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    Biggsy2323's Collection Success Thread!

    I've been around a while and just starting to get back in this thing.. today brought me just one success but it was a nice one to add to my Cardinals memorabilia.

    Who: Chuck Diering

    Date Sent: 8/17/12
    Date Received: 8/22/12

    Sent him: Photo
    Got back: Photo signed, 1 signed index card, and 1 business card.

    Decent day. I hope to share more in this thread as I get more back. I've collected since like 2000 so I have tons of stuff.

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    Sent an email through Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area.

    Took a couple weeks, got a UPS package today.

    What was in it?

    1 signed Vida Blue 5x7
    1 signed Bip Roberts 5x7
    1 signed Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow 5x7
    1 signed Amy Gutierrez 5x7

    Photos of: Amy G, Sergio Romo, Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt, Shawn Estes, & Shooty Babitt.

    But that's not all.. Got 4 huge posters.. Nate Robinson Warriors one, Chris Mullin Warriors one, Yoenis Cespedes, & 1 Buster Posey w/Pablo Sandoval one... wow what a get!

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    that Vida looks sweet, too bad its in a Giants uniform.

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    My thru the mail successes today:

    Chuck Stevens - Sent 8/17, Got 8/24 (Signed my photo, signature doesn't look the best but that's OK)
    Jim Rivera - Sent 8/17, Got 8/24 (Signed my photo, answered a few questions)
    Wally Westlake - Sent 8/17, Got 8/24 (Signed my photo, signed a postcard)

    All addresses are listed on this site.

    Email successes today include: Gretchen Bleiler (signed photo & letter), Kayla Harrison (Signed Trading Card), Irina Kalentieva (signed player card), Shannon Buhrke (Signed photo & letter), Brett Thompson (Signed Hero Card), Zach Veach (Signed Hero card), Jordis Steinegger (signed player card), Judith Schmidt (signed bookmark), Finbar Furey (signed Ireland program), Woo Daves (signed picture), Olivia Culpo (signed Miss USA 2012 photo).

    Good day I'd say.

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    Nice successes today..

    Sent out: August 17th, 2012
    Received: August 27th, 2012

    Freddy Schmidt: C/o Home
    Success Rate: 3/1 (Sent back my photo signed, included signed index card, included signed photo of his own, signed back of my photo with a note)

    Bob Savage: C/o Home
    Success Rate: 3/1 (Sent back my photo signed, included signed index card, also included a signed baseball card)

    Grady Hatton: C/o Home
    Success Rate: 3/1 (Signed my photo, signed index card, and signed back of note)

    Annika Sorenstam
    Sent: 8/03/12
    Got: 8/27/12
    Received: Signed Allen & Ginter Card

    Jeff Horn (Boxer):
    Emailed: July 29, 2012
    Received: August 27, 2012
    What: Signed Postcard

    Lauren Reynolds (Australia BMX):
    Emailed: July 31, 2012
    Received: August 27, 2012
    What: Signed BMX Jersey and Signed Poster

    Dotsie Bausch:
    Emailed: July 29, 2012
    Received: August 27, 2012
    What: 3 signed cards

    Debi Purcell: 2 signed photos

    Laura Kearney (Irish Judo): Signed photo and note

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    biggsy2323 Nick Giaquinto 2012-08-23 2012-08-31 Success 1/0 Signed Sacred Heart University Card!
    biggsy2323 John Verhoeven 2012-08-22 2012-08-31 Success 1/0 Sent me a signed card!
    biggsy2323 Kolten Wong 2012-08-18 2012-08-31 Success 1/1 Personalized my 4x6.. get used to his name!!!
    biggsy2323 Dan Monson 2012-08-22 2012-08-31 Success 2/0 Signed note and signed business card!
    biggsy2323 Stan Heath 2012-08-24 2012-08-31 Success 1/0 Personalized signed USF photo
    biggsy2323 Jeff Ruland 2012-08-23 2012-08-31 Success 1/0 1 card from him, he signed the back but still nice for being thru email
    biggsy2323 Larry McReynolds 2012-08-14 2012-08-31 Success 1/0 Signed Hero Card as posted below

    All of these were Email successes but the Kolten Wong one I got c/o Springfield Cardinals. Not real worried he didn't sign my index cards or answer the Q&A as he's too busy. They clinched the 2nd Half Division the other night.. Plus I talk to him as is haha
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    Love this thread so far!
    Hidden Content
    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:
    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick,
    Jacob Goebbert, Jeff Query, & Dez Clark... Chicago Cubs, Bears, & Blackhawks

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    Quote Originally Posted by djauwerda View Post
    Love this thread so far!
    Thanks here are today's successes.. all by email.. not a good day.. but I don't think I've gone a day without getting at least something in a while. Sent out to Stan Musial and Peyton Manning the past few days.

    biggsy2323 Oliver Purnell 2012-08-26 2012-09-01 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10, quick success
    biggsy2323 Tracy Woodson 2012-08-27 2012-09-01 Success 1/0 Signed baseball card
    biggsy2323 Laird Hamilton 2012-07-27 2012-09-01 Success 1/0 Signed photo as below.

    biggsy2323 Jenny Grumbles 2012-08-11 2012-09-01 Success 1/0 Signed postcard!
    biggsy2323 Leila Lopes 2012-07-24 2012-09-01 Success 1/0 Signed photo
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    Odd variety today but better than nothing..

    biggsy2323 Edmund Nelson 2012-08-30 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Signed a printed out black and white 5x7, personalized "To Jeremy, here we go!!!"
    biggsy2323 Bill Snyder 2012-08-27 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Signed 5x7!

    biggsy2323 Charley Pride 2012-08-08 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Personalized 5x7.. Oops it popped up under Baseball.. lol

    biggsy2323 Kristine Lilly 2012-08-05 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Personalized 4x6

    biggsy2323 Jürgen Melzer 2012-08-08 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Signed photo!
    biggsy2323 Bridgett Riley 2012-08-19 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10

    biggsy2323 Neil Abercrombie 2012-08-20 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Signed 5x7 and letter
    biggsy2323 Asli Bayram 2012-07-24 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Same signed photo as the others.
    biggsy2323 Tabitha Brownstone 2012-08-21 2012-09-04 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10, bent though.

    May tomorrow be better.. Love the Kristine Lilly & Bridgett Riley ones..

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    Got nothing today, bummer.

    I did, however, get an email back from Lon Kruger and he's gonna send me an autograph.

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