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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    Question How did you Find SCF ?

    The SCF team would like to know how you found SCF.
    This will give SCF a better idea on where we get our
    members and how to promote SCF in the future.

    1) Did a SCF member refer you here?
    2) Did you find us through a search engine (google, yahoo, etc.)?
    3) Did you hear somebody from youtube mentioning SCF?
    4) Did members from other trading sites refer you here?
    5) Did you hear about SCF from somebody/somewhere else?


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    I saw this site mentioned on another trading site.

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    searching for allen and ginter cards, found the post about the JFK DNA relic.

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    I was referred to this site by SanJoseFuji. He and I are both members on another forum. I looked up Fuji's site and we worked out a trade. He recommended I check out SCF and here I am.

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    I actually found out about Sports Card Forum by looking around for single cards on a bunch of websites. One of them had an image link to here, and I immediately signed up!

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    I found the site today by doing a google search for "sports card forum" i was looking for a place to sell and trade some cards, talk to guys about cards and share the hobby. looks like i found the perfect spot

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    I found the site as someone on the bench linked to their tradelist on here.

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    I am an sports illustrator. found out though one of my client

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