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Thread: Why do you collect?

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    Why do you collect?

    I'm curious to hear why everyone collects sports cards. In a way, it's kind of silly to buy pieces of cardboard with pictures of guys we probably will never meet. But do you buy for fun? Investment? Habit? Addiction?

    Personally, I buy so I can pass on and share a little football (which I love) and history to my sons/daughters if I ever have any. Typically, I only buy Packers team sets and the cheaper rookie cards.

    I've fallen into the trap of trying to get the higher valued cards and inserts and such, but I'm getting back to my goals, which is to have cards of the most different players from each year so I can show my kids the teams I rooted for.

    So, why do you collect?

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    My dad collected cards while I was growing up so he got me interested. I remember him always coming home and opening like 25 packs of Upper Deck Hockey. It was just fun spending quality time with him doing something we both loved to do. I just like the thrill of getting a pack and trying to get that card that you've been trying so hard to get.

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    yeah my cousin was into cards and he gave me like half of his collection and ever since i have been into not really into them to make money so i guess its for fun...

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    Good question!! :)

    I collect mostly because I love sports so much, and I started collecting back when I opened my first pack in 1973 :D

    I stopped for awhile when I got older, but got back in at the ripe old age of 23 (back in 1987). I walked past a Card peaked my interest, I went in, and the rest is history!! LOL

    I love Football and that is my top priority, then baseball, then basketball (cards as well as the sport itself in that order)

    I don't collect for investment....IMO someone that does is not a collector...they are in investor, and worlds apart as far as the hobby is concerned. I have no kids to "collect" for, I collect for myself. It's really cool my g/f and our roomate collects, so we always have people to talk about cards, sports, etc with here!!

    I think I would be bored to tears if I didn't have SOMETHING to collect!! lol :p I also collect NY Giants memorabilia....I wish there was a way I could show you all a pic of my "Shrine" LOL....Tim would appreciate it!!

    I also collect "I Love Lucy" and Lucille Ball memorabilia, books, anything old really of anything to do with I Love Lucy.

    Collecting is all about the enjoyment of owning something cool. The cards I collect are autographs now exclusively. I am very happy with my collection!! :D

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    I collect for all the reasons you listed.
    If I had never gotten into cards, I would rollin' in the dough.
    When I first started collecting I did't really understand how it worked and just bought cards for the sake of buying cards.
    Now I fancy myself somewhat of an expert.

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    I collect just for the sake of collecting,it's fun to experience the thrill of pulling a game used,autograph,stuff like that.Plus it keeps me busy since I don't have a job yet,lol.I mean hey...if a card you have is worth a ton of money,that's great,but let's think logically...are you ever going to GET that amount of money for it? NO.It's not worth collecting just for the money.I probably don't have a darn thing worth over $20,LoL but I'm cool with that because I like the cards.About the only other thing that I collect is my wrestling memorabilia,and I wouldn't give that away for all the money in the world,lol.

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    Well back when I was a kid we appreciated things, and packs were a .10!! After walking up Hill (to and from) school we would all get together and trade, there was only 1 set, topps, that's all but, there were cards that were tough pulls "75 Boog Powell"

    Anyway my moms threw them all away(nicely packed shoe boxes of all sports from (66-79)!!So I think I collect out of SPITE!!And human nature to have / get what you don't have, and my "passion for sports"(this is the real reason)
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    I collect baseball and football cards and autographs only now. I use to collect for investment purposes. But now I collect for the pure fun of it. I don't collect the higher price cards. I collect only SF giants and 49ers cards mainly from Ebay. When I go to card shows, I might buy other cards if the price is right. :)

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    I collect partly b/c it's fun to collect cards of players I like and follow (have lots of Magic Johnson and James Worthy and Lakers cards from the 1908s)

    and partly as investment.

    But, if you do think of it as investment, your best bet is to buy up vintage cards, or else to go auctions in person and buy large bulks of boxes of cards

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    I collect for the fun of it and it gives me something to do!

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