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Ed Hochuli Addresses Report   Sport: Football

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 99%    
Total number of submission on this address: 230
# of Success: 223  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 4
Added by:indyreds   Added on: 06-07-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
penny50 05-11-202105-17-2021Success 60/1Sent email. Received signed photo. Thank you Mr Hochuli 
sebas8sebas 03-19-202103-24-2021Success 50/1sent email, got a signed photo. 
Rheubish 03-09-202103-18-2021Success 81/1via email. He responded to my email and sent an autograph photo. Thanks
Hassen1997 02-13-202102-13-2021Success 00/1I sent an email asking him if I could send him a baseball to sign with inscription. He sent an email back the same day saying yes he can do it. 
JPSD16 12-11-202012-14-2020Success 30/1Email autograph request, sent back a signed 5x7 photo of him as a NFL referee 
locly 12-10-202012-28-2020Success 180/1Signed and wrote this for me “yes there are penalties in the pro bowl” 
ddisbrow29 12-03-202012-11-2020Success 80/1Requested for signed photo and/or signed business card; received 1 signed 5x7 photo in black sharpie 
EHath2 11-24-202012-04-2020Success 100/1Sent email and received signed photo that got totally destroyed in the mail 
Doogs1972 11-07-202011-14-2020Success 71/1Sent email and he even responded back to me said it would take a couple weeks received 6x9 picture in a week 
owenfischerr 11-06-202011-10-2020Success 40/1Sent email received signed photo. Instagram@ttm_kingdom23 
Tdogsports 10-29-202011-06-2020Success 81/1Sent email with request for an autograph. Received 11-06-2020, with a beautiful Signature. Thank you Mr. Hochuli. 
kevinbobson 10-06-202010-15-2020Success 90/1Received personalized photo 
chocomilkyway 09-29-2020 Pending -1/0Sent email requesting signed photo 
Treyballautograph 08-14-202008-20-2020Success 61/0sent an email requesting an autograph and told him abt what the game means to me. He respond with a long response and sent a 5x7 photo signed in black 
Finishthefight 06-22-202006-29-2020Success 70/1I asked for them to write Jesus Loves you on the card, he did providing one of my favorite TTM moments 
Plssignmycards 06-20-202011-06-2020Success 1390/1Emailed today. Replied within minutes. Said it might take 2-3 weeks. We’ll see what happens. 
TheCajunCollected 06-02-202006-16-2020Success 140/22 signed photos 
viper45 05-26-202006-08-2020Success 130/11 signed business card, as requested 
hunteroakley 05-21-2020 Pending -0/0Sent an email requesting a signed photo and business card 
MadCityCards 05-03-202005-11-2020Success 80/2Emailed requesting signed photo and business card and received them both 
Bimmerboy137 04-07-202004-24-2020Success 170/1Sent e-mail requesting picture as a surprise for my son. Pleasant e-mail communications, and he sent a personalized pic. Thank you so much Mr. Hochuli! 
aidanwillis416 03-30-2020 Pending -1/0sent an email and he replied the next day. HE said he wouldn't be able to send the autograph for a few weeks... probably because of what's happening around the world right now 
Piester 03-29-202006-08-2020Success 710/1  
PhilZee93 03-28-202006-19-2020Success 830/1Sent an email requesting a photo, got back the next day saying it will be coming, but in a few weeks time. Arrived today, email correspondence was a lovely conversation!
TheSportsFanCards 03-09-202003-20-2020Success 110/1Sent email. Ed replied within a few hours with a very nice email. Personalized 5x7 for my daughter. 
StarrsCards 03-07-202003-28-2020Success 200/1Received a email back on 3/18. Got a 4x6 photo with “Ian- All my best!” and “85” inscriptions
NickBosa97 02-27-202003-02-2020Success 41/2Sent Email. Got one for me and my brother. 
dterry12 02-19-202003-07-2020Success 170/1Received a nice email back and signed photo! Really nice guy! 
JakeUmp 01-29-202002-10-2020Success 121/0Sent email, got prompt response. Nice guy! 
SyxxSynse 01-13-202001-16-2020Success 30/1email sent 
Sportsjunkie24 01-09-202001-13-2020Success 41/1Sent Email responded 3 hrs later. Also asked for signed business card.
BsCards03 01-08-202001-13-2020Success 50/1sent email request, received signed photo, thanks Mr. Hochuli!! 
Comikaze 12-23-201901-04-2020Success 120/1Email request. Rec signed photo
NickBrischke 10-21-201910-25-2019Success 40/1  
steagald85 09-29-201910-03-2019Success 40/1  
farmgirl14229 09-27-201909-30-2019Success 30/2emailed 
Stebbins25 09-26-201910-05-2019Success 90/2Requested An Autograph 
wongcastle 09-22-201909-26-2019Success 40/1received signed color 5.5x8.5
Birdog2405 09-19-201909-21-2019Success 21/1Super Fast Very Nice 
mrtrhl13 09-11-201909-18-2019Success 70/1Email sent requesting autograph. Got one signed photo! Success
MarcusJohnson 09-09-201909-12-2019Success 30/1Really quick signed 8x10 through email request 
kholmes 08-26-201909-16-2019Success 210/1sent email but he did not respond with an email; received a 5x7 in about 3 weeks with a neat inscription after I had mentioned that I was also an attorney: "lawyers and referees, seeking justice" 
BurkerKing 08-02-201908-26-2019Success 240/2Sent email and he responded within 12 hours. Signed 2 photos for each of my sons! Thanks Mr. Hochuli!
kandiclipper 06-18-201906-21-2019Success 30/1e-mail sent. Replied to e-mail and sent a nice 5x7 signed photo! 
TheGunshow 06-12-201906-17-2019Success 50/1Thanks Mr. Hochuli 
Aaron174386 06-03-201906-17-2019Success 140/1Received a signed photo! Thanks Mr. Hochuli! 
Moxieh 05-08-201905-31-2019Success 230/2Wrote an email request to Mr. Hochuli. He sent two personalized pictures signed back with my daughter and my favorite players in the photos with him. A true nice guy. 
Jmwallace14 05-07-201905-13-2019Success 61/1Sent email telling him about my 1st memories watching him when I was 12, he shared an awesome story about Tom Brady on the field at the CAR/NE superbowl from when I first remember seeing Ed, we corresponded for 4 days and I received an autographed 4x6. 
BoltBoy2113 04-14-201904-18-2019Success 40/1Sent email request for an autograph. Got a response later that day saying that he’d be happy to send me an autographed picture. Received signed 5x7 picture 4 days later. Great guy and nicely signed picture inscribed to me personally. Thanks Mr. Hochuli! 
Gatorfan526 04-04-201904-08-2019Success 41/1emailed asking for an autograph, and a couple questions. - responded back saying he will send me an autograph, and thoughtfully answered my questions! - recieved a signed 4x6 picture, thank you!
primetime27 01-18-201901-28-2019Success 100/1received response this will be sent. 01 28 19 Received signed picture. 
JMac25 11-27-201812-04-2018Success 70/1Sent email request. Received signed photo. 
NYYanks2018 11-21-201811-26-2018Success 50/1  
sd1732 11-19-201811-26-2018Success 70/1Signed photo 
RIFF RAFF 77 11-19-201811-28-2018Success 90/1Sent email request. Sent signed business card 
BBonds25 11-17-201811-23-2018Success 61/1email request. received signed photo. Thanks Ed! 
Smafigus 11-13-201811-17-2018Success 41/1Sent email recieved signed photo 
StarlightCollects 11-07-201811-15-2018Success 80/1Sent E-mail, Reciever signed Photo! 
muttittcgm120805 10-24-201810-29-2018Success 50/1Sent a cool picture of him refereeing a game and signed in black sharpie 
fwtincaps70 10-01-201810-22-2018Success 210/1received a signed photo 
benwalk1 09-28-201810-01-2018Success 31/1Email Sent requesting a photo. Quick delivery. 
ChefCharley 09-15-201809-20-2018Success 50/1Sent email and he sent a short email back answering questions. Got signed and personalized picture a few days later. What a great guy! 
Vick1jj 09-15-201809-20-2018Success 50/1Sent an email. He responded with a short email and I received a photo a few days later. Very impressed. Thanks a bunch! 
xavier045 09-07-201809-14-2018Success 70/1send email. Received an email saying he would be happy too. Received signed picture. 
tous2 07-02-201807-10-2018Success 80/1EMail request, very quickly replied to email and sent signed pic, Awesome addition. Thanks! 
ChiefFan 06-30-201807-07-2018Success 70/1sent email. received signed photo. 
steelerfan23 06-19-201806-22-2018Success 30/1Sent email request. Received email response and signed photo. 
Vikesfan22 06-15-201806-19-2018Success 40/1  
Panthermatt 06-12-201806-25-2018Success 130/1Sent email. Received signed photo. Thanks Mr. Hochuli! 
tc123 06-09-201806-14-2018Success 50/1  
diegoqr35 05-09-201805-14-2018Success 50/1Second request I've done for him, sent him an email. Requested personalized and Super Bowl inscription, sent me a 4x6 with both requests. Thanks a lot Mr. Hochuli! 
WhiteSoxFan13 04-02-201804-06-2018Success 40/1Sent email, received 5x7 signed in black, nice guy. 
DC4L 03-24-201803-29-2018Success 50/1Sent email asking for an autograph, received photo autograph back. 
aqscards 03-12-201803-19-2018Success 70/1had a nice exchange with him via email over three days. Gave me some tips for the gym. Great guy. 
TripleTTyler50 03-06-201803-12-2018Success 50/1Sent email requesting Autographed photo, received 5x7 photo signed in black sharpie 
Jjefkins6 03-02-201804-03-2018Success 310/1Email request for autograph. Responded to e-mail and sent signed pic. 
PorkCards67 02-01-201802-03-2018Success 20/1  
LSwens 01-10-201801-19-2018Success 90/1Sent email... Recived signed 8X10 in the mail. Thanks Mr. Hochuli! 
bickel84 12-31-201701-04-2018Success 40/1Sent email request....Received a nice email response back. Also received a sign photo in the mail. 
adamd 12-28-201701-17-2018Success 200/1Received a signed personalized picture from Ed Hochuli. Thanks so much 
justindi 12-28-201701-17-2018Success 200/1Sent an email, he responded saying he'd be happy to send a signed photo | Just got it today, it turned out great! 
Aher05 12-12-201712-18-2017Success 60/32x inscribed photos & 1x inscribed business card 
diegoqr35 12-11-201712-18-2017Success 70/2Sent an email request, he gladly responded and asked him for personalized picture, added an inscription of Super Bowls XXXII+XXXVIII. Thank you very Mr. Hochuli! 
cec711cec 12-08-201712-20-2017Success 120/1got nice signed photo 
jasonlieberth 12-03-201712-11-2017Success 80/1im an official, sent note and request 
yankeesfan 12-03-2017 Pending -0/0  
TripleTTyler50 09-29-201710-02-2017Success 30/1Sent email requesting Autographed photo received 5x7 photo signed in black sharpie 
ClevelandSports 06-17-201706-24-2017Success 70/1Sent date is the date I sent the email. 5x7 Photo signed nicely in black! 7 days! 
ttmsandmore 06-13-201706-16-2017Success 30/1Sent a signed picture. Thanks Mr. Hochuli! To see All of my ttm successes Follow me on Instagram @ttmsandmore. 
schmeig 06-09-201706-22-2017Success 130/2Emailed and Mr. Hochuli answered w/in 15 min. Asked for a signed pic for a friend's birthday. Had a short back and forth. He asked my favorite team and sent 2 autographed pics. Asked for 1 and he sent one for myself as well. I gave the wrong zip. 
CircletheWagons96 05-23-201706-03-2017Success 110/1Signed business card! 
Trimleader 05-20-201706-03-2017Success 140/2Received 2- 5x7s one for me and one for my dad! Thanks Mr. Hochuli ! 
dylan101727 02-23-201702-27-2017Success 40/1sent an email and recieved 1 signed photo 
johnsautographs45 02-17-201702-27-2017Success 100/3Received autographed 5x7 photograph from email request in 10 days 
Ryanmillerfan30 02-15-201702-22-2017Success 70/1  
MikeyNH 01-29-201702-02-2017Success 40/1Sent email, had a very short conversation with him, seems like a very cool genuine guy. Said he would put an autographed pic in the mail for me, now we wait! UPDATE: Just received my signed photo! 4 days, fastest I've ever gotten! 
antmazzuca8 01-29-201702-04-2017Success 60/1What a great dude, he emailed me back in an hour and said "how about a pic of me and Ray Lewis together on the field" received signed pic personalized to me in 6 days! Thanks Ed 
skinsfan832 01-20-201701-23-2017Success 30/1Sent him an email and he responded right away. One signed 5x7 that came right away, thank you Mr. Hochuli! 
Fastball627 01-18-201701-23-2017Success 50/1  
Wmdeitrick 01-05-201701-17-2017Success 120/1Mr. Hochuli is FANTASTIC, sent email, responded with genuine response, gladly sent signed 5x7 inscribed photo 
BASEBALLCOLECTOR 12-11-201612-17-2016Success 60/1Sent again and gladly sent me another a very nice man 
BASEBALLCOLECTOR 12-03-201612-08-2016Success 50/1Sent email received one signed photo that was accidentally ripped opening the package so I'm going to send another request soon. 
Jkorr42084 11-20-201611-27-2016Success 70/2emailed him aasking for a signed business card. He responded quickly and sent a signed business card, and autographed photo 
Bacon 10-13-201610-18-2016Success 50/1Sent me a signed photo in black! Thank Yo Mr.Hochuli 
zooiiks 10-04-201611-26-2016Success 530/1Signed 5x7! Sent email 
Hornet18 10-01-201610-07-2016Success 60/1Super nice guy who sent a signed business card. Thanks, Mr. Hochuli! 
Atlantaman 09-09-201609-27-2016Success 180/1Sent email and responded answered my questions and sent signed photo. What a cool guy! 
Rusty98 09-08-201609-16-2016Success 80/2Sent email he responded next day. Sent 2 pics, 1 forms and 1 to give a friend as a gift. Very nice and great photos! 
buddyg13 08-20-201608-25-2016Success 50/1Thank you Ed. Great photo signed real quick 
Bmallory410 08-09-201608-11-2016Success 20/1Sent an email, received a nice personalized 5x7 in just a few days. 
STLCardinals66 08-08-201608-12-2016Success 40/1Sent email. Got back to me in a day. Got a signed picture. 
Saintsfan9 08-04-201608-06-2016Success 20/1Sent Email Request. Emailed me back quickly saying he would be happy to send me an autographed picture and he also responded to the questions I asked him. Received signed picture just 2 days later 
dvsantan 07-29-201608-04-2016Success 60/1Recieved signed photo!
MikeStadlman 07-25-201607-27-2016Success 20/1Emailed me back 2 minutes later saying it would be his pleasure to send me an autographed picture. Got it 2 days afterwards, Definitely would recommend if you are just itching to get a TTM! 
Coolhandkip 07-13-201607-26-2016Success 130/1Sent email answered some questions says he liked baseball Diamondbacks sent nice signed picture Good guy! 
Donhutson 07-08-201607-14-2016Success 60/1Responded to my email within 2 days. Got signed photo within 2 shipping days. Also answered my questions in the email 
bigbenjobu 06-20-201606-22-2016Success 20/1Sent an e-mail and received a signed photo
JeffFMcCormack 06-17-201606-24-2016Success 70/1I sent an email request. I received an email saying that he would send an autographed photo. A few days later, I received an autographed 4x6 picture. Only 7 days! Thank you so much, Mr. Hochuli!
Philly4Life 06-16-201606-22-2016Success 60/1Sent an email asking for his autograph and got the same signed pic everyone else is getting. Good success! 
jwpthecollector 06-14-201606-16-2016Success 20/1Received autograph in a personal record 2 DAYS!!!! Thanks Mr. Hochuli! 
elite-alexander 06-01-201606-08-2016Success 70/1Sent email, received autographed photo 
NYYanks2016 03-23-201604-09-2016Success 170/1Sent him an email and then he emailed me back saying he'd sign a photo for me. Received a nice 5x7 photo of him signed in silver sharpie. Thank you Mr. Hochuli! 
EKritzell 12-21-201512-29-2015Success 80/1sent an email. Got an email back the next day saying he'd send one. Got a photo today in the mail signed in black.
flutie13 12-15-201512-19-2015Success 40/1Got a nice signed 5x7, but post office punched a hole through it. Had several nice chats via email with Ed. 
masonmack56 12-07-201512-11-2015Success 40/1Sent an email and got a response the next day saying he would send one. Got a signed picture today. 
eaglesrock55 11-19-201511-23-2015Success 40/1  
CelciusII 11-07-201511-12-2015Success 50/1Sent email, He emailed me back quickly and I received a nice signed photo in the mail 
htam0403 11-07-201511-13-2015Success 60/1Sent email. Received signed photo. Thanks Mr. Hochuli! 
Sjw3315 11-04-201511-11-2015Success 70/1Forgot the date i recieved 
BoSoxFan4235 10-31-201511-07-2015Success 70/2Sent an E-mail, lightning fast response! Received 2 photos signed. One personalized to me, and one to my brother. Came in a very protective envelope. Thanks a lot Mr. Hochuli 
oscarveli 10-24-201510-28-2015Success 40/2Sent an email and he responded within a few hours. He actually read it all and said he would be happy to send my brother and I autographed pictures. Four days later I received two 5.5x8.5 autographed photos. He is truly a great guy. 
bigscoop13 10-21-201510-28-2015Success 70/1Sent an email and got back an autographed 5.5 X 8.5 picture 
guodrenniks 09-14-201509-24-2015Success 100/1Following a very nice email exchange; Mr. Hochuli sent a personalized 5x7 color photo. Thank you!! 
Hobey21 09-04-201509-08-2015Success 40/1Sent me a signed color 5x7! Great success from the best referee in the league! Thank you Mr. Hochuli! 4 Days! 
mazefan72 07-30-201508-04-2015Success 50/1Email success, signed a 5X7 photo..TY 
kdthird3 07-08-201507-13-2015Success 50/1  
goodfellas2015 06-04-201506-12-2015Success 80/1Very quick email succes. 5x7 photo signed; quick personal email response. Thanks Mr. Hochuli 
BayAreaJavy 03-22-201504-04-2015Success 130/1received a nice autographed photo. quick return! 
Ebys23 02-18-201502-23-2015Success 50/1nice signed 5x7 thanks mr. Hochuli 
PackerCollector 02-18-201503-04-2015Success 140/1Requested photo. Signed photo 
chitownautos 02-05-201502-12-2015Success 70/15.5x8.5 Autographed Photo...7 Days 
Nlach 01-31-201502-05-2015Success 50/1email sent....responded to email, awaiting signed photo...beautifully signed photo from a great man 
t23lee 01-27-201501-31-2015Success 40/1Responded to my email very quick, sent a 5x7. Thanks mr. Hochuli! 
lc82memorabilia 01-22-201501-23-2015Success 10/1Sent Mr Hochuli an email-received response the next morning. Autograph photo in the mail-standup guy! 
thegoat2531 01-16-201501-21-2015Success 50/2Got two signed photos from Mr. Hochuli! Both personalized! Very nice guy, responded within 20 minutes, very quick turnaround! 
broncosfan13 01-05-201501-12-2015Success 70/2Signed 2 photos for me and one for me Bro and he even helped me on a school project by answering some questions! awesome success Thanks ED!!! 
night6 12-20-201412-27-2014Success 70/1He sent a autographed photo. 
Calebssportscards 10-07-201410-14-2014Success 70/1thanks Mr. Hochuli 
primetime27 09-26-201411-25-2015Success 4250/111 17 15 Sent another request. Received reponse signed picture will be sent. 11 25 15 Received signed picture. 
wngrtr2005 09-15-201409-20-2014Success 50/1Great pic and signature, very fast shipping 
Matthew0817 08-04-201408-08-2014Success 40/1Sent a 4x6 or 5x7 signed 
torrebroncos14 08-03-201408-13-2014Success 100/1sent requet/ signed and personalized! awesome guy 
mrhawkcheese 07-31-201408-04-2014Success 40/1very nice guy 
Soeren2811 07-09-201407-10-2014Failure 10/0sent email, received answer with attached scaned autographed picture, says he doesn't do TTM overseas, offered I could sent SASE to get an authentic autograph. 
TTMFTW 05-24-201405-29-2014Success 50/1Awesome Person Super Nice and recieved a awesome 4x6. Thanks Ed 
ucf52baylor42 05-20-201405-23-2014Success 30/1Sent Email Request- Lightning fast turnaround-Great guy (even responded demonstrating that he actually read the email) 
flintman10 04-20-201404-24-2014Success 40/1Sent an a email o Easter and it took 4 dyas and i got it back! TY so much! 
jaredadam1978 04-10-201404-19-2014Success 90/14x6. nice fast return. 
TheNickster17 03-24-201404-19-2014Success 260/1Sent Request...| Recieved Signed/Personalized Photo. 
sportsgrapher 01-19-201401-27-2014Success 81/1received a 5x7. Cool item. 
garykim10 01-15-201401-21-2014Success 60/1Sent an email and received a response from him saying he would be glad to send me a pic and then I got a awesome 5x7 in the mail 
Cmoney66 01-14-201402-07-2014Success 240/1  
teetime354 01-14-201401-18-2014Success 40/3Sent an email requesting a signed photo. Ed responded within an hour saying he'd send me something in the mail. Received a signed yellow replica penalty flag and two signed photos. All in black sharpie. 
Robextend 01-14-201401-18-2014Success 40/1Sent email requesting autographed pic/Autographed Pic received! Thank you Mr. Hochuli. 
handifan2010 01-08-201401-13-2014Success 50/1Sent an email and got an autographed picture of Ed Hochuli
freezeover98 10-11-201301-16-2015Failure 4620/0write off 
BearsTTM 09-25-201309-28-2013Success 30/1Nice Picture! Ed sent me an email telling me that he would send it out. Very Nice GUy 
torrebroncos14 09-14-201309-21-2013Success 70/1sent email/ recieved 5x7 signed in black! 
Rgreen0625 09-05-201309-09-2013Success 40/1Sent email request; received email confirming photo being sent a few hours later; quick return, Thanks Ed! 
cubbies4ever 08-31-201309-09-2013Success 90/1Sent email request - Received Signed Photo!!!, Black Ink, 9 Days
bnhkb1 08-27-201308-30-2013Success 30/1Signed 5x7 return in bubble mailer 
primetime27 08-25-201309-04-2013Success 100/108/27/13 Received answer he will be sending this. 09/04/13 Received signed 8.5 x 5.5 color picture. 
CO Rockies Fan 08-19-201308-23-2013Success 40/1Sent email hope I get something back!// Got back signed picture! 
Ryanmillerfan30 05-11-201305-16-2013Success 50/1Awesome return! Took 5 days! Great addition to my collection 
w8lifter28 04-09-201305-01-2013Success 220/1Personalized and signed a picture
lh4augie 03-12-201304-09-2013Success 280/1Sent email. He responded right away that he would send a photo. Got a nice color photo today! 
dsolzman 02-03-201302-15-2013Success 120/1sent email and received 5x7 signed. 
sensfan2010 01-21-201302-21-2013Success 310/1  
primetime27 01-11-201301-28-2013Success 170/101/11/13 Answered same day he will be sending this. 01/28/13 Received signed color 5.5' x 8.5' picture. 
Huntman84 08-26-201210-01-2012Success 360/1Nice autographed photo. Seems like a great guy. 
worldseries94 08-18-201208-30-2012Success 120/1  
treywilson757 08-09-201211-12-2012Success 950/1  
homagegnu4 08-07-201208-10-2012Success 30/1Great success and FAST 
3shooter15 08-02-201208-09-2012Success 70/1Signed 5x7 in black with bubble mailer 
antoine38 08-02-201208-06-2012Success 40/1Signed 5x7 Photo , very cool
biggsy2323 07-18-201208-06-2012Success 190/1Signed 5x7!! 
brsatmary 07-04-201207-16-2012Success 121/1Sent signed photo 
#1BRONCSFAN 07-02-201207-16-2012Success 140/1Got a signed 5x7 photo in 14 days 
Dgrant2064 05-24-201206-01-2012Success 80/1Sent an autographed 8 X 10...Thanks Mr. Hochuli 
primetime27 05-21-201206-06-2012Success 160/1Answered my email 2 days latter. Says will sent in a few weeks because out of town. 06/06/12 Signed 5 x 7 received with inscription I asked him to put of one of his famous quotes. 
CubsFan38 05-06-201205-10-2012Success 40/1Sent e-mail 5 minutes ago. Already a response saying he is gonna send a picture! Got a different picture than the ones pictured here. Not sure why... 
bigsportsfan1 03-13-201203-23-2012Success 100/1Sent an autographed 5x7 picture, thanks Ed! 
mike0923 02-25-201203-13-2012Success 160/1Sent Email and recieved Signed Photo! 
jbh0629 02-16-201203-12-2012Success 240/1Got a very nice response email the next day and then got a signed pic in the mail later 
jacezzy1272 12-12-201101-21-2012Success 400/1the sent is an estimation i sent it arround the hollidays so it took a little longer 
bcommerce 12-08-201112-15-2011Success 70/1Signed Color Photo 5 x 7 Photo of him calling a timeout. Different than most posted 
boldinandroberts 08-23-201108-27-2011Success 40/1Exchanged a few emails and received an autos picture a few days later. 
grahamgill31450 08-17-201109-18-2011Success 320/1Got nice e-mail back - Shipping took a little longer to Canada 
1234567ss 07-08-201107-14-2011Success 60/1  
AutographKing5 07-07-201107-09-2011Success 20/1Awesome picture, and SUPER QUICK return thanks! 
Eddie_2 03-08-201103-18-2011Success 90/1Sent e-mail March 8th...personally replied in about three hours and talked a little and told me he would be sending out an auto. Came today...3/18, very nice color photo. Thanks Mr. Hochuli!! 
harley2001 03-02-201103-07-2011Success 50/1Nice color photo of Mr. Hochuli 
stlcardinalsfan 02-14-201102-22-2011Success 80/1sent email, he responded personally got 5x7 in the mail 
BrewCrew06 02-13-201102-22-2011Success 90/1Received 2nd auto, great guy, a must for football fans. 
bebecerveza 02-01-201102-07-2011Success 60/1Great guy & great response, got nice little color 5X7 showing off the guns!
nubiggestfan70 10-17-201010-22-2010Success 50/1Received back very nice signed picture in black sharpie signed by Ed! Great Success! 
Johntheguy100 10-01-201010-04-2010Success 30/1good guy sent 5 by 7 signed replied same day with an email 
cyberer 09-22-201010-01-2010Success 90/1Sent an email, heard back immediately from Ed Hochuli himself. We shot a few emails back and forth. Seems like a genuine, approachable guy. Auto came about a week later personalized! 
wongcastle 09-20-201009-22-2010Success 20/1received signed color 5x7
RyanRizz715 09-18-201009-22-2010Success 40/1Replied to my e-mail with a very nice response. Received signed photo a few days later! Class act. 
PONCHO 09-15-201009-18-2010Success 30/1E-mailed Mr. Hochuli ,he responed the same day and I received 5x7 in 3-days. Class act. 
wongcastle 09-14-201009-18-2010Success 40/1received signed color 5x7
blkdodge 09-11-201009-15-2010Success 40/1Signed 5x7 
CamaroDMD 09-07-201009-14-2010Success 70/1Sent email requesting autograph, received very nice email response next day saying he would send autographed photo!, Received 5x7 signed photo
bryceman95 07-27-201007-30-2010Success 30/1Nice Guy! Responded to my email. 5x7 in 3 days. Awesome success 
jmf42397 07-27-201007-31-2010Success 40/1Replied back to email sent signed 5 by 7. Great guy! 
theRaineman 06-15-201008-19-2011Failure 4300/0not sure why? 
BlueJaysRock 06-11-201006-30-2010Success 190/1Sent Email Replied and Sent Autograph 5x7 
gocubsgo21 06-07-201006-10-2010Success 30/1Great guy. Great signer. He even emailed me back. 3 day turnaround! Signature in silver thin sharpie. 
coltsfan6418 05-28-201006-01-2010Success 40/1Sent Email and got a responce both on 5/28/10. Recieved a 5x7 auto on 6/1/10. Real Class Act! 
UTVOLKJ 05-17-201005-21-2010Success 40/1Responded to email and answered questions. Really great guy. 
skinsfan0521 05-04-201005-07-2010Success 30/1Sent email and received 5x7 Authentic Auto. Also responded to comments in email. Very nice guy. 
coltsfan 02-25-201003-13-2010Success 160/15x7 pic signed silver sharpie for my son. 
coltsfan 02-20-201003-11-2010Success 190/15x7 signed and personalized in silver sharpie 
xDallasDynastyx 11-18-200912-12-2009Success 240/1Personalized 5x7 
mastervin636 09-19-200909-25-2009Success 60/1Send an autographed photo within 6 days of sending email,great guy! 
moo5100 07-02-200907-10-2009Success 80/1Recieved personalized 5x7 in 8 days 
bigsean009 07-01-200907-09-2009Success 80/2sent me 2. for no reason 
BostonSucks7 06-24-200906-27-2009Success 30/1Received email within hours! Received 5x7 in 3 days! 
indyreds 05-17-200906-05-2009Success 190/1auto 4x6 photo
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Address success percentage: 86%    
Total number of submission on this address: 7
# of Success: 6  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 0
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 03-19-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
bcommerce 06-27-2020 Failure -1/0Sent SI Magazine!! RTS 
LARams 01-30-201802-27-2018Success 282/21/1 signed. To see my other successes, check out 
BLawson87 12-12-201401-03-2015Success 221/1Sent 1 photo; returned signed and personalized 
Coltron57 02-19-201403-03-2014Success 122/22 4x6 photos. Signed on in silver and one in black, inscribed "Hochules" as requested. 
ITStheCHAD13 02-02-201403-14-2014Success 392/2Signed 2 4x6 photos 
lizard-jd 09-03-201209-13-2013Success 3753/3Signed 2 CICs, my SI cover (10-9-2012) & wrote a nice TY on my LOR. Very fan friendly. 
RockiesFan33 03-03-201103-19-2011Success 151/1Signed my custom.
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 2  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:TripleTTyler50   Added on: 01-12-2021
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
TripleTTyler50 12-10-202001-12-2021Success 331/1Sent 1 NFL Shield Logo Mini Helmet, received helmet back signed in blue sharpie and inscribed “Ref SB XXXII & XXXVIII” and sent a nice note
TripleTTyler50 12-10-202012-30-2020Success 202/3Sent 2 8x10 Photos, received both photos back signed in black sharpie and sent an extra 5x7 photo with Tom Brady signed in blue sharpie and answered my questions and my question about Tom Brady


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