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Thread: Big Ticket's IP Graphing

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    Like the Tanana pics...

    Good luck with Fukudome. I got him last night from the dugout. There were only 4 of us asking and I think the only reason he signed for me was because there were a couple kids there he probably thought were my sons. I did notice that he gives A LOT nicer sig. on the SI than he does a 2012 Indians card.

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    Philadelphia Eagles

    Eagles around for their MNF preseason game and did them on arrival, didn't really expect much since I know how tough they can be with their team security, and hotel security was pretty uptight for a preseason game so it didn't look like I'd come away with much. Had a good crack at Vick off the bus, and he looked like he was about to do it then he gets closer to us and says "I'm not signing autographs". And he didn't, in that moment at least, had a bit of luck in finding out where Vick was after team meetings and as soon as he saw the few of us he came over and was very nice. Never saw Nmadi, DRC, Ryans, Cox, or Maclin. LeSean ignored the 1 time I saw him. Had a great chance with DeSean but he wasn't having it at all. Still pleased with how I did with the 3 hours I put in.

    Mardy Gilliad 1/1 card
    Dion Lewis 1/1 8x10
    Trent Cole 1/1 8x10
    Harold Carmichael 0/1...said he couldn't sign any photos that weren't NFL licensed.
    LeSean McCoy 0/1
    DeSean Jackson 0/1
    Mike Vick 1/1 8x10, 1/1 8x10
    Howard Mudd 1/1 8x10...guy should be a HOFer between his playing and coaching career.

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    Portland Seadogs @ NB Rockcats

    Made what likely is my last trip to NB this year (unless they draw Bowie in postseason) and it was for Portland. Heard some things about Xander Boegarts and they held true, he is pretty much 1per although the first time he sees you if you show him 2 cards he seemed willing to do both, the kid doesn't know the meaning of no. Every time he is asked he comes over and I had no issues taking advantage of that. Wasn't overly impressed with him during BP but defensively he has a hell of an arm, I don't think there are many throws he can't make. He is still pretty raw and you can see that but if/when he hits Boston he will be a doubles machine if he continues to progress. Portland was fine, just as expected. Vitek traveled and said he was done for the year but will still be with the team, Raunado didn't travel though.


    Aaron Hicks 3/3: poster & 2 cards
    Rene Tosoni 3/3: finally was true to his word and signed after BP
    Joe Benson 0'fer..denied coming in then never saw him again


    Xander Boegarts 1/1 8x10, 1/1 8x10, 2/2 card & SS ROMLB, 1/2, card, 1/1 card..signed in terrible spots on 8s and writes really small
    Jackie Bradley 5/6: 8x10 & 4 cards, 2/2 8x10 & card...signed 8x10 and set card with full sig as requested
    Derrik Gibson 1/1
    Kolbrin Vitek 6/9
    Christian Vasquez 2/2
    Ryan Dent 3/3
    Zach Gentile 1/1
    Bryce Brentz 2/6, 2/3...his racking days are behind him
    Brandon Workman 3/3
    Peter Hissey 5/5
    Bob Kipper 10/10

    Brock Huntzinger 3/2...asked him to sign and he signs Caleb Clays card, now I thought he did it on purpose cause he can be a d-bag but then I told him what he did and apologized and signed his 2

    Ryan Pressly 1/1

    Britton started so I couldn't get him till postgame and wasn't going to stay just for him.

    Also got a nice surprise, wish I could've known in advance but Dave Stewart was there and arrived right before gates opened and was sitting by himself, all I had was a GU ball but had to throw him on it. When I asked him he seemed like he wasn't going to sign unless I really knew who he was and when I told him he was pretty nice. He didn't remember his no hitter date when I asked for the inscription, but I always look it up before I ask so I'm prepared. I asked for WS MVP on the top panel but he said I can only get 1, but I didn't mind at all, was more than happy to get him but wish it was something nicer.

    Dave Stewart 1/1 SS GU ROMLB w/No Hitter insc.

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    GREAT job with the eagles! Would one of the Vicks or Lewis be FT or Sale?

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    KC Royals in Boston

    Went for KC, pretty much out of boredom since it was a dead weak, pretty much a last minute decision as no one on this team really excites me but I figured for a Fenway outing it will be quick, easy and stress free and that's exactly what it was. Not a big crowd for them only 10 or so which is the smallest I've had to deal with on the season.


    Will Smith 1/1 got it on a whitesheet, just figured it'd be funny to have him sign it Fresh Prince, he laughed and did it.
    Eric Hosmer 1/1
    Brayan Pena 1/1
    Greg Holland 1/2, 1/1
    Aaron Crow 1/1, 1/1
    Johnny Giavotella 1/2
    Mike Moustakas 1/2
    Alcides Escobar 1/2
    Jeff Francouer 3/3: 2 cards & 1 8x10
    Tim Collins 1/1
    Jeremy Jeffries 1/1
    Jarod Dyson 1/1 8x10
    Luke Hochevar 1/1, 0/1..called out on the dip

    Never saw Butler, Gordon, Chen...everyone asked signed. Perez rode in with Moose and Escobar so no one stopped him and Guthrie rode a bike in to other side of the park so wasn't worth chasing.

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    was gonna head in to try them, decided against it this morning. Would have been disappointed with no Gordon or Butler showing up out back but I'm jealous of the Alcides and Francouers...

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    "can't sign unlicensed photos" is the worst excuse in the book. Nice work on the eagles.

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    Arizona Cardinals Hotel
    Went for Zona as they were in town for the Pats home opener. Obviously main goals were to get Fitz, Pat Pete and HOFer Russ Grimm, was also hoping Larry Wilson would show up but apparently he only goes to home games and doesn't travel. They stayed at a tough hotel so there wasn't much of a chance for me to get guys going on/off bus, had to bank on players going out. Not going to get into the details on Fitz but he is rough, really rough. Had 3 very good chances with him, including 1 on 1 and he wouldn't do it, one of the times he laughed as he ran by me and the other guy waiting. I really wanted Patrick Peterson as I'm very high on him but I never saw him so that was a bit disappointing. Other than that I was pleased, as I got a current HOFer and a possible future one. The team was very nice though, most of them have never been around this way in the Northeast one of the players asked me show them around after asking for good places to eat out at.
    Early Doucet 1/1
    Michael Floyd 2/2 8x10 & card
    Todd Heap 1/2
    Kevin Kolb 1/3, 1/1...personalized but very nice
    Ryan Lindley 1/1
    Kerry Rhodes 1/1...always nice to snag an ex Jet
    Beanie Wells 1/1
    Ryan Williams 2/2
    Russ Grimm 3/3: skins mini, 8x10 & card...all w/HOF & HOGs inscription
    Ken Wisenhut 1/1
    Darnell Dockett 0/1...not having it
    Larry Fitz 0/1, 0/1, 0/1...ROUGH
    John Lynch 2/2-2 8x10s

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    Troy Brown HOF Induction

    Wasn't sure I was going to hit this but after doing the Cards I headed to Troy Brown's HOF induction at Pat Place and it was packed more so than the previous year, a lot of decent names around for it was hoping Brady or Belicheck would show up but they didn't. Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Kevin Faulk, Deion Branch, Andre Tippet, Drew Bledsoe, Steve Grogan and of course Troy Brown were all present as well as some lesser names. Bruschi, Tippett didn't sign and then everyone else was signing at the same time so had to pick and choose as well as fight the crowds but I was pleased with my results considering.

    Robert Kraft 0'fer...had an 8 that he skipped over 3x I think it's cause his late wife was in the photo
    Drew Bledsoe 2/2..Pats mini & 8x10
    Ty Law 2/2..Pats mini & 8x10
    Troy Brown 2/2...SB card and HOF poster

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