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Thread: Redemption Player Letters

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    Redemption Player Letters

    See a few auctions ending for RNH redemption letter, question : How do people know which letter they are bidding on if the goal is to collect the nameplate ?

    So is it possible to redeem several cards and end up with 5 "H's" for example ?
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    I'm curious about this as well. I have 3 of the Cizikas Draft Day Marks redemptions with the goal of picking up 7 before I redeem it. If its Panini, they should be able to do different letters. With UD from my experience, they'll most likely stick me with the same letter 7 times due to time they were redeemed.
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    I've never done that for that EXACT reason, but I've heard if you e-mail them and ask nicely, and mail all the redemptions together, usually you get the entire nameplate. Sometimes I think you are better off buying the singles after they are redeemed
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    I'm pretty sure I remember another member on here doing this with UD a couple of years ago (I THINK it was oilfan10, but not 100% sure) getting all the letters for Sam GAGNER. Sent in 6 redemptions to UD, and got back the whole name plate.

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    Both Collector_Kev and philhelm got the complete set back when they sent in their redemptions:

    Just redeem all the cards at the same time and ask UD/Panini for different letters and they'll surely give you that (if they have them in stock).
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