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Thread: Big Ticket's IP Graphing

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    Texas Rangers in Boston

    Did the Rangers earlier today as it was the only day I could do them this series with the other stuff going on during the week for me. One of the craziest days I've ever seen for graphing a baseball team in Boston, and the amount of gawkers that jumped in was insane. Especially with Hamilton, easily 50 people tryn to get him either to sign or take a pic with, he did what he could to get people signed about 20-25 graphs total. Everyone that I saw other than Cruz and of course Yu didn't sign problem was everyone got mobbed that most people when they did sign didn't sign for much. AMF's kid was the only one to get Kinsler and Napoli and one of 3-4 to get Oswalt and Soto. Crazy day but thought I did alright considering the crowds.


    Craig Breslow 1/4..which 1? They all are the same him just coincidentally before walking over to get the Rangers.


    Geovany Soto 1/1
    Michael Young 1/1
    Ron Washington 1/1 card, 1/1 8x10
    Matt Harrison 2/2 cards
    Adrian Beltre 1/1 SS ROMLB

    Robbie Ross 1/1..great guy, I was going old school and stacking today so I had him the pile I had left with his on top and he goes okay just had them to me 1 by 1, I told him no just the top one is you and he goes "Thank god" I told him I'll remember that next time and load up and he laughed and said bring it on.

    Joe Nathan 4/4: 2 cards & 2 8x10s
    Tanner Scheppers 1/1
    Michael Kirkman 1/1
    Josh Hamilton 1/1 SI

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    Love how the Rangers sign for everyone, so different than most teams...I'll be in there tomorrow so I hope the crowds are down a bit. So many good players so even if I get a couple I'll be happy. Nathan seems like the best, signs for everyone it seems. Nice successes!

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    Patriots/Saints Joint Practice

    Saints in town for the preseason opener and just like they did 2 years ago they held a joint practice between the two teams. However unlike it was 2 years ago pretty much no one from the Saints signed and that included Drew Brees, was able to do alright with the Pats considering a record setting crowd of nearly 15k. Was crazy for pretty much anyone in a Patriot jersey but with my attention focused on the Saints and mainly Brees didn't get a chance to really work the Patriots guys. Here is who I ended up getting:

    Brandon Llyod 1/1 8x10, 1/1 8x10
    Danny Woodhead 1/1 card
    Jabar Gafney 1/1 card
    Lance Moore 1/1 8x10...lone Saint to sign

    Devin Mccourty 2/2, 1/1...all cards, switched to blue cause I was close enough to ask, on the dip wasn't really face to face and guess he was running with a silver at that point.

    Beat the Saints back to the hotel from practice by a few min and had a decent shot at them despite this hotel being known for how rough it is when teams stay, never saw Brees, Ingram, Colston but did see Graham and he denied the 2 of us there. Soon found out Brees and several others went to the Sox game but in the end was able to get him. Only other guy I saw and asked was Ingram who denied me as well.

    Drew Brees 1/1 8x10...still very nice, told us just 1 each as he was in a hurry.

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    SI Yanks @ CT Tigers
    Headed to Norwich for the Thirsty Thursday $2 draft beer night..oh and to graph. Upon arriving saw Pete O'Brien walking to the batting cages and got him, kid was as nice as could be even thanked me for asking him to sign and that was after drop'n 2 pages on him. Park opens earlier on Thursdays so I got in for BP and was able to knockout all my SI stuff well before the game started so I then picked up the CT set and got everyone in it who was still with the team. Got to love a ball, anytime I can have a beer and bang out a team set I can't complain.

    SI Yanks
    Peter O'Brien 18/18
    Matt Duran 5/5
    Claudio Custidio 15/15...A LOT better than that 1-2per ******** I had to deal with early in the year

    CT Tigers
    Mike Rabelo 9/9
    & then a bunch of 1/1s on the CT set, cept for Angel Nesbit who I got 2 cards of in the set, weird.


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    Reading Phillies @ NB Rockcats
    Wasn’t sure when I was going to do Reading if at all with me being a little burnt out from a long week and then the weather being horrible Saturday and me not being too willing to get up early to hit them for an early game Sunday but y buddy talked me into going up said between 1-7pm only 20-30% chance of rain. We get a few towns away from the park and it looks bad and we find out it went up to 70% chance of rain all day and 80% at night. Upon arrival it poured and poured, and there was only 3 of us. Bus pull’d up and it was raining heavily but we were able to work together to knockout the guys we had quantity of. Rain didn’t let up and didn’t seem like it would but then the rain halted and the sun came up for about an hour and it was enough to get nearly everything signed. Dark clouds were coming back so we took off. Great signing team except for Leandro Castro who was a jerk as advertised didn’t get a chance at Bob Milacki either but no big loss there.

    Rene Tosoni 0’fer…told me he’d get me after BP then ended up sneaking back in to avoid the 3 of us.
    Joe Benson 0’fer…hangs with Rene enough said
    Oswaldo Arcia 3/3: 2 cards & 8x10
    James Bresford 1/1
    Aaron Hicks 3/3

    Trevor May 22/22
    Tommy Joseph 16/16…15 cards & 1 8x10, sig got a lot better
    Julio Rodriguez 18/18..SP, definitely not pleased to do ‘em all but did them none the less
    Tyson Gilles 1/1
    Michael Sisco 5/5
    Ethan Martin 4/4
    Jiwan James 5/8
    Leandro Decastro 0’fer…played deaf ear all day

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    Pats TC

    Went up to Pats TC today for possibly the last time this summer, it was LB day which didn't disappoint me considering I had stuff for Spikes, Mayo and company and those are guys that in comparison to the rest of the team I don't have much if anything of so I was happy with my haul, very small crowd compared to what I've had to deal with in my previous attempts, probably just a few thousand in attendance. Easy to work the crowd today, hell my brother even snagged a few multiples too.

    Dont'a Hightower 1/1 8x10 w/Zeus insc. & 1/1 card
    Brandon Spikes 2/2: 8x10 & card
    Jerod Mayo 1/1 SI, 2/2 SI & 8x10, 1/1 8x10

    They all ran with black, got them all to switch but only got Mayo to switch once

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    SWB Yanks @ Pawtucket Redsox

    AAA Yanks were in town to play their "home games' at Pawtucket and were in for 4 days this week unfortunately for me that wouldn't be enough to get the very rough Koske Foukedome or as the locals have began to hear me say ****udome. Had this guy 1 on 1 several times and would barely acknowledge that I was in front of him. Definitely put in to much time in trying to get my SI done, wish he wasn't ever on the damn thing so I wouldn't feel compelled to try for him. Finished most of what I had for the rest of the team except for Nunez and Maine. Just had bad timing with Maine as I went the day he pitched and then he got rocked so he wasn't having it. Not too pleased with how I did but they come back for 4 more games so Kouske will have more chances to give me a stroke.


    Mark Prior 1/1...glad to get this before his release


    Cory Wade 2/2: 8x10 & card
    Buthch Wynegar 3/3: 8x10 & 2 cards
    Adam Warren 4/4
    Juan Cedeno 3/4, 1/1
    Corban Joesph 2/2
    Austin Romine 2/4
    Francisco Cervelli 4/4
    Ramon Ortiz 4/4
    Scott Aldred 1/1...probably did it since bobby wasn't around
    Justin Thomas 1/1
    Chase Whitley 2/2
    Kevin Russo 1/1
    Melky Messa 1/1
    Ramiro Pena 1/1

    oh & Elizabeth Beisel 2/2 8x10s w/"Go USA" insc.

    Elizabeth won a silver medal in swimming in the recent Olympics and is a local girl so she was available for autographs and pics during the game. Anyone interested in the 8x10s just pm me they are for sale.

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    Patriots TC

    Today was last day of Pats camp and decided to go up and hopefully Brady comes over and I get lucky. Well at first the RBs came over and Ridley wasn't out there so the next guy I had stuff for and would want was Danny Woodhead as soon as I get through to him I look over and see Gronk going to a special roped off section meant for special needs/handicapped people, and I knew there was a spot near there that I could get him at eventually so I go over and wait and Gronk like on the field was just a flat out machine. Was able to dip him a lot, Aaron Hernandez later came over to a spot further away but didn't want to move for Gronk until right near the end of the signing period Deion Branch came over so I moved to get him since I had a nice photo I wanted done. Very pleased with the haul with the exception is Gronk ran with a black and wouldn't let go.

    Rob Gronkowski 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1...11x14, mini helmet, 3 8x10s, 2 blanks (all I had left at that point)
    Deion Branch 1/1 8x10, personalized & looped sig, 0/1...called me out for being greedy on the dip

    mini & 11x14

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    Aberdeen Ironbirds @ CT Tigers

    Went for Aberdeen was pretty disappointed the Gausman was promoted earlier in the week so I didn't get a crack at him, Brenden Kline was with them however so was able to get him. Pretty much just went for the coaches of Aberdeen and to get the 2 guests Frank Tanana and Aaron Small, who were there to speak on the impact of God and Christianity in their life and career. Knew how on & off Tanana was so didn't bring too much but today he was really great, very friendly. Small was awesome as well, went out of his way to make a little small talk with me. Pretty easy day, in and out well before 1st pitch.


    Danry Vasquez 1/1 mini bat..they gave away mini bats today so thought I'd throw him on it

    several people in the teamset 1/1 for my boy Tigersfan12


    Gary Allenson 9/9
    Brad Komminsk 1/2..threw my sharpie down after he was done, glad to see he is still pleasant

    Alan Mills 3/4, 1/1...saw Mills several times out on the concourse he went to the concession stand 3x within 1 hour eating a variety of things, wasn't going back for them so thought I'd ask him to do my last one and here it goes:

    Me: Mr. Mills would you mind signing?
    AM: I signed for you already didn't I
    Me: Yes but to be honest its my last one and I won't be back again this series
    AM: What's your name?
    Me: Andrew
    AM: Last name too please
    Me: George
    AM: Well Mr. Andrew George if I see you here tomorrow and you ask me to sign I'll be disappointed that you lied, now good luck to your Jets this year.

    I was frustrated because while I was confused by him asking for my name I hand him the pen and didn't realize it was silver till he handed it back to me...oh well.

    Brenden Kline 3/3: SS GU ball & 2 photos

    Frank Tanana 5/4: 2 8x10s, SS ROMLB w/3x AS insc, card & he gave me a bible card too
    Aaron Small 4/4 cards signed 10-0 & Perfect 10 on one of them as requested

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