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Thread: Big Ticket's IP Graphing

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    Had some free time this evening so got some scans up from the Cards/Pats:

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    Tony La Russa Book Signing

    Made the drive to CT for Tony La Russa's book signing of his recent book One Last Strike, they said it was up to Tony on whether or not outside items would be permitted. I never really liked him in terms of his personality but always respected him as a manager, so it was nice to see him in a different light, and more loose and friendly. Was a bigger turnout than I expected as it was in a small mom and pop bookstore in what seemed like a small town. The book is FS if anyone is interested pm me.

    Tony La Russa 3/3: book + 2 SS ROMLBs..turned down inscriptions.

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    Denver Broncos Hotel

    With bad weather in Colorado over the weekend Denver came in unexpectedly earlier than thought and at a very tough hotel. Didn't even spend much time there to be honest as security snuffed all the graphers out pretty quick and didn't get a good crack at the a lot of the team. Elway traveled with team but ignored us, however I was very pleased as I did get the other legendary QB. He took care of the few of us there and was a class act. Didn't even bother going back the next day or gameday for them since the hotel was so rough.

    Peyton Manning 1/1 8x10
    Rahim Moore 2/2
    Virgil Green 2/2
    Nate Irving 1/1
    Matt Prater 1/1
    Phil Simms 2/2: SI w/SB MVP insc & card

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    Any of those Broncos FS? Am interested in some. Thanks.

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    Jermaine Cunningham Public Signing

    Went to get Patriots DE/OLB who was doing a free public signing not far from my school, headed over to get him on a few things I had left from TC. As usual he was cool and it was an easy get in and get out type of deal.

    Jermaine Cunningham 3/2: 2 cards & giveaway photo

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    NY Jets Hotel

    My Jets were in town to face the Pats and was able to hit them on arrival; I went to the game too but didn't go for graphs. It was a good game but tough to swallow from my end considering the finish. Anyways security was very uptight at the hotel due to the presence of our savior Timmy Tebow. Was able to get a decent shot at Tim but he wasn't having it. Revis and Holmes didn't travel for those who are wondering, outside all that I was pretty pleased with how I did. Although my main target was Sexy Rexy and the one brief crack at him didn't go too well as he was in a rush.

    Phil Simms 1/1 8x10
    Jim Nantz 1/1-Ginter

    David Harris 2/2: 8x10 & card
    Calvin Pace 2/2: SI & 8x10
    Bryan Thomas 1/1
    Antonio Cromartie 1/1 8x10…he was originally adamant about not signing but was able to break him down as he liked my photo, gave me his full sig then hacked a few others before shutting it down.

    Marty Lyons 1/1 8x10: added College Football HOF to everything he signed
    Mark Sanchez 1/1 SI w/Mangold
    Nick Mangold 1/1 SI w/Sanchez

    Got pretty lucky here, was waiting on Mangold as I knew he’d be back soon, all of a sudden Sanchez is walking up in a 3 piece suit and says hi to us, then said “Well come on guys you got to hurry up” had my SI out for Mangold but since there was a small window of opportunity I threw him on the SI even though I wanted something else done. He signed about 5-6 total, a women was begging for a pic with and when she didn’t get it he yelled to him “Tebow is better than you anyway”.

    Not even 2 minutes later Mangold walks up and I got him to finish up the SI, he signed 3 before someone nearly knocked over an old lady trying to get him so he shut it down.

    LaRon Landry 2/2
    Stephen “Stondhands” Hill 2/2
    Jeremy Kerly 1/2
    Chaz Schillens 1/1
    Aaron Maybin 2/2
    Matt Cavanaugh 1/1
    Dennis Thurman 1/1
    Clyde/Edmund Gates 2/2

    +a handful of guys on a team sheet

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    Buffalo Bills Hotel

    After some time off got a chance to do football again with the Wagon Circlers in town, was more concerned about snagging Dan Fouts who was in town to call the game. For the Bills team itself was hoping to get Spiller, Stevie and Stephon never saw Spiller. Stephon Gilmore denied me as he actually was late for meetings and couldn't find where they were, I pointed it out to him and he apologized for not having the time to do it. I would've got Stevie but was thrown out by security (again) 5min before he came out to sign. Aside from that nothing to special, but glad to at least get my main target in Fouts.

    Dan Fouts 1/1 throwback chargers mini, 1/1 8x10...denied on HOF insc
    Marcel Dareus 1/1 8x10
    Kyle Williams 1/1 8x10
    Ryan Fitzpatrick 1/1, 1/1..complemented him on his acting job on the League this week
    Brad Smith 2/2..very happy with this one as he was one of my favorite Jet players when he was with us
    Chris Kelsay 1/1
    Kelvin Sheppard 1/1
    Kirk Morrison 1/2, 1/1
    Leodis McKelvin 2/2
    Shawn Merriman 1/2, 1/1
    Cordy Glenn 1/1
    Mark Kelso 1/1...class act

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    Pat Chung public signing

    Went to get Pats safety Patrick Chung at a free public signing, wasn't too bad of a line at all and Pat signed whatever you had as usual and was in and out very quickly. Wish all signings could be so quick, easy and efficient.

    Patrick Chung 6/6: 3 8x10s & 3 cards

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    NH Baseball Dinner

    Went to the NH baseball writers’ dinner over the weekend and it was a pretty good success. The headliners were HOF Wade Boggs, Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter and former Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder in addition to many other guests. There was a 2hr autograph session which was nice unless you spent close to half the session waiting for Boggs as most people did, there was over 1,200 guests in attendance and I’d say close to if not a little more than 1,000 of them waited in line for Boggs. Luckily I was near the front of the line to get in and was one of the first 20-25 to get Boggs. He had 2 handlers and was a strict 1per and they were taking additional fees for bats/jerseys. Fielder started off doing multiples but eventually was a strict 1…he signed 6/6 for an older lady on cards and then said “Damn, I never sign that many for one person” he didn’t seem all too pleased to be signing but definitely enjoyed the attention of people talking him up throughout the night. Thanks to Fielder/Boggs having long lines everyone else was easy to navigate including Carp…although he wasn’t too pleased to see me consistently but hey I waited in line like everyone else. He was cool though, doing multiples & inscriptions. Was a good night, Boggs was drunk and called the NH Fishercats the “MudRiver ValleyCats” and heard some boos for it, when asked what he was drinking during the signing he looked into his mug smiled and said “just tea” and would laugh. Always a treat when Mr. Boggs is around, to think he bought me first drink over 4 years ago in a small bar near my hometown, cheers to you Wade Boggs!

    Wade Boggs 1/2 mag, 1/1 8x10 w/Ryne Sandberg from HOF induction signed by Ryno alright

    Chris Carpenter 3/3: 2 8s (1 w/CY insc) & card, 3/3 06 WS ball, 11 WS ball, ROMLB w/CY insc, 2/2 8x10 & card

    Cecil Fielder 3/3: 2 8s (1 w/Big Daddy insc) & a card
    Bob Stanley 4/4
    Sam Fuld 4/4
    Spanky Lavalliere 4/9, 4/9
    Brad Glenn 1/1
    Scott McGregor 4/4: 3 cards & 8x10 w/83 WS champs insc
    Jordan Cote 6/6
    Joey Maher 2/2 8s
    Jim Beattie 3/9, 3/9
    Jeff Locke 1/1
    Tom Signore 1/1
    Mike Pags 1/2 …really?

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    Indy Colts Hotel

    Couldn’t hit the Colts on arrival due to being in NH for the dinner so had to try my luck for Luck on gameday, got to the hotel early scoped it out and saw not much was going on so decided might as well try Simms since we had a little time, guy was gracious as always, timing worked out well only had to wait 20-30min. Had a really good crack at luck but he just looked over smiled and waved…pretty disappointing considering not going to get many more chances like this at someone who is that young & talented and will likely only get tougher from here on out. Still wasn’t a complete flop as snagging Adam Vinateri was nice.

    Phil Simms 1/1 8x10
    Adam Vinateri 2/2: card & 8x10
    Donnie Avery 1/1
    Will Wolford 1/1 8x10
    Winston Justice 1/1

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