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Dirk Nowitzki Addresses Report   Sport: Basketball

Player overall success: 95%

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Address success percentage: 96%    
Total number of submission on this address: 770
# of Success: 653  # of Failed: 29  # of Pending: 88
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-25-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
jeff1981ny 06-17-2020 Failure -1/0  
TheCajunCollected 06-11-202008-03-2020Failure 532/0  
dish142002 06-10-202008-10-2020Failure 611/0RTS 
aeich11 06-09-202008-03-2020Failure 551/13rd Dirk failure. Looks like hes done 
Braveheart30 05-20-202006-12-2020Failure 232/2Received my photos back unsigned. Obviously he's not back yet. 
thehyperion 03-16-202006-04-2020Failure 801/1Sent handwritten letter and jersey. Jersey returned unsigned. 
white_rabbit 03-09-202004-09-2020Failure 311/1ud card, returned unsigned in my sase 
LoneRanger1975 03-03-202004-09-2020Failure 361/0Sent a 8*10 picture plus a hand written letter thanking him for his career. Item received unsigned. ???????????? 
Sjuschmitty 03-03-202004-09-2020Failure 361/1Card returned unsigned 
ddisbrow29 02-20-202004-17-2020Failure 561/1Got my card back unsigned, will try again later this year. 
PhilZee93 02-15-202004-17-2020Failure 613/21 8x10, 2 basketball cards, SASE, letter included - returned 8x10 and 1 card unsigned, kept 1 of my cards too. 
Chip snackson 02-11-202004-02-2020Failure 501/0Sent a pair of shorts. Not signed. To be expected with the times we are dealing with. 
quyeneethepooh 02-08-2020 Pending -2/0sent 2 cards to be signed 
Cwarner0231 02-01-202003-30-2020Failure 571/1jersey sent back unsigned, no pen or letter. looks like due to the current circumsances he is not signing 
Airtran31 01-24-2020 Failure -2/0Both cards I sent were returned unsigned. Looks like someone has the letter I wrote. 
Grits 01-24-202004-01-2020Failure 671/0Sent card and letter, returned unsigned 
LoneRanger1975 01-11-202001-31-2020Success 201/1Sent a jersey, sharpie, and a hand written letter asking for his autograph. Received the jersey with a nice signature. Yay!
BroadStreetBullie 01-08-202001-30-2020Success 222/2(2) 8x10s with SASE 
ericsagara 01-04-202004-08-2020Failure 941/0Cards came back unsigned 
andyvizzle 12-31-201901-31-2020Success 311/0  
kurtkurtkurtalan 12-30-2019 Pending -1/01 card sent 
StarrsCards 12-30-201904-10-2020Failure 1013/0DNS. Guess he’s done signing until this Coronavirus thing is over. 
TimHefty 12-30-2019 Pending -1/0  
CTX Surge 12-28-2019 Pending -1/0  
Moss84 12-26-201904-09-2020Failure 1041/1didnt sign card but sent it back at least. I was successful the first time and I still have it but I wanted another. note to self STOP HOARDING AUTOGRAPHS 
mrtrhl13 12-20-2019 Pending -1/0** 3rd Nowitzki Send ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card, no $. 
aeich11 12-11-201904-08-2020Failure 1181/1Returned unsigned in my SASE. Looks like Dirk is done for the moment. 
pokemonclub 12-11-2019 Pending -1/0  
aeich11 12-06-201904-08-2020Failure 1231/1Flair Rookie - returned unsigned in my SASE. I dont get the logic. He must have somebody returning everything for him... 
autograph collect 12-02-2019 Pending -1/02nd try, never got one back from months ago 
mrtrhl13 12-01-2019 Pending -2/0** 2nd Nowitzki Send ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card, 1 blank white no $. 
csieg 11-29-201904-10-2020Failure 1323/3  
nccards 11-20-201904-09-2020Failure 1401/0Returned unsigned 
Tking592 11-19-2019 Pending -2/02 cards, LOR, SASE 
kandiclipper 11-18-201904-09-2020Failure 1421/0Returned unsigned. Bummer 
dish142002 11-12-2019 Failure -1/1RTS 
cincybigred 10-15-201912-14-2019Success 601/1  
bootzilla 10-15-201912-14-2019Success 601/1signed 1/1 
bigjsouth 10-11-201904-07-2020Failure 1791/11 Card Not Signed In My SASE - Sent LOR October 
Danmay55 09-28-201904-09-2020Failure 1941/1Returned unsigned 
pokemonclub 09-27-201910-31-2019Success 341/1  
zonino 09-21-201911-09-2019Success 492/2Not to hopeful but worth a shot 
allie0207 09-20-2019 Pending -1/01 TC 
Gyro 09-17-2019 Pending -1/0LOR / SASE 
mrtrhl13 08-30-201909-27-2019Success 281/1LOR, SASE, 1 card, no $. Returned signed. Success.
BurkerKing 08-19-201909-27-2019Success 398/2Signed 2 w/ personalizations for my kids. Returned 6 unsigned! Outstanding! Thanks Dirk!
ecfan 08-14-201909-27-2019Success 443/1Signed 1 of 3 TC
locly 07-26-201909-26-2019Success 623/1  
yxt04b 07-25-201911-30-2019Success 1281/1Thank you Dirk! Great return
ecfan 07-22-201912-03-2019Success 1342/1Signed 1 of 2 TC. Signs only 1 card per mailing.
ecfan 07-18-201911-30-2019Success 1352/1Signed 1 of 2 TC.
LoneRanger1975 07-12-201906-09-2020Success 3331/1Sent an 8*10 and a short note asking for his autograph. Received pic signed in black Sharpie.
Altego2099 07-08-201911-16-2019Success 1311/1SASE, LOR, 1 Card:Sent back Signed!! Thank You Mr. Dirk!! 
jackrose91 06-16-201906-11-2020Success 3612/1sent 2 8x10s with LOR and SASE received 1/2 signed still great return 
autograph collect 06-11-201912-02-2019Success 1741/1Awesome to have my card back signed 
kandiclipper 05-25-201911-16-2019Success 1751/1Excited to get this one back from one of the greatest! 
kjv63078 05-16-2019 Pending -1/0Sent 2010 Rookies and Stars 
jmfkustomz 04-29-201906-20-2019Success 521/1 
Patgrealish 04-25-201910-19-2019Success 1772/1SASE. two ticket stubs for 12/6/2017 game. Signed one of the tickets, imhappy with return. 
Leeburtt 04-22-201906-24-2019Success 631/18x10 
scoot51015 04-19-201906-26-2019Success 681/1  
Craiggb 04-19-201910-17-2019Success 1811/1  
Moxieh 04-13-201910-10-2019Success 1802/1So excited! 
RaptorsMVP 04-12-2019 Pending -3/02 letters 2 cards and 1 ticket 
Yburack 04-10-201910-18-2019Success 1911/1  
andyvizzle 04-08-201905-02-2019Success 241/0  
starscorpion518 04-06-201910-17-2019Success 1943/1So stoked to get this one back from the GOAT! 
BuckeyeCollector9 04-04-201905-04-2019Success 301/1Absolutely BEAUTIFUL TTM success. Dirk, THANK YOU for the fan love! A true legend...Sent custom edit 8x10, LOR, sharpie. Will update 
steagald85 04-03-201905-02-2019Success 291/1Thank you Mr. Nowitzki 
ecfan 04-03-201910-18-2019Success 1982/1Signed 1 of 2 TC.
CBM777 04-02-2019 Pending -1/0  
cshen94 04-01-201905-24-2019Success 531/1sent with SASE, a letter and a card 
TTSportsMem23 03-30-201909-28-2019Success 1821/1So happy that I finally got this signed! And it’s numbered to /25 thanks again Dirk!
TripleTTyler50 03-23-201906-24-2019Success 931/1Sent one 8x10 photo, received photo back signed in blue sharpie 
mykoinage 03-20-201910-21-2019Success 2151/1signed my card nicely in black sharpie 
noshi0085 03-19-201907-03-2019Success 1061/11 card 
zwemerzoo 03-18-201909-27-2019Success 1931/0  
AJF77 03-17-2019 Pending -1/01 card 
LoneRanger1975 03-16-201905-02-2019Success 471/1Sent a Dallas Maverick jersey with a sharpie and a nice note. Received it back signed in my blue SHarpie Extreme. Looks great but it appears be pushed down while signing. Loving it regardless.
RIFF RAFF 77 03-14-201910-21-2019Success 2211/1  
ctownslammers 03-14-201910-18-2019Success 2181/1  
Donhutson 03-09-201907-03-2019Success 1151/1  
Nickke 03-09-2019 Pending -1/0Sent one donruss card to be autographed 
jsaad241 03-09-2019 Failure -1/0sent revolution foil card with SASE 
BrooklynNetsfan 03-09-2019 Pending -2/0  
zubinator21 03-07-201904-26-2019Success 491/0  
Craiggb 03-05-201910-19-2019Success 2271/1  
Johaber23 02-28-201903-18-2019Success 172/1Sent 2, signed 1 but really cool. Awesome. 
BayAreaJavy 02-27-201903-18-2019Success 181/1  
Ky1603 02-25-2019 Pending -1/0  
evoniukus 02-23-201907-05-2019Success 1311/1Sent 1 card, LOR, and SASE. Returned signed in blue sharpie.
82WAR 02-22-2019 Pending -1/0  
vbhat 02-18-201903-16-2019Success 252/1Thanks Dirk!
dish142002 02-15-201904-04-2019Success 471/1Signed 1 photo! 
21kholley 02-11-201903-14-2019Success 301/1Signed 08-09 Bowman Chrome in blue 
coreyfelts08 02-11-201903-15-2019Success 311/11/1. 18-19 Prizm RWB. Sent back signed in blue sharpie. Sent LOR, SASE, and card. Thanks, Dirk! 
Yankeesfan999 02-09-201904-01-2019Success 501/18x10 
cangle64 02-05-201910-23-2019Success 2591/12010-11 Panini rookies and stars 
Aaron24 02-04-2019 Pending -1/08x10 
Calebssportscards 02-01-201903-18-2019Success 441/14 x 6 photo signed
Isaacthejuggler 01-29-201903-15-2019Success 441/1Sent SASE, LOR and 1 card. Signed in blue! Thank you, Mr. Nowitzki! 
Raleigh5 01-28-201904-06-2019Success 671/1Sent SASE, 1 photo and letter 
qhtyskkxbp 01-28-2019 Pending -1/0sent 1 jersey, 1letter, SASE 
SyxxSynse 01-26-201903-15-2019Success 472/1Signed my 2016-17 Panini Select card. Thanks, Mr. Nowitzki! 
ecfan 01-23-201903-02-2019Success 385/138 Days, Signed 1 of 5 Trading Cards.
Tyler27m 01-19-201903-03-2019Success 431/1  
moneygold1264 01-18-201902-01-2019Success 142/2  
zjlwolves3 01-16-201910-09-2019Success 2651/1  
MadTownCards 01-14-201903-02-2019Success 471/1Thank you so much Mr. Nowitzki! 
chicagobullsjoe 01-11-201903-02-2019Success 501/1Sent 1 Card and SASE
andyvizzle 01-08-201902-15-2019Success 381/1  
Tbird21 01-04-201902-02-2019Success 291/1sase 
21kholley 01-02-201902-09-2019Success 381/1Signed 09-10 Classics in Black Sharpie 
hdsports 01-02-201902-13-2019Success 422/1Sent LOR, 2 cards, SASE. Rec'd 1 signed/1 unsigned. Thanks Dirk! 
Isaacthejuggler 12-28-201803-02-2019Success 641/1Sent LOR, SASE and 1 card. Signed nicely in Blue! Thank you, Dirk! 
jmarince 12-27-201803-02-2019Success 652/2(2) 4X6s 
Patgrealish 12-26-201803-02-2019Success 661/1SASE 2015-16 Panini Threads #144 
scodd84 12-15-2018 Pending -1/0  
tilt122 12-10-201803-02-2019Success 821/1Wow got it 
Leeburtt 12-07-201803-02-2019Success 851/1  
Craiggb 12-06-201803-04-2019Success 882/1  
GMac05 11-17-201801-17-2019Success 611/1  
codysmith1997 11-15-201801-15-2019Success 611/1Great as usual! 
Aaron24 11-07-201801-30-2019Success 842/0Sent 2 8x10 photo and received 1/2 not bad 
ctownslammers 11-07-201801-17-2019Success 711/1  
dcnowlan 11-05-201801-16-2019Success 721/1Sent a LOR, SASE, and card. Received the card back with signature. 
dcnowlan 11-05-201801-16-2019Success 721/1Sent card, LOR, and SASE. Received the card back signed.
LoneRanger1975 10-29-201801-24-2019Success 871/1Sent a card. Hope it comes back signed OK. Its glossy and it came back pretty bad last time. Second try. Black sharpie and still lousy. Guess that card won't take. That sucks. :( 
floizzo16 10-23-201811-21-2018Success 291/1Sent a basketball and return label. 
RIFF RAFF 77 10-20-201803-04-2019Success 1351/1  
STLCardinals66 10-16-201811-10-2018Success 252/1Signed 1 of 2 
basketnbaballer 10-12-201802-08-2019Success 1191/0Jersey Signed!!!! 
PandaCardZ 10-09-201811-12-2018Success 342/2  
tresreyes 10-03-201811-27-2018Success 552/2signed 2pcs 8x10 photo 
Gsmith0494 10-02-201802-08-2019Success 1291/02001 Jersey
jacklol 09-26-201803-01-2019Success 1561/1Date sent is approximate, have moved since then, but put out forward order, maybe post office screwed up? Oh, came back little bubbled, my fault cause I didn’t have prep it, glossy card, nice though 
chcards9 09-25-2018 Pending -1/0  
Tex2005 09-10-201811-13-2018Success 641/1Sent SI 
Donhutson 09-08-201811-19-2018Success 721/1  
codysmith1997 08-29-201811-08-2018Success 711/1Sent a jersey. He’s the best!! 
dish142002 08-27-201812-12-2018Success 1071/1Signed 1 card! Thanks Dirk! 
newz707 08-23-201810-01-2018Success 391/11 8x10 
chazeroom 08-15-201801-10-2019Success 1481/1  
Thepatman1985 08-13-201810-03-2018Success 511/1Sent a 8x10 photo of Dirk hoping it comes back signed 
Asrq 08-11-2018 Pending -1/0I hope I get the card back! 
arsiu0102 08-09-201811-26-2018Success 1091/1One Jersey sent from Hong Kong, returned with autograph, thanks Dirk!
card openings 08-07-201811-10-2018Success 951/12012 panini threads. Came back signed nice in blue thanks Dirk! 
card openings 08-07-201808-30-2018Success 231/02012 panini threads 
Tbird21 08-06-201811-03-2018Success 891/1sase 
Lapo0013 08-01-201808-20-2018Success 191/1Sent him an IC for a project/ Dirk is the man 
Natecool00 07-27-201809-07-2018Success 421/0sent rookie card got back signed! 
tonyperkis1995 07-24-201808-29-2018Success 362/0  
scodd84 07-20-201809-01-2018Success 431/12017-18 Hoops; Signed card 
pmc14 07-12-201808-09-2018Success 281/1Signed Card I sent 
tc123 07-05-201809-03-2018Success 601/1Signed Card 
GoStLCards 07-03-2018 Pending -1/0  
jasonthebald 07-03-201808-28-2018Success 561/1Card SASE LOR 
chicagobullsjoe 06-28-201808-28-2018Success 611/1Sent 1 Card and SASE. Just need to send to Vince now.
JimCant 06-23-201808-28-2018Success 661/1Sent Beckett magazine with SASE. Received signed nicely. Thanks Dirk!!
Donhutson 06-20-201810-06-2018Success 1081/1setn 8x10 
Burcham2003 06-11-201807-19-2018Success 381/0Picture signed in silver sharpie! Thanks Dirk! 
jberg 06-07-201807-17-2018Success 401/1Thanks Dirk 
jasonwac 06-03-201807-19-2018Success 462/1Sent an 8x10, signed in silver 
codysmith1997 05-30-201807-17-2018Success 481/1Sent 16-17 Select card along with LOR and SASE. He's never failed me before! Truly one of the best! 
airport1975 05-19-201807-20-2018Success 621/1first NBA autograph, might as well start with the best 
Logan Richmond 05-10-201806-09-2018Success 301/12016-2017 Panini 
ChristianDH21 05-05-2018 Pending -2/0sent 2 cards, LOR, and SASE 
haynmay 05-04-201806-09-2018Success 361/1one card 
Burcham2003 04-19-201805-14-2018Success 254/1Sent 2 jerseys a picture and a Dirk rookie card! 
bdmorr 04-14-201804-28-2018Success 141/1  
twinsfan83 03-31-201804-30-2018Success 301/1  
Donhutson 03-31-201805-04-2018Success 341/1  
skiumah 03-30-201804-28-2018Success 291/18x10, SAE, signed black sharpie. Thank you! 
jeffintennessee 03-23-2018 Pending -2/0Sent 2 Photos 
Baldones 03-19-201805-01-2018Success 431/11 Mav's Jersey 
Baldones 03-19-201804-16-2018Success 282/1Sent Two Cards Got both back but 1 signed 
codysmith1997 03-15-201804-12-2018Success 281/1LOR and SASE. Card signed in blue! Thanks as always Dirk! 
LoneRanger1975 03-12-201804-30-2018Success 493/1Sent three cards with a hand written letter asking for his auto. He signed one but didn't sign the other two. Also kept the plastic holder. Lil' disappointed.
whitemamba 03-12-201804-06-2018Success 251/0sent one panini revolution card with hand written letter and card protector;came great! thanks mr.nowitzki.(signed in blue)
Stebbins25 03-09-201805-23-2018Success 741/1Awesome Return From A HOFer 
ttmracker 03-08-2018 Pending -1/0  
DC4L 03-06-201804-14-2018Success 381/1Received 1 card back signed in blue sharpie! Thanks Mr. Nowitzki 
theflash 03-06-201804-14-2018Success 381/116-17 Optic, signed in blue perfectly 
jupitersailfish 03-04-201804-16-2018Success 421/1Sending 1 card with SASE. Signed Nicely!
dinodog333 03-01-201804-13-2018Success 422/1Signed 1/2 cards in blue.
Casey24 02-28-2018 Pending -1/0SASE, LOR, 1 past/present card 
JOHNNYCISCO96 02-27-201804-13-2018Success 441/1  
Wyattket88 02-24-201804-14-2018Success 481/1He signed 1 card in black 
MattandReece 02-13-2018 Pending -1/0  
Duketter 02-12-2018 Pending -2/0  
BBonds25 02-07-201803-12-2018Success 321/12001-02 Topps. Signed in black. Thanks 
arfmax 02-07-201803-13-2018Success 331/12017-18 Panini Ascension 
Donhutson 02-06-201803-13-2018Success 341/1  
bronxbomber33 02-05-201803-12-2018Success 341/12017 contenders 
Jtthatsme55 02-04-201803-12-2018Success 352/1sase 2 cards lor 
Jdscards0323 02-02-201802-26-2018Success 241/1Signed 2017 donruss in blue! 
Danmay55 02-01-201802-26-2018Success 251/1Signed 1 out of 1 card 
DavidOrtiz 02-01-201802-26-2018Success 252/1Signed 1 of my cards in blue 
Wolverine 02-01-201802-26-2018Success 251/1Returned my card signed in blue
ManU 02-01-201802-18-2018Success 171/1  
hughgolub77 01-30-201802-17-2018Success 181/1signed a photo I am so excited thank you mr. nowitzki 
Rjohns46 01-30-201802-16-2018Success 171/1sent nba game ball, got same back signed 
BoSoxFan4235 01-29-201802-28-2018Success 301/1Sent 1 card. Came back signed in blue. Looks awesome! 
cutchamin 01-27-201802-27-2018Success 311/1  
Hamyjunior 01-26-201802-16-2018Success 211/1JERSEY CAME BACK SIGNED! HUGE RETURN!!! 
JeremyS 01-22-201802-17-2018Success 261/18x10--Thanks Dirk! 
twp0906 01-19-201804-09-2018Success 792/1Signed 1/2, but so great to get such a great player! 
diback34 01-17-201802-26-2018Success 401/1Sending a topps chrome rookie.... Signed in blue awesome 
brendanrocks 01-17-2018 Pending -1/0sent stars card 
andyvizzle 01-16-201801-31-2018Success 151/1  
chazeroom 01-16-201802-26-2018Success 411/1  
mlbnbafan 01-16-201803-03-2018Success 462/12 Cards 
Piester 01-14-201802-16-2018Success 331/1  
BayAreaJavy 01-13-201802-26-2018Success 441/1  
Redskins2124 01-09-201801-23-2018Success 142/1Signed one in blue sharpie and one unsigned 
ipnugraha 01-09-201803-12-2018Failure 611/1What a feedback from G.O.A.T. Got a nice autographed Mavs Commemorative ticket. Thx Dirk! 
sooner sports 01-07-201802-26-2018Success 501/1nice blue sharpie and my first ttm!!!! 
caitlynnwood16 01-06-201803-03-2018Success 561/1  
BoLane 01-05-201801-23-2018Success 184/1Asked him to keep whichever he wanted / Signed 1, sent the rest back. Still grateful!
codysmith1997 01-04-201803-02-2018Success 572/2Sent 2 cards, LOR, and SASE. Got one back signed and the other unsigned. Thanks as always, Dirk!! 
jimmer 01-03-2018 Pending -1/0Sent one card to be signed 
KnucksieCollector 01-02-201803-05-2018Success 621/1Future Hall of Famer Dirk signed my Topps card.
TripleTTyler50 01-02-201802-27-2018Success 562/2Sent one 5x7 photo and one topps finest card, received both back signed in blue sharpie 
jacobbazer 12-30-201701-27-2018Success 281/1sent a jersey got it back autographed in black sharpie 
jacobbazer 12-30-201701-27-2018Success 281/1sent a jersey got it back autographed in black sharpie 
puck34 12-29-201701-22-2018Success 241/1Sent 1 card/ signed it! Thanks, Mr. Nowitzki! 
aqscards 12-29-201702-26-2018Success 591/1  
heeroshinn 12-29-2017 Pending -1/0sent 1 jersey 
Mitchell2314 12-27-201701-23-2018Success 271/1Sent 1 card. (1-2015 NBA Hoops) Signed in blue sharpie 
Datboijohnny 12-22-201701-16-2018Success 251/1Sent one card. Got back today signed in blue. Thanks Dirk! 
blazers 12-18-201701-17-2018Success 301/1  
Cougarwolfoskie 12-13-2017 Pending -1/0  
coltsjal 12-12-2017 Pending -1/0Sent Jersey 
puck34 12-11-201701-16-2018Success 361/1Sent a '16 Panini Donruss and it came back signed in blue. Thanks Mr. Nowitzki! 
shanesull 12-11-2017 Pending -1/0Custom 4x6 
Parklandball14 12-04-201701-16-2018Success 431/11/1 
puck34 12-04-201701-16-2018Success 431/1Sent 1 card/ signed the card in blue. Thanks Mr. Nowitzki! 
totalnv 12-04-201712-30-2017Success 261/1SASE, LOR, 8x10 color photo - signed photo in blue sharpie
chelseanykole92 11-25-201712-26-2017Success 311/1Sent with Sase, came back signed in blue sharpie! 
Donhutson 11-24-201712-23-2017Success 291/1sent mini ball. stoked about this one 
RobHarrington 11-15-201712-30-2017Success 451/1Signed 2009 Bowman in blue Sharpie. 
SC76 11-10-201712-04-2017Success 241/1Signed in blue ink, 13-14 Prestige 
andyvizzle 11-06-201712-15-2017Success 391/1  
tresreyes 11-02-201712-12-2017Success 402/1signed 1 8x10 30,000 point shot, return the other one unsigned. thx dirk 
bigcountry 11-02-201711-25-2017Success 231/1  
TripleTTyler50 10-30-201711-24-2017Success 251/1Sent one 4x6 photo sent back signed in blue sharpie 
ajordan23 10-26-201712-01-2017Success 362/2  
Zrianna08 10-26-201711-24-2017Success 291/1  
Wizardofalexoz 10-23-2017 Pending -2/0Sent 2 4x6 
quickstraw 10-12-201712-04-2017Success 531/1Sent 8 x 10 ... Signed 
diback34 10-10-201711-25-2017Success 461/1Sending a 13/14 crusade red parallel... Signed in blue it's beautiful 
Thebump454 10-03-201711-03-2017Success 311/1Awesome return!!! Card signed nicely in blue sharpie 
33tmiller 09-25-201710-28-2017Success 331/1signed photo used different marker 
Redskid11 09-22-201710-15-2017Success 233/1  
patrick34 09-16-201710-16-2017Success 301/1Sent 1 jersey, bubble mailer and return bubble mailer. came back signed on the "1" in blue
Curry7Eagles 09-07-201710-16-2017Success 393/1Sent 3 Cards With Index Card LOR and SASE. (Sent 2 back, 1 Signed, and Kept the other) Thanks Mr. Nowitski 
Wyattket88 09-01-201710-16-2017Success 451/1He signed 1 16-17 Donruss in blue 
DunajskiChase0415 08-28-2017 Pending -1/0Sending One Card 
Zrianna08 08-26-201710-16-2017Success 512/1  
RobHarrington 08-21-201710-16-2017Success 562/12013 Panini Crusade signed in blue Sharpie. Returned second card unsigned. 
mheck629 08-15-201710-14-2017Success 601/18x10 
NCcardworld 06-21-2017 Pending -1/0  
Datboijohnny 06-15-201710-19-2017Success 1261/1Sent UD 09 jersey card signed in black. First ttm sent and finally got back. Thank you! 
codysmith1997 05-25-201710-14-2017Success 1423/1Signed my 30k point card in black!! 
Fierrto 05-17-2017 Pending -1/0  
nfonzi 05-10-201705-23-2017Success 131/1really hope to get this back!! Signed photo I sent! 
Basketballerz 05-09-201710-24-2017Success 1684/4Thanks Mr. Nowitzki 
zmonell8 05-09-201705-23-2017Success 141/1Sent LOR and an 8x10. Thank you Mr. Nowitzki! 
rpmmaniac 05-06-2017 Pending -2/0  
rpmmaniac 05-06-201705-23-2017Success 172/1Signed 1 of 2. Offered for him to keep one and he did. 
broncosfan13 05-01-201705-22-2017Success 213/2Signed two photos beautifully in silver! Mojo 
shemer27 05-01-201705-25-2017Success 241/1Sent 1 Card - signed 14-15 Donruss. Amazing return, thank you so much Dirk! 
tomassandy12 04-25-201705-30-2017Success 351/18x10/ for pictures follow my instagram @ts.sports.memorabilia 
stealthywizard00 04-23-201705-22-2017Success 291/1Sent 1 card, LOR, and SASE; recieved the card I sent back signed 
LiutenantVan 04-15-201705-12-2017Success 271/198T RC...signed in thin black. Recieved card outside of the card saver, so pretty much a miricle it was not bent! 
KCook24 04-10-201705-22-2017Success 422/1  
edgaragustin 04-07-2017 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card w/LOR. 
xxmikekooxx 04-05-201705-02-2017Success 272/1Signed one of two 8x10's. Thanks Dirk!! 
zooiiks 04-04-201705-08-2017Success 341/1Signed my 8x10 of his 30,000 pt shot! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
Donhutson 03-29-201705-06-2017Success 380/1sent lor. got signed card 
codysmith1997 03-28-201705-06-2017Success 392/2Signed both of my 30k point cards. Both of the signatures had smears in them though (one was significantly worse than the other). A smeared autograph is better than no autograph though 
marty77 03-28-201705-06-2017Success 391/1  
BayAreaJavy 03-18-201703-28-2017Success 101/11 11x14, super fast return 
SteelersFan2018 03-16-201705-24-2017Success 692/1Sent 2 and got both back but only signed one. Still pretty awesome 
jonsuits 03-14-201703-25-2017Success 111/1Signed my 30,000 point ticket. Thank you Dirk!!! 
jonsuits 03-14-201703-25-2017Success 111/1Signed my 30,000 point ticket in blue sharpie. Thank you Dirk!!! 
LiutenantVan 03-13-201703-27-2017Success 141/1Sent 98T RC and LOR... received signed in blue Sharpie. Awesome!! 
skinsfan832 03-09-201703-27-2017Success 171/1Signed one 4x6 of him shooting his 30,000 point shot, thank you Mr. Nowitzki 
JBNUFREAK 03-07-201703-27-2017Success 191/1Dirk signed my 8x10! Thanks Dirk! Sent 8x10 letter and Sase. Follow my memorabilia on instagram @Jbsportcards 
BoSoxFan4235 03-06-201703-27-2017Success 201/11 card signed in blue 
mpay9779 03-02-201704-28-2017Success 562/11 of 2 cards signed. 
card openings 03-01-201703-13-2017Success 111/1Sent a 2007 topps 50th anniversary and came back signed nice in black 
cthom13 02-28-201703-14-2017Success 132/1Signed 1/2. Awesome. Thanks Dirk. 
Bryan 11B 02-27-201703-10-2017Success 111/1Sent 8x10 photo with silver pen. Got back my 8x10 signed in black sharpie. Hard to see but still great return 
STLCardinals66 02-16-201703-13-2017Success 242/2X2 cards 
brendanrocks 02-09-201703-14-2017Success 321/11 card - received today in bold black sharpie. thanks Dirk! all my autos can be seen at @txautoguy on instagram 
IsaiahZEAH14 02-04-2017 Pending -1/0Crossing my fingers 
dvsantan 01-16-201703-27-2017Success 691/1signed jersey! my favorite item to date
mdweck42 01-10-201702-17-2017Success 381/18x10 
patrick34 01-08-201703-02-2017Success 531/1sent 8x10/ LOR/ SASE got back signed
bones0325 01-06-201703-13-2017Success 651/1Envelope said "no card inside envelope" so they sent me a signed 2005 topps total 
jg0516 12-28-201602-11-2017Success 451/11 Jersey 
Mitchell2314 12-28-201601-30-2017Success 332/1Sent 2 cards. Only signed 1... Signed 2012 NBA Hoops in black sharpie 
jg0516 12-27-201602-11-2017Success 461/11 Jersey 
23jumpman 12-10-201601-31-2017Success 521/1Signed 1 card nicely in black 
1908to2016RIP 12-04-201601-20-2017Success 471/1LOR, SASE, and a 8x10 
LiaoCJ 11-24-201602-10-2017Success 781/1Sent one 4X6 , LOR ,SASE. Received signed as my first NBA success,Thank you Mr.Nowitzki !! 
ashlar 11-16-201601-30-2017Success 751/1  
tbeau 11-14-201601-30-2017Success 771/1Signed one card in black sharpie 
pokemonclub 11-14-201601-30-2017Success 771/1Jersey card /299... Autograph was authenticated by Sportscard Guarentee 
akenny 11-09-201602-01-2017Success 841/1Sent 1 photo, returned signed in black sharpie 
Atlantaman 11-01-201601-31-2017Success 911/1  
abdiz 10-31-201611-25-2016Success 251/1Sent a jersey and came back signed beautifully!!! 
BayAreaJavy 10-27-201612-10-2016Success 441/1Sent a rookie card but received a jersey card signed instead. 
graphing310 10-20-2016 Pending -1/0  
diback34 10-17-201612-10-2016Success 541/2Sending one base card... Came back signed in my sase, however I received a second envelope with another card I didn't send as well. Second came back in a Dallas Mavericks official envelope 
htam0403 10-10-201612-09-2016Success 601/1  
zooiiks 10-04-201612-02-2016Success 592/2Dirk is awesome!! Sent LOR, SASE and 2 8x10s
twostyle21 09-29-201612-09-2016Success 711/12015 Donruss 
ajkraz 09-27-2016 Pending -5/0  
King Klong 09-10-201609-26-2016Success 161/1Sent 8x10, LOR, SASE 
PhantomApache 08-29-201612-10-2016Success 1032/12 cards sent, signed one 
goldenballer 08-15-2016 Pending -1/01 8x10 
Donhutson 08-08-201611-25-2016Success 1091/1signed card (dont remember if i sent questions or not) 
mpay9779 07-29-201610-28-2016Success 912/22 of 2 cards signed. very nice! 
mykoinage 07-23-201610-11-2016Success 801/1Hoop magazine signed beautifully in blue 
MC18 06-05-2016 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card, LOR and SASE 
Hglardo 05-12-201606-06-2016Pending 254/1sent 3 cards one question sheet... kept all cards and question sheet. He signed my 2016 hoops tho. 
Phillyphan1 05-07-201606-17-2016Success 412/1Sent LOR, basketball card and index card/ recieved my card back signed 
ccarver138 04-26-201606-01-2016Success 361/1  
cmhamiton15 04-22-201605-16-2016Success 241/1Sent front page of Dallas Morning News
TalleyHog34 04-18-201604-30-2016Success 121/1Sent LOR, SASE, and Rookie card. Signed by Dirk!! 
twdean13 04-15-201606-06-2016Success 521/1  
digricolic204 04-12-201604-30-2016Success 181/1  
GoBrowns76 04-05-201605-03-2016Success 281/1signed my custom card in blue definitely not auto pen awesome success great signer and a great player 
hdsports 04-04-201604-30-2016Success 262/1Sent LOR, SASE, 2 8x10s. Received both 8x10s back but only 1 signed - 
graphing310 03-28-201605-03-2016Success 361/1  
zelenak05 03-28-201604-09-2016Success 121/18x10 
nycsportsnews 03-21-201604-12-2016Success 222/12 4x6s 
Sterlingkc 03-18-201604-11-2016Success 241/1Quick Turnaround. Thanks Dirk! 
CorbinsCards 03-16-2016 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card 
marty77 03-12-201604-12-2016Success 301/1  
dez305 03-11-201604-07-2016Pending 261/127 days. nice size auto on 8x10 
BaseballGraphs 03-02-201606-20-2016Success 1091/1Signed the 8x10 I sent in Blue Sharpie! 
mpay9779 03-02-201603-31-2016Success 283/22 of 3 signed cards. keep one 
crbaughn62 03-02-201604-08-2016Success 361/1  
CelciusII 03-02-201603-25-2016Success 222/1Can never get a 2/2 out of him lol 
BoSoxFan4235 03-02-201603-25-2016Success 221/1First hoops success 
wrigleywarrior 02-27-2016 Pending -1/0  
MasonBarber 02-25-201603-08-2016Success 121/1Great sig, signed my photo in blue sharpie 
stlcrazy 02-22-2016 Pending -1/0  
Hamyjunior 02-17-201603-24-2016Success 351/1Awesome return! 
mazefan72 02-14-201603-09-2016Success 243/1Kept 2 cards, and signed one.. TY! 
7thinningstrechtt 02-13-201603-11-2016Success 272/1sent 5x7 and a notecard. Got back signed 5x7 in black sharpie. Thanks Mr. Nowitzki! 
jordanthelion 02-10-201602-10-2016Pending 01/0sent blue "away" Mavs jersey 
Tombrady123 02-10-201605-21-2016Success 1002/2  
dvsantan 02-05-201602-27-2016Success 221/1Sent SASE, Card, Letter -- AWESOME RETURN!! A LEGEND
baseballcards4 01-31-2016 Pending -1/0why not try 
ctownslammers 01-12-201603-12-2016Success 602/1  
eaglesrock55 01-11-201602-28-2016Success 481/1Awesome success 
LGM6986 01-11-201602-26-2016Success 461/12012 Panini signed in blue. So happpy to get him. 
jescamillaz3 01-05-201603-09-2016Success 642/2Signed 2 Cards. Thanks Dirk! 
NYYanks2016 01-04-201603-13-2016Success 691/1Long wait, thanks! 
ellwoodbandrules 12-30-201501-25-2016Success 261/1One Card Signed in Black 
jordanthelion 12-28-201501-25-2016Success 281/1dirk was gracious enough to sign my jersey for a good friend! 
docgallie 12-24-201502-01-2016Success 392/2  
graphing310 12-18-201501-25-2016Success 381/1  
dunkanarchy 12-15-201501-16-2016Success 321/1Signed 2007 UD Card I sent. Thank you Mr. Nowitzki! 
Sportsfan25 12-09-201503-10-2016Success 921/1  
Tex2005 12-02-201512-12-2015Success 101/1Sent 8x10 and LOR, SASE. RCVD signed in Blue. Super fast return. 
tresreyes 12-02-201502-15-2016Success 751/1send 8x10 returned signed with a sharpie worth the wait thx DIRK 
bigscoop13 12-01-201512-14-2015Success 135/1Sent 5 cards got back one signed and others missing. He must have kept them. Still a great success 
htam0403 11-26-201512-15-2015Success 191/1Signed, no inscriptions 
Philly4Life 11-23-201512-08-2015Success 151/1Sent a Mavs jersey, LOR and SASE. Asked for an inscription. Got is back signed, but without an inscription. Still a sweet jersey! 
leviathan253 11-11-201512-12-2015Success 313/33 8x10s,LOR --- Recieved all 3 back. No personalizations as requested (Christmas gifts) but still so so so happy! 
CelciusII 11-07-201512-14-2015Success 371/1  
moleskyb 11-04-201512-14-2015Success 401/1  
Freq 10-27-201512-13-2015Success 471/1Sent awesome behind the numbers card. Can't wait for it back! 
K5bulldog 10-21-201501-16-2016Success 871/1Thank you Mr. Nowitzki! 
cards82 10-20-2015 Pending -1/0  
Pauls1976 10-20-201501-18-2016Success 901/1Sent LOR & SASE and 1 card. Received signed in black sharpie, very cool! Thank you Dirk! 
Deweygator 10-17-201501-16-2016Success 911/106-07 Topps Chrome
kdargani35 10-15-201511-13-2015Success 291/1amazing i dont know the exact day i sent him and i got it but all i know it was fast and 2015 
marty77 10-09-201501-24-2016Success 1071/1 
jwongnyy 10-08-201501-16-2016Success 1002/1Sent 2 4x6; signed one in black, I will gladly take it 
pokemonclub 09-30-201501-16-2016Success 1081/1  
abdiz 09-29-201510-17-2015Success 181/1Sent jersey and received back signed. 
jkosmicki18 09-28-201510-27-2015Success 291/12014 hoops- AMAZING SIGNATURE IN GOLD INK, LOOKS SOOOOO COOL! 
pokemonclub 09-15-201501-16-2016Success 1231/1  
Freq 09-15-201510-26-2015Success 413/1  
xxmikekooxx 09-03-201510-06-2015Success 332/1Sent 2 8x10's, returned one signed and one unsigned. Great autograph and still a success! 
MWMP 08-27-201510-09-2015Success 434/12012-13 NBA Hoops, 2013-14 NBA Hoops, 2006-07 Base, 2013-14 Pinaccle / Signed 2013-14 Pinaccle 
w8lifter28 08-10-201510-09-2015Success 601/1Signed my white filler card
frazier114 08-06-201510-09-2015Success 641/1sent 1 card and got it back signed killer
BSRice 08-03-201510-09-2015Success 671/1 
leam1098 07-31-201510-09-2015Success 701/1Nice signature on rc 
Hobey21 07-28-201510-07-2015Success 712/1Signed a card! Great success from a great player! Thanks Dirk! 72 Days! 
CelciusII 07-13-201510-05-2015Success 842/1Got both cards back, one signed, one still in the sleeve. The one that was signed was smeared off a little, so I'll probable send to him again soon. 
chr5399 07-12-201510-13-2015Success 931/1Signed in black Sharpie... 1999-00 Fleer Mystique... Great success from one of the all-timers. 
Davito 05-27-201507-03-2015Success 371/1Great success with Dirk, usually signs in blue or black so i recommend a card mostly white 
ellwoodbandrules 05-26-201507-01-2015Success 361/1Card Signed in Black 
Pfroggy100 05-22-201506-29-2015Pending 381/1sent index card and was returned in 38 days signed in black 
tahoe 05-19-2015 Pending -1/0  
dareyl 05-15-201505-23-2015Success 81/1 
Trevor15 05-07-201510-12-2015Success 1580/1Omg guys. I didn't have a card to send to dirk and I told him that I never could get one for him to sign. So this awesome dude sends me how own card signed. This guy is simply awesome in every way. Even sent his own envelope 
Outdoors29 04-25-201506-05-2015Success 411/1Signed 1 2012 Card. Thanks Dirk! Still one of the big time players that does fan mail 
raywhite24 04-10-2015 Pending -1/0  
Ebys23 04-06-201506-05-2015Success 601/115 Threads-signe in gold 
Tex2005 04-06-201505-09-2015Success 331/1Sent an 8x10, SASE, LOR, and silver sharpie. RCVD signed, but signature smeared and smudged beyond recognition. Success but a failure. 
graphing310 03-28-201506-02-2015Success 661/1  
arfmax 03-19-201506-05-2015Success 781/12007-08 Topps Stadium Club 
benlee66 03-13-201504-08-2015Pending 260/008/09TTRSRY 
PorterMan20 03-04-201504-12-2015Success 381/1Unsure of actual return date but it wasn't long, just updating now. 
Jlack 03-03-201504-01-2015Success 281/1Signed 1/1. Nice return! 
Jranderson27 02-28-201503-22-2015Success 212/1He signed 1 of 2 cards with a neat black sharpie signature 
Soeren2811 02-13-201505-22-2015Success 972/1sent 1 Panini Prestige 13-14 TC and a picture; signed TC, returned picture; TTM to Germany 
Davito 02-08-201503-12-2015Success 311/1Signed my basketball card 
ryan225 02-05-201505-18-2015Success 1011/1  
BLawson87 02-04-201505-18-2015Success 1021/1Sent 1 photo; returned signed 
Nlach 01-31-201505-19-2015Failure 1070/0Brothers Panini NBA Hoops.....Returned not signed 
Nlach 01-31-201505-19-2015Success 1071/1NBA Panini Hoops card 
Bretsky 01-25-201503-09-2015Success 422/1Sent two NBA hoops cards and he sent one back with a sweet signature!
TTMBaller52 01-23-201503-07-2015Success 431/1  
Pedroia15TheBest 01-20-201503-12-2015Success 501/1Return date not exact 
lc82memorabilia 01-20-201503-11-2015Success 491/1Sent 8x10--received back in sick blue sharpie 
copaantl98 01-13-201503-04-2015Success 502/1Sent two cards. Signed one. The signature was between a silver and blue ink 
chitownautos 01-12-201503-09-2015Success 551/18x10 Photo (Mavericks) + Letter/SASE...56 Days 
Buckeyebub 01-04-201503-05-2015Success 603/1Sent three cards and only signed one still a great success! Thanks Dirk 
patlynch617 01-03-2015 Pending -1/0  
southsidegraphs24 01-01-201503-04-2015Success 621/1signed in light blue 
sanfrangiants55 12-31-201401-29-2015Success 291/1signed 11x14 w/ my gold sharpie! 
joeyw 12-29-201403-05-2015Success 661/1GO MAVS! 
Jbautographs 12-15-201403-03-2015Success 781/1  
ktam12 12-12-201401-26-2015Success 451/1Sent McFarlane base, LOR and requested '2011 NBA Finals MVP' inscription. - no insription but auto'd with 41. Thanks!
Outdoors29 11-26-201412-15-2014Success 191/1Signed 1 SI Card 
IPAutos22 11-20-201402-19-2015Success 911/1Very Nice Success from a Future Hall Of Famer 
groundhog 11-17-201411-16-2014Pending -10/0  
Striker83 11-10-201412-09-2014Success 291/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 8X10/Received my photo back signed in black sharpie. Less than a month!
moleskyb 11-08-201412-16-2014Success 383/1  
padsdsu 11-03-201403-06-2015Success 1231/1x1 signed in black sharpie 
NotreDame 10-24-201412-14-2014Success 511/1Sent custom 8X10, thanks! 
soxmatt 10-22-201411-22-2014Success 311/1Signed a 5x7 in black! 
chitownautos 10-20-201411-20-2014Success 311/1'13-'14 Prestige (Mavericks) + Letter/SASE...31 Days 
BLawson87 10-15-201411-24-2014Success 401/1Sent a mini basketball; returned signed in black sharpie! 
NYxMETSx5 10-09-201412-01-2014Success 531/18x10, lor, sase 
150010927 10-07-201411-20-2014Success 441/1Received back signed today. Super cool one to have. Thank you Mr Nowitzki 
marty77 10-02-201411-22-2014Success 511/1  
23jumpman 09-30-201411-20-2014Success 511/1sent card for nephew and got it back in black 
stephen1224 09-14-201411-15-2014Success 621/1  
23jumpman 09-05-201410-04-2014Success 291/1Dirk signed a card 
delones24 08-29-201410-06-2014Success 381/111 Past & Present
andyvizzle 08-28-201409-25-2014Success 281/1Thanks Dirk 
Nygiants42 08-19-201409-29-2014Success 411/1Great success! Thanks! 
Zabish18 08-19-201410-05-2014Success 471/11/1 thank you! 
raywhite24 08-04-201410-04-2014Success 611/1Signed card in thin blue sharpie. Great to see this come back! 
abafan3435 07-31-2014 Pending -1/0sent past and presnt banners card 
nordscardshop 07-28-2014 Pending -1/0  
alf7624 07-26-201409-27-2014Success 631/1Sent 8x10. Got back signed photo in silver. Looks great. Thanks Dirk!! 
Pedroia15TheBest 07-26-201409-27-2014Success 631/1  
ramathorn 07-21-201409-27-2014Success 681/1  
torrebroncos14 07-18-201410-03-2014Pending 771/1sent an 8x10.. hoping for second success! Came back really damgaged, but he incribed 2011 Finals MVP so I am still happy! Can always end to him again 
Hwood65 07-10-201410-04-2014Success 863/2Sent 3 cards and told him he could keep one but he returned it and signed the other two. Great return from a superstar! Thanks Mr. Nowitzki. 
Packers4ever 07-09-201410-04-2014Success 871/1  
raywhite24 06-30-201410-04-2014Success 961/1Thin blue sharpie on my card! 
Calebssportscards 06-28-201407-14-2014Success 161/1great addition to my collection thanks Mr. Nowitzki 
Mogilny89 06-20-201409-24-2014Success 961/11 Topps Rookie-great signer 
Kmbtheone 06-14-201407-14-2014Success 301/1  
abafan3435 06-11-201407-16-2014Success 351/1signed in blue 
lautnerfied 06-03-201407-14-2014Success 411/1Pinnacle Card Signed 
Mattsecre 06-03-2014 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, and card. 
MichaelDang 05-06-201405-31-2014Success 253/1Sent 3 cards, 1 signed 
sdsportsfan1214 05-05-201406-02-2014Success 281/1Sent Jersey, Received Signed Beautifully. Nicest Guy in NBA! 
nbccollector 04-23-201405-29-2014Success 361/1He sent back a different card that was signed. It was his his rookie auto, so I guess it was better than the Panini I sent him 
gacards0508 04-18-201405-10-2014Success 221/1Nice return from the future HOF'er. 
mazefan72 04-10-201405-08-2014Success 281/1Signed an 8x10 in silver. TY Dirk! 
chitownautos 04-09-201405-10-2014Success 311/1'13-'14 Prestige (Mavericks) + Letter/SASE...31 Days 
JustJavin 04-02-2014 Pending -1/0  
nbccollector 04-01-201406-16-2014Success 761/1sent a 5o anniversary Topps// returned signed in black 
TheNickster17 03-22-201404-18-2014Success 271/1Sending LOR, SASE, and Panini Pinnacle card. Really hoping to get this back! | Returned it signed in Black! 
silojohnson 03-17-201404-21-2014Success 351/2awesome success! he included a signed mini pennent Thanks Dirk! 
Kcain15 03-16-201404-18-2014Success 333/1Got 1-3 cards signed! Came back a little smudged but was awesome to get it back! 
kdawgcollecter 03-11-2014 Pending -2/0sending 1 card and 1 index card 
GoWarrior 03-10-201404-21-2014Success 421/1Sent an 8x10. Signed beautifully in silver 
biggsy2323 03-07-201406-09-2014Success 932/102 Topps, 03 Topps 
biggsy2323 03-07-201406-09-2014Success 932/100 UD Victory, 02 Impact 
nbccollector 03-06-201403-28-2014Success 213/1sent 13 prestige, came back in a slick silver 
WarHorse 03-03-2014 Pending -1/02008-09 Upper Deck Starquest 
ITStheCHAD13 02-26-2014 Pending -2/0Sent 2 4x6 photos 
Robextend 02-25-201403-29-2014Success 312/12 8x10's/Great success, signed 1...thank you Mr. Nowitzki. 
SimonB32 02-06-2014 Pending -1/0Sent a 5x7 
fihsermanate 01-30-201402-25-2014Success 260/1Quick return. Not personalized asked but still great success. Dates not exact. Asked for a card autographed by him and did so. Sharp. (i suggest you include a toploader/ carboard) no donation 
Owp99 01-29-2014 Pending -0/0Hope I get it back 
Owp99 01-28-201402-24-2014Success 270/0Signed in Black 
Eddie_2 01-20-201402-26-2014Success 371/136 days. Signed one card in black sharpie. 
MG102472 01-14-201401-31-2014Success 172/2  
sportsgrapher 01-14-201403-06-2014Success 511/1Thanks man!! 
MG102472 01-14-2014 Pending -2/0  
Coltron57 01-13-201402-24-2014Success 421/11 4x6 photo. Signed nicely in blue. 
Eddie_2 01-13-201402-25-2014Success 431/142 days. 2013-14 NBA Hoops in blue sharpie. 
night6 01-08-201405-18-2014Success 1292/1Signed 1 of 2. Thanks Dirk. 
CubsFan38 01-04-201401-31-2014Success 271/1  
Riggs 01-03-201401-30-2014Success 271/1signed a jersey. looks amazing. 
wilcow 12-28-201301-28-2014Success 311/1(1) custom 5x7 
rekless 12-22-201302-14-2014Success 541/1Sent 8x10- recieved my 8x10 signed in Blue sharpie 
Cmoney66 12-18-201303-01-2014Success 731/1  
chitownautos 12-16-201302-25-2014Success 711/1'06-'07 Topps Full Court + Letter/SASE...71 Days 
chitownautos 12-16-201302-25-2014Success 711/1'06-'07 Topps Full Court (Mavericks) + Letter/SASE...71 Days 
dravensdad10 12-14-201302-25-2014Success 731/1  
23jumpman 12-12-201302-26-2014Success 761/1Dirk signed my card for me in black. Nice guy 
jonjaybeast 12-03-201302-25-2014Success 841/1  
abdiz 12-02-201302-22-2014Success 821/1Received my jersey back signed blue sharpie!!! 
Baseball247 11-26-201312-12-2013Success 161/18x10//signed in blue 
23jumpman 11-22-201302-26-2014Success 961/1Dirk signed a card for my nephew in black 
policeradio556 11-08-201312-13-2013Success 351/1Signed 1 8x10 photo 
CliffAnderson92 11-08-201302-28-2014Success 1121/1 
DHealy26 11-04-201302-22-2014Success 1101/1Signed in black 
mayne1984 10-31-201312-12-2013Success 421/1SIGNED 2011 NBA CHAMP HAT HERES LINK FOR VIDEO 
RealBrianD 10-22-201312-12-2013Success 512/0SIGNED BEAUTIFULLY IN BLUE SHARPIE!!! THANKS DIRK!!!Sent LOR and a card, asked to personalize it...will update
sanfrangiants55 10-22-201311-30-2013Success 391/1  
southsidegraphs24 10-19-201311-07-2013Success 191/1  
DHealy26 10-08-201310-21-2013Success 131/1singed one 4x6 photo in 13 days 
mayne1984 10-05-201310-19-2013Success 141/1Signed Rookie Card!!! for video!!!PEACE-OUT!!!! 
CardPro77 09-21-2013 Pending -1/0LoR, SASE and 8x10 
lizard-jd 09-19-201310-21-2013Success 321/1Signed my 8x10; he was likely laughing his butt off when he first saw it - TY! 
Readeseiff 09-13-2013 Pending -1/0  
robbob1984 09-10-201309-27-2013Success 171/1singed my 8x10 with gold sharpie great sig from a great player
robbob1984 09-10-201309-27-2013Success 171/1  
sensfan2010 09-01-201309-21-2013Success 201/1  
newbernbears 08-26-201309-16-2013Success 211/1Sent letter, card and SASE. Received back signed in blue! 20 day return! 
bmatz23 08-23-201309-07-2013Pending 151/1  
zksmith 08-23-201308-23-2013Success 02/2Championship t-shirt & newspaper signed in gold sharpie. Thx Dirk! 
scBraves 08-20-201309-16-2013Success 271/1signed in blue 
coolbly16 08-19-201309-16-2013Success 281/1Signed My Panini Past and Present
torrebroncos14 08-10-201309-16-2013Success 371/1sent fleer genuine 04-05/ came back signed in blue! Awesome success 
ARRohr 08-09-201309-16-2013Success 381/1Sent 8 1/2 x 11 - Came back signed in black. Probably best success yet! Thanks Dirk! 
Gbulldogs1010 08-03-201308-21-2013Success 181/1One signed four by six photo 
ryan4sports 07-23-201308-05-2013Success 131/1signed panini thread 10-11 in black. looks perfect. no bends in card. didnt even send a SASE. 
Ryanmillerfan30 07-11-201308-05-2013Success 251/1Awesome looking signed card! Thanks Dirk!
Bryan81 07-06-201308-05-2013Success 301/1Sweet success. Signed my 07 Upper Deck
jrussell13 06-06-201307-05-2013Success 291/1Great auto back from a great player!!!
cseitz2469 05-20-201307-02-2013Success 431/1sent a letter and a card it back with the card signed ...great autograph 
cwats2497 05-17-201305-17-2013Pending 02/0Sent an 8x10 for my friend's b-day present & Sports Illustrated mag (Hoping he'll be generous) 
DownGoesFrazier 04-12-201305-10-2013Success 281/1Signed 12-13 Panini Hoops..thanks a ton, Dirk! Awesome success! 
dsolzman 04-08-201304-25-2013Success 171/1sending a 8x10 // signed. 
DJSkopes 04-02-201305-03-2013Pending 311/1Signed NBA Finals 8x10 in Blue Sharpie! Awesome photo!!! 
CliffAnderson92 04-01-201304-24-2013Success 231/1 
bballcrazy10 04-01-201304-24-2013Success 233/1sent 3 ICs. Signed 1 index card!!! Beautiful signature!!! 
Riggs 03-27-201304-16-2013Success 201/1sent a ticket stub from the game i went to. 
phillies fan 03-22-201304-16-2013Success 251/1sent photo for my son. Received photo signed. Great signer! 
DJSkopes 03-12-2013 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 
jmintz 03-10-201304-16-2013Success 361/1nice big auto in blue Sharpie!
kdawgcollecter 03-07-201304-16-2013Success 391/1sent 4x6 custom- received back
dickieiii 03-05-201304-16-2013Success 411/1  
Westman1721 02-25-201303-12-2013Success 141/1Sending 1 TC to my favorite NBA player 
nyerik123 02-25-201303-20-2013Success 221/1signed a index card 
CliffAnderson92 02-12-201303-09-2013Success 251/1 
jdl7860 02-12-201303-07-2013Success 231/1Awesome return! Signed custom
cubbies123 02-12-2013 Pending -1/0  
ce99dj88 02-11-201302-28-2013Success 172/1Sent card and 4x6 photo; recieved card signed but 4x6 unsigned, still a nice return 
ninjacookie650 02-11-201303-01-2013Success 181/1  
Wolvesfan942 02-10-201303-25-2013Success 421/1Awesome signature!!! Thank you! 
kdawgcollecter 02-08-201302-28-2013Success 201/0Sent Sports Illustrated Dirk Nowitzki Card, Got It Back Signed from the Best Signer in the NBA!!!! My First!!!!! 
Rken15 02-01-201302-27-2013Success 261/1  
bigauto 01-31-201302-23-2013Success 231/14x6. got it back signed very nice. 
sanfrangiants55 01-25-201302-11-2013Success 171/1  
silojohnson 01-23-201303-11-2013Success 462/2awesome! thanks dirk! 
dashotsUA 01-23-201302-11-2013Success 193/1He will only sign one thing so only send what you most want signed. Definitely the best signer currently in the NBA especially for a star. Great guy 
Jacko622 01-23-201303-10-2013Success 461/1Sent a card 
lizard-jd 01-18-201301-29-2013Success 112/1Signed 1 CIC in 11 days. The most fan friendly elite & current pro athlete that is comparable to Josh Hamilton - TY! 
Meech21 01-06-201301-19-2013Pending 131/1Quick success forgot to post this thanks dirk 
maxzemke24 01-02-201301-22-2013Success 202/2came in 2 seperate envelopes one from the Mavericks and one in my SASE 
TxOutLaw 01-02-201301-17-2013Success 152/1Sent 2 8x10s one of just him he signed and one of him and Kidd he did not sign Guess he doesn't like Kidd anymore 
sullybeast2 12-24-201201-17-2013Success 242/1Sent 2 8*10s for me and my brother-signed one nicely in blue 
Colts15 12-22-201201-28-2013Success 372/1Sent 2 cards, SASE, and a letter in German, thought it'd give him a laugh....only 1 came back signed, in black with his #, still awesome 
bknets1280 12-13-201201-22-2013Success 401/1Signed beautifully in black 
delones24 12-07-201201-28-2013Success 521/106 Topps
curve_fan 12-06-201212-21-2012Success 151/1Sent Jersey to Mr. Nowitzki. Signed and returned 
Freddy11064 12-05-201201-22-2013Success 484/1great success 
goaliem26 11-29-201212-22-2012Success 231/1Sent sase, LOR, 8x10 photo, got back today signed in black sharpie....thanks dirk! 
ironmancal867 11-27-201201-28-2013Success 621/1  
antoine38 11-26-201201-29-2013Success 641/1Signed Card, Very Nice ! 
Philsfan8008 11-26-201201-28-2013Success 631/1Thanks Mr. Nowitzki!
delones24 11-23-201201-28-2013Success 662/1Offered 1 - 12 Prestige
ScottCT 11-20-201201-28-2013Success 691/1ROOKIE CARD SIGNED! 
WVSU71 11-15-201212-21-2012Success 361/1Signed Jersey I sent and Personalized to my Son, Thanks Mr. Nowitzki!!!!! 
metsallday 11-13-201201-22-2013Success 701/1  
poppincurbs 11-11-201212-21-2012Success 401/1Sent SASE, LOR, 8x10 received backed signed! THANK YOU Mr. Nowitzki! 
ILLRIMESAYA 11-09-201201-28-2013Success 801/1Sending a crystal clear 4x6 to Mr Nowitzki- TOOK ABOUT ALMOST 3 MONTHS BUT THIS SIGNATURE CAME OUT GREAT ON THE PHOTO 
cava11aro 11-08-201212-04-2012Success 261/1sent 8x10...received photo signed in light blue sharpie 
razshizzle297 10-31-201211-17-2012Success 171/1Signed 2012 NBA Hoops 
Jschom24 10-31-201211-18-2012Success 181/1 
db0579 10-30-201211-16-2012Success 172/1Signed a custom Photoshop picture I made, sent 2 told him to keep 1 but it was sent back unsigned.
sportsautosdirect 10-30-201212-21-2012Success 521/1 
3shooter15 10-24-201211-06-2012Success 130/1Sent a LOR. Sent back a signed RC in blue metallic paint pen included. Top loader and penny sleeve. Check my youtube channel 3shooter15 to see it. 
gsigner 10-22-201211-22-2012Success 311/1Don't have a photo - but an awesome Topps Trademark Moves card! Took exactly a month 
pokemonclub 10-18-201211-07-2012Success 201/1signed my card 
BayAreaJavy 10-18-201211-05-2012Success 181/11 card, nicely signed card in thick blue ink. Thanks Dirk!
treywilson757 10-16-201211-12-2012Success 271/1  
lillibridge18 10-16-2012 Pending -1/0Sent a witten letter and SASE 2012 hopps card. hopefully it comes back soon 
OGSidKTA 10-15-201211-06-2012Success 221/1Had an extra rookie so i figured id get him again! Signed it in a blue paint pen 
delones24 10-11-201211-05-2012Success 252/1 
tylerrules09 10-11-201211-03-2012Success 231/1Had a jersey signed in blue sharpie!!! HUGE fan and by far the coolest memorabilia I own now 
verbatim1997 10-10-201201-22-2013Success 1041/2signed nicely gave me a nice stat flyer signed in nice silver sharpie 
telly14 10-03-201211-06-2012Success 341/1Came back out of the toploader and penny sleeve, but wasnt damaged at all. Signed in Blue paint marker and looks really great Thanks Dirk! 
cava11aro 10-02-201211-05-2012Success 342/1sent SASE, letter and two cards..received one card signed but it came out awful and smudged...I guess I'll try again 
razshizzle297 09-29-201210-16-2012Success 171/1  
CP3BG32CLIPPERS 09-29-201210-16-2012Success 171/1Awesome in silver sharpie pen thanls Dirk 
Fielderautos28 09-28-201210-19-2012Success 211/1Signed a JERSEY!!!!!!!! LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! 
treywilson757 09-05-201209-28-2012Success 231/1  
cal91697 09-02-201209-25-2012Success 231/1  
scoot51015 08-28-201209-29-2012Success 321/1  
trevor3hanks 08-27-2012 Pending -1/0  
Sportfanatic1 08-25-201209-27-2012Success 332/1Nice sig on 1 of the 2 cards that I sent. He did send the other card back unsigned 
wrhymes512 08-23-201209-28-2012Success 361/1  
Jtrinidad356 08-20-201209-03-2012Pending 141/0  
Jtrinidad356 08-20-201210-13-2012Success 541/1Signed 10-11 Prestige insert in black 1/1.Thanks Mr.Nowitzki! 
huskerfan86 08-14-201208-25-2012Success 111/1signed 1 ultra rookie card but smeared in the envelope. will definitely try again 
adambasketball 08-13-201209-28-2012Success 461/1Sent a jersey and a sase and received it back signed black sharpie. Great success. 
TheTTMGuy 08-13-201208-20-2012Success 71/1Gold Sharpie On Topps Starquest card Quick 7day tournaround!!
trevor3hanks 08-12-201208-27-2012Success 153/1Signed 1/3 bu still nice, im sending to him again. 
SpartyMavs 08-09-201208-20-2012Success 111/1First ever TTM. Sent 8x10. Fast return. Thanks Mr. Nowitzki!
clryan5 08-06-2012 Pending -1/0Sent 8x10 
CavFanatic31 07-29-2012 Pending -2/0  
CP3BG32CLIPPERS 07-28-201208-21-2012Success 243/1signed 1/3 but whatever better than nothing! 
BigNick2 07-25-201208-21-2012Success 271/1Signed my card! 
29penguinsfan 07-25-201209-28-2012Success 653/1will sign one item 
pokemonclub 07-16-201208-27-2012Success 423/1signed 1/3, but still looks amazing in blue sharpie 
biggsy2323 07-16-201207-30-2012Success 144/1Sent 4 cards, received one back signed and other 3 back. Ecstatic for this return!
3shooter15 07-14-201207-27-2012Success 131/1Sent 09-10 upper deck card signed in blue, came out great 
lcunited12 07-07-201207-28-2012Success 211/1Nice auto...
Thefon19 06-26-201207-23-2012Success 271/1First TTM is on a glossy card so sent another with a photo of Dirk and Jason Kidd. Got it back perfectly signed! 
Biggums7 06-21-201207-23-2012Success 321/1signed 8x10 
KTOBSports 06-19-201207-11-2012Success 221/1Signed Card I sent him 
bigbird34 06-17-201206-25-2012Success 81/1Signed jersey 
therealAMH23 06-15-201206-30-2012Success 152/1Very quick return,thank you dirk 
Thefon19 06-12-201206-25-2012Success 131/1Letter along with card 
Jeremy_Falcons 06-11-201206-25-2012Success 141/1Signed my 4x6
justinw182 06-11-201206-25-2012Success 141/1Recieved my card back and signed in 14 Days! 
pjmusickid 06-11-201206-25-2012Success 141/1One topps card. came back. nice signature. 
Thefon19 06-10-201206-25-2012Success 151/1Trading Card 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 06-02-201206-09-2012Success 71/1 
MattsSportsCards 06-01-201207-05-2012Success 341/1really nice auto will send again! Thanks Dirk 
bigbird34 05-21-201206-08-2012Success 181/1Signed 8x10 
eddyd 05-20-201206-09-2012Success 201/1  
ksif210 05-16-201205-31-2012Success 151/1signed my card with black sharpie 
baller6280 05-10-201206-01-2012Success 221/1Returned my 8x10... so stoked 
SoccerSwag23 05-07-201207-25-2012Success 791/150 days. 
clryan5 05-04-201206-01-2012Success 281/1Sent 8x10, received signed in silver 
thezacw 04-24-201205-05-2012Success 111/1Signed 2011-12 NBA Hoops in blue Sharpie. 
bigbird34 04-20-201205-12-2012Success 223/1sent 3 index cards and got 1 back. Great succuess 
danielisa 04-16-201204-27-2012Success 111/1quick response, signed in blue sharpie, thanks Dirk! 
batwars67 04-10-201204-28-2012Success 181/1one signed photo 
Fielderautos28 04-04-201204-30-2012Success 261/1sweet success from Dirk! 
batwars67 03-28-201204-28-2012Success 311/1BEAUTIFUL.thanks Dirk :) 
bigsportsfan1 03-27-201204-12-2012Success 161/1Signed an 8x10, thanks Dirk! 
reolsont16 03-26-201204-10-2012Success 151/18x10 nice! 
walker066 03-24-201204-07-2012Success 141/18x10 signed. Fast Turnaround! 
Lapo0013 03-24-201203-30-2012Success 61/1Sent 1 all-star jersey card. Signed beautifully, thanks dirk! 
SoccerSwag23 03-22-201204-06-2012Success 153/3I sent 3 different pkgs on same day and recieved all three on the same day, all ttm's from Dirk. 
redrocker98ta 03-21-201204-06-2012Success 161/1Signed my 8x10 from last year's finals, thanks Dirk 
mike0923 03-17-201203-29-2012Success 122/1Got 1 picture signed 
SDre31 03-06-201203-31-2012Success 241/1Success! Beautifully signed my 8x10.
PhillyPhan989 03-05-201204-07-2012Success 320/1Great success by a great player signed a 2009 UD in black sharpie looks nice 
packattack1 03-05-201204-04-2012Success 291/1  
gojacks 03-04-201204-06-2012Success 321/1  
JerseyBoyInCT 03-03-201203-19-2012Success 152/1Sent 2 cards, he signed one in silver sharpie and kept one
totalshot98 02-28-201203-19-2012Success 191/1nice success from finals mvp 
24redsfan 02-24-201203-31-2012Success 351/1Signed a 2009-10 Rookies and Stars. Thanks Dirk! 
Mattsecre 02-18-201203-01-2012Success 121/1Sent LOR, SASE, and card. Received nice card.
Rematchlalvsbos 02-17-201203-19-2012Success 301/1Awesome return! Signed in silver ink! 
#1BRONCSFAN 02-13-201203-02-2012Success 181/1Signed my 09 Rookies & Stars in blue ink. Very Happy thanks Dirk!!! 
Rudickulous 02-12-201203-02-2012Success 192/2Sent two, got both back. Only one was signed but still awesome. Thanks again Dirk! 
moneyl87 02-12-201202-26-2012Success 141/1card signed with Black sharpie Quick awsome 
Lapo0013 02-11-201203-01-2012Success 191/1Mcfarlane base signed, thanks mr nowitzki! 
Petez_BB 02-08-201203-02-2012Success 231/1sent baseball got it back signed in blue sharpie...awesome!!! 
Deadshot 02-08-201203-19-2012Success 392/1Signed my Donruss in silver marker!
RichSlyFox14 02-06-201203-19-2012Success 411/1signed my RC in gold! sick! the best! 
Eddie_2 02-06-201203-02-2012Success 251/1Signed 09-10 Upper Deck in blue sharpie in 25 days. Awesome success! TY Dirk! 
ptmerr01 01-24-201202-06-2012Success 132/1Great return from a Great Player!!! 
coronado2010 01-23-201203-19-2012Success 551/1not a big basketball fan, but thought I'd try Mr. Nowitzki...........phew thought i'd missed out...signed it silver...looks LEGIT...check out all of my successes @ 
mattthebat44 01-21-201203-19-2012Success 571/1I guess this a success. Unfortunately, the envelope glue ruined the index card. I will try a new envelop next time, and hope for the best. 
lizard-jd 01-21-201202-09-2012Success 192/1Signed a great looking 8x10. 
dsolzman 01-20-201202-06-2012Success 171/1after signing the IC I sent the summer before, he signed a printout I sent 
RockiesFan33 01-19-201202-06-2012Success 181/1Signed my custom.
Yankeesfan81 01-12-201202-04-2012Success 231/1Signed my 4x6. Somehow the glue from the envelope got stuck to the photo and the 4x6 kinda got ruined. Still happy to get an auto from a superstar! 
joneal81 01-10-201202-06-2012Success 271/1  
snoah 01-06-201204-06-2012Success 902/1Thanks mr. Nowitzki ! 
mrveggieman 01-06-201202-06-2012Success 312/1He was kind enough to sign my 09/10 panini base card. Thanks Dirk. 
jwisham 01-04-201201-17-2012Success 131/1Awesome!~ 
Riggs 01-04-201202-06-2012Success 331/1Fantastic signer 
MSUspartans 01-04-201202-06-2012Success 331/1Hot Prospects card 
aagonzalez 12-28-201101-24-2012Success 271/1thank you Mr. Nowitzki for the quick return. 
at350zguyy 12-27-201101-17-2012Success 211/1Signed my SI. Asked for blue sharpie in a certain spot, but he signed above the spot in black. Oh well, still a good looking SI for me! 
Castor 12-24-201104-13-2012Success 1101/1Received a signed photo :) 
SportsFan2342 12-09-201102-06-2012Success 591/1signed my 4x6 perfectly with #41 inscription, sweet return thanks dirk!!!! 
SportsFan2342 12-09-201102-06-2012Success 591/1signed a 4x6 photo in blue ink, awesome return from dirk! 
badgerboys2 12-07-201102-06-2012Success 611/1signed a 2010 prestige in 61 days....TY mr nowitzki!!! 
at350zguyy 11-29-201112-24-2011Success 252/1Sent 2 SI's to be signed in blue. Returned one signed in blue and the other unsigned. WIll try again. 
Csarge8 07-13-201104-09-2012Success 2711/1Thanks Dirk! 
tonyt1957 07-12-201110-19-2011Success 991/1singed in black sharpe 
billsfan23 06-20-201107-05-2011Success 151/1GREAT SIGNER !!! 
Austin216 06-08-201106-23-2011Success 150/1Got this back fast 
juflo331 06-04-201106-27-2011Success 232/12 Cards 
Maddog11 06-01-201106-27-2011Success 261/1Sent this sometime around game 1 of the finals. Nice sig. in black from the world champ and finals m.v.p. 
Austin216 05-26-201106-18-2011Success 231/1  
Riggs 05-23-201107-05-2011Success 431/1Great return from this NBA finals M.V.P. 
RedsFanatic21 05-17-201106-27-2011Success 411/12nd success from Dirk, sweet sig in black sharpie 
Csarge8 05-17-201106-24-2011Success 381/1Thanks, weird silver pen? Very thin.. Auto not great 
RedsFanatic21 04-26-201105-14-2011Success 183/1Nice signature on card 
Philly Fan 5064 04-26-201106-10-2011Success 451/1Signed index card 
casey15 04-13-201104-25-2011Success 121/1signed 8x10. 
samsam13 04-09-201105-16-2011Success 371/1thanks sportscardforum!!!!!! 
Pistons899004 04-04-201104-23-2011Success 191/1Signed my 2006-07 Fleer Basketball Card! 
TTMauto22 04-03-201105-14-2011Success 411/1  
bcardsrock35 03-23-201109-05-2011Success 1661/1  
misraizes 03-21-201104-09-2011Success 191/1Sent Mcfarlane base and card.
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 03-19-201104-09-2011Success 211/1Signed 8x10. 
gladdyontherise 03-17-201104-09-2011Success 231/1 
gocrdnls25 03-08-201104-09-2011Success 311/1Great return! Sadly the sig didnt stick well to the card, but cool nonetheless 
Lundy2311 03-08-201103-28-2011Success 191/1Signed card
chrisborene 03-02-201103-15-2011Success 121/1sent dirk a topps rookie card, signed it in blue sharpie and added jersey #, awesome return. 
hotbox 02-26-201103-15-2011Success 161/1Nice success signed in blue sharpie! 
F5tornadomanF4 02-22-201103-15-2011Success 201/102 topps, signed perfectly in blue with number. Thanks Dirk! 
laf7uc1 02-09-201102-26-2011Success 171/1Signed 8x10. Danke Herr Nowitzki. 
kelvinml 02-07-201102-19-2011Success 121/1Received 4x6 signed in some kind of silver paint pen and it smudged completley off. Will try again 
Eddie_2 02-02-201102-18-2011Success 161/1Sent my card back signed. Amazing success...only 14 days (not counting Sunday). Thanks so much Dirk!!! 
Rudickulous 02-01-201102-19-2011Success 181/1Sent a LOR, SASE, and an Upper Deck base card. (UPDATE) Success! Signed in Black Sharpie 
tampacannon 02-01-201102-17-2011Success 161/1sent jersey card of dirk and kidd. Dirk took 16 days...Kidd took a full year! Thanks Kidd and Dirk!
soccer1072 01-22-201106-28-2011Success 1561/1Sent McFarlane 3 inch base, LOR, SASE. Came back in a damaged postal envelope. Still auto'ed. Wow! 
spy231 01-18-201102-18-2011Success 311/1Sent 1 custom 
MHTan 01-13-201102-24-2011Success 422/1Signed Custom 3R Photo. Didn't sign the trading card. 
tboculosis 01-10-201102-19-2011Success 401/1Received my trading card back signed in black sharpie. 
Biggums7 01-07-201101-28-2011Success 211/1  
RockiesFan33 12-06-201001-03-2011Success 281/1Signed my custom.
theRaineman 11-17-201012-13-2010Success 261/1unfortunatley the auto didnt come out so great because of the glossy nature of the card I sent, will send again down the road 
Riggs 11-03-201012-04-2010Success 311/1Great signer, Very pleased about this return!! 
RyanRizz715 10-18-201011-08-2010Success 211/1Returned 5x7 Signed with # Inscription! Awesome success!! 
Boozler79 10-17-201011-08-2010Success 221/1Sent LOR, 8x10, sharpie, sase. Rcvd my 8x10 signed. Sweet success!! 
jmf42397 10-14-201011-08-2010Success 251/1Signed my 09 SPX beautiffully in blue sharpie. First current NBA player to sign my cards. 
Trocat 09-26-201010-25-2010Success 291/1  
Boozler79 08-28-201010-07-2010Success 401/1Sent card and LOR. Rcvd my card signed. Great success!! 
lambeauleap87 07-26-201010-07-2010Success 731/1Signed My Card In Blue Sharpie. 
ydfthunder 05-05-201005-24-2010Success 192/1signed one, sent the other back unsigned. 
JVazz29 05-02-201005-24-2010Success 221/1Signed my custom Perfectly! Looks great! Quick Turnaround and Surprised as I sent it right when their season was ended! 
Nowitzki41Lam14 04-11-201007-06-2010Success 864/1Sent to cousin in L.A just received today as he sent to me. Im happy with 1 
stryke3_mb 04-08-201004-19-2010Success 111/1awesome! signed in blue sharpie! 
nmaher13 04-05-201004-19-2010Success 141/1sent a notecard got it back signed!! first success! 
Biggums7 03-25-201004-23-2010Success 291/1  
Twelve 03-24-201004-27-2010Success 342/1Finally got my custom signed =) 
bobsanders2120 03-06-201004-19-2010Success 431/1I sent him a card with a hand written letter. 
Indian71 02-26-201003-24-2010Success 252/1pretty fast success, inscribed "41" 
Twelve 02-15-201003-24-2010Success 363/1Received a signed card but signed the regular card not one of my customs...
blkdodge 02-01-201003-06-2010Success 331/1Signed 8x10 
nolan34ryan 01-21-201001-29-2010Success 81/1This is my 3rd time getting Dirk in the mail. Every time he has been great. Only signs one item though. Thanks Dirk! 
Biggums7 01-21-201002-08-2010Success 181/1Signed in Blue Sharpie 
MaydayMalone4MVP 01-20-201002-08-2010Success 191/1signed my 04-05 UD Hardcourt card in blue! Sweet! 
DeadHorse 01-19-201002-08-2010Success 202/2Personalized two cards...1 to me, 1 to my son. Signed one card in silver pen (dark colored card), the other in blue. Great Success! 
gysot 12-27-200901-14-2010Success 181/1Signed my 5X7 
dicekmvp 10-19-200911-04-2009Success 161/1Signed 8x10!
TrFstPtch 10-14-200911-21-2009Success 382/1signed one card in blue 
lizard-jd 04-16-200905-04-2009Success 181/11 - 8x10 custom in black sharpie. Addy used was The Pavilion, 2909 Taylor St., Dallas, TX 75226
Jschom24 04-01-200912-31-2009Success 2741/1i do not know when i got it back or sent it
Jschom24 02-01-200912-31-2009Success 3331/1i do not know when i sent it or got it back
Jschom24 01-02-200912-31-2009Success 3631/1i do not know when i got it back or sent it
nick98292 03-08-200804-04-2008Success 261/11999-00 Upper Deck Ovation
nick98292 02-04-200802-22-2008Success 181/11999-00 Upper Deck Hardcourt
Asrq 081118 Pending -1/0I hope I get the card back! 
swagttms 07-23-18 Pending -1/0Sent a jersey 
hdsports 04/02/1804-28-2018Success 261/1Sent LOR, 8x10, SASE. Signed in black Sharpie 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 6
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 3
Added by:norcaljosh   Added on: 04-07-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
pokemonclub 05-22-2020 Pending -1/0  
MR OOF 07-29-2019 Failure -1/0  
MR OOF 07-29-2019 Failure -1/0accidentaly submited 3 
MR OOF 07-29-2019 Failure -1/0accidentaly submitted 3 
BurkerKing 06-26-2019 Pending -8/0Sent 8 different Mavericks cards. Insisted he keep some. 
mrfloridadude1 08-05-201110-17-2011Pending 731/0I hate being that one person who tries the address no one has ever used and then ends up never getting anything back! 
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Address success percentage: 80%    
Total number of submission on this address: 8
# of Success: 4  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 3
Added by:bullfan23   Added on: 06-09-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
davedorito 08-20-202010-02-2020Failure 431/1card returned unsigned 
aeich11 08-10-202009-02-2020Success 232/1try #4... slightly different address though
pokemonclub 05-22-2020 Pending -1/0  
allie0207 09-24-2019 Pending -1/01 jersey, $40 cash for donation, asked for personalization and sign in silver sharpie, couldn't prepay for shipping so added another $40 for shipping 
allie0207 09-20-2019 Pending -1/01 TC sent to the foundation with $5 cash 
BurkerKing 09-06-201912-13-2019Success 983/2Returned 1 unsigned. Signed a Fleer & a Prizm card. Thx again Dirk!
SammyD619 03-03-201404-12-2014Success 391/1  
mrdavidjb 02-11-200802-22-2008Success 111/1Autographed 1 basketball card
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Instruction:His management address in germany.
Added by:urgal   Added on: 07-28-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
urgal 05-24-201206-19-2012Success 263/3Sent two 8x10s and a book cover. Received all 3 items back signed with a black sharpie. Great success! 


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