversized cards 
bryson120 11-13-2015 Pending -0/0sent request and I hope that I could get this one back. 
pokemonclub 11-05-201511-13-2015Success 80/0Shot over an email. received an saying they sent a fan pack my way (11-13)... Received fan pack! 
oscarveli 10-23-201510-31-2015Success 80/0Sent an email and they replied after three days. Five days later I received a fan pack containing a thank-you card, a pocket schedule, a pen, a wristband, and two 5.75x8.5 oversized player cards of Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. 
urbanlegenduf1 07-06-201507-13-2015Success 70/02 oversized cards, brochures, 2 bracelets, pen, letter 
edwinx65 06-02-2015 Pending -0/0  
eaglesrock55 05-25-201506-01-2015Success 70/7  
Westman1721 03-24-2015 Pending -0/0Email Sent 
BayAreaJavy 02-25-201502-28-2015Success 30/0sent email request for fan pack./wow what a quick return. they emailed me yesterday saying they sent me a fan pack. i received 2 tattoos, wristband, durant postcard, morrow postcard, game program vs memphis, pen, patch, 2 schedules, handwritten note 
Ebys23 02-22-201502-27-2015Success 50/7incredible fan pack!!!!!! 
wngrtr2005 10-02-2014 Pending -0/0  
Foss32 09-02-201409-15-2014Success 130/0Received great fan pack ! 
primetime27 08-25-201401-16-2015Success 1440/001 07 15 Sent another request. 01 14 15 Received reply that this will be sent. 01 16 15 Received patch and bracelet, thunder and Blue pocket schedules, stickers, game day program, personal note and Westbrooke and Jackson postcards. 
wwwyki3 07-09-201407-18-2014Success 90/5Don't remember the exact date I sent it, received wristband,pen,card,Reggie Jackson oversized card,program 
jkflemm 02-14-201403-03-2014Success 170/5Received Westbrook card, program, tattoos, patch & pen 
ITStheCHAD13 02-14-201402-20-2014Success 60/0Fan Pack Requested on 2/14/14, Received Email Reply on 2/18/14 Saying Fan Pack Will Be Sent out Soon. 2/20/14 received fan pack including bracelet, pen, jumbo card of Russell Westbrook, game night program, & hand written letter 
Number34 01-21-201401-29-2014Success 80/5Schedule, KD Photo, GameNight magazine, Pen, and wristband 
cbtvideos 01-07-201401-11-2014Success 41/8Fan Pack Requested. Got 1 pocket schedule, 2 stickers, GameNight program, pen, bracelet, Serge Ibaka postcard, and a handwritten thank you note.
Pmurdick25 12-26-201301-02-2014Success 70/1Requested a fan pack... Received great fan pack. I got temp tattoos, a bracelet, picture of Westbrook, ink pen, game day program and a letter. 
block100 11-26-201312-05-2013Success 90/1got: pen, game program, pocket schedule, bracelet, letter, Kevin Durant picture, autographed mascot picture, 2 temporary tattos 
cubbies4ever 11-18-201301-06-2014Success 490/0Received- Pocket schedule, Pen, Ibaka 5x7, Game Night Program, 2 Tattoos, Rubber Wristband, Thank You Note 50 Days
freezeover98 10-14-201310-19-2013Success 50/16x9 photo of Durant, pen, note from Tina , tattoos and stickers 
Rgreen0625 09-07-2013 Pending -0/0Sent email request 
primetime27 08-25-201308-27-2013Failure 20/0Received pdf pics and answer they cannot ship outside USA. 
gsigner 07-28-201307-28-2013Pending 00/0Sent an email today - hoping to get a fan pack from my favourite NBA team! 
Gibber99 07-25-201307-29-2013Success 40/1Received Westbrook card, program, tattoos, patch & pen 
ryan4sports 07-24-201307-29-2013Success 50/8recieved fan pack- thunder vs wolves program, 2 mascot stickers, pen, wristband, letter, patch, oversized kevin durant card (spent $1.86 to spend, thanks OKC!) 
mrmet17 07-17-201307-22-2013Success 51/1Russel Westbrook oversized card, game program vs the magic, 2 RUMBLE tattos, 1 OKC patch, 1 wristband, and 1 OKC pen 
gojacks 06-26-201306-28-2013Success 20/0  
TrFstPtch 06-14-201306-22-2013Success 80/0sent program, pen, bracelet, patch & handwritten note 
Ryanmillerfan30 05-05-201305-21-2013Success 160/8sent fan pack 
MrPrez84 04-10-201304-20-2013Success 100/0Sent request to email address // Received 2 patches, a game program, a wristband, a Durant mini poster, a hand-written thank-you, and a pocket schedule. 
123cardman 12-27-201201-04-2013Success 80/1received program, pen , bracelet, tattoo, and pocket , and schedule 
primetime27 12-23-201212-26-2012Failure 30/0Received answer they do not mail fan packs internationally including Canada. 
TheCollector 12-19-201201-05-2013Success 170/1Received handwritten note, pen, tattoo, Game program (Charlotte Bobcats), Pocket Schedule, and bracelet. Thank you. 
treywilson757 12-17-201212-22-2012Success 50/0  
cava11aro 09-29-2012 Pending -0/0  
bebecerveza 09-12-201209-17-2012Success 50/1Got an oversized Durant card and a patch 
pjmusickid 09-07-201209-22-2012Success 151/1Oversized Durant card, mascot patch, mascot temporary tattoo, mascot patch, mascot activity card, pen, pocket schedule. 
IAFTBL 08-03-201208-13-2012Success 100/5got a Russel Westbrooke oversized card, iron on patches, pen, and a hand written letter. 
antoine38 08-03-201208-11-2012Success 80/3Fan Pack. Westbrook Postcard, 2 Patches, 1 Mascot Tattoo, Thank You Card.
johnmenard1 08-02-2012 Pending -0/0Got Email Back Saying They Are Sending 
biggsy2323 08-01-201208-10-2012Success 90/01 Temp Tattoo, 2 patches, Thunder Word Search & Connect the Dots activity, Westbrook Card, 1 pen, and 1 thanks note 
MattsSportsCards 07-20-201207-20-2012Pending 00/0  
Thefon19 06-16-201206-18-2012Success 20/4Magnet, Ibaka poster, Booklet, Bracelet, Card 
stlsteelers275 06-11-201206-14-2012Success 30/1Got fanpack 
3shooter15 06-08-201206-12-2012Pending 40/61 tattoo buisness card game day program wristband and oversized russell westbrook card 
b_hardtke 06-07-201206-09-2012Success 20/1Bracelet, Patch, pen, magnet, program, Russell Westbrook postcard 
JerseyBoyInCT 03-03-201203-08-2012Success 50/0program, schedules, and a team pen 
ovechkin8 02-26-201203-08-2012Pending 110/1received fan pack 
Csarge8 02-26-201203-09-2012Success 120/0  
wongcastle 02-22-201202-25-2012Success 30/0received fan pack 
Mattsecre 02-14-201202-24-2012Success 100/0Received a pen, letter, patch, poster, and game program. 
prezby97 02-13-201202-24-2012Success 110/1Rec'vd pen, note, patch, business card, Kendrick Perkins oversized card, February 14th game program, and 'autographed' oversized card of team mascot Rumble. 
bigsportsfan1 02-12-201202-24-2012Success 120/1Received fan pack, thanks! 
ukcat4 02-11-201202-25-2012Success 140/1Recieved pen, oversized card, patch, note, and Gameday Program 
mattthebat44 02-06-201202-27-2012Success 210/0received pocket sched., pic of durantula, pen, game program, note, and business card 
mattthebat44 01-21-201202-11-2012Success 210/0They sent a note, a business card, a pen, a patch, a program from when they played the Grizzlies, and a mini Kevin Durant poster. 
Big_MO 06-06-2011 Pending -0/0  
wongcastle 03-31-201104-23-2011Success 230/0received fan pack 
lil5up3rman 09-20-201009-24-2010Success 40/0Business Card, Sticker, Personalized Card, two Bison Stickers, 2010/11 schedule, Jeff Green Card, Invite Bison Promotion , Window Sticker 
wongcastle 09-01-201009-23-2010Success 220/0received fan pack 
theRaineman 08-04-201008-09-2010Success 50/0same thing as the last two, jeff green card is awesome 
bryceman95 07-29-201008-04-2010Success 60/1exact same thing as garnett_21! Awesome! 
garnett_21 05-26-201006-03-2010Success 80/0Received fan pack containing card of thanks, Mr. Hocker's business card, bumper sticker, window cling, 2 temporary tattoo's, Jeff Green oversized card, and a game program from 10/28/09 game vs Kings 
Nowitzki41Lam14 03-07-201003-16-2010Success 80/0Cousin in L.A got fan pack i requested 
sdfc87 05-02-200905-12-2009Success 100/0Thunder Fan pack
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:Stebbins25   Added on: 11-11-2019
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Stebbins25 11-11-201911-19-2019Success 80/1Requested A Fan Pack 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 3
# of Success: 2  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Instruction:Sent them an email and they sent me this link to fill out form for fanpack
Added by:Mikecheckgw   Added on: 03-05-2020
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Hello 09-29-2020 Pending -1/0  
IAK683 08-17-202008-21-2020Success 40/5Sent some cool stuff Thanks Thunder 
Mikecheckgw 03-02-202003-05-2020Success 30/1Received Fan Pack 


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