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Thread: Fakers lose

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    Fakers lose

    I think buyers on the bay are getting smarter check his other auctions out also

  2. Check out Steel City Collectibles Clearance Center
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    I like this qutuote from the description

    If this was a pack pulled card you would have to pay easily hundreds of dollars. So don't forget to bid to get a great card at a fraction of the cost.

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    is this legal? I would think the company that made the original card would have a problem with this.

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    No its not, many of them get yanked by ebay, but sometimes people dont read the description and they go for $100's

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    Quote Originally Posted by draftman
    is this legal? I would think the company that made the original card would have a problem with this.
    No, it's absolutely not legal and Upper Deck has already taken a few of these yaahoo's to court and won judgements. Whenever you see an item like this you should a:) report it to eBay and b:) report it to the appropiriate card manufacturer.

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    This is what I have to say about it.


    At least the person states it clearly in their auction that it is CUSTOM MADE. It isn't like the person is taking GU cards and switching the Patch.

    These are BASE cards that are customized. I don't see any difference between this and a Custom McFarlane. If they did not say it was CUSTOM then it would be a different story.

    I personally wouldn't buy one of them, but it might be cool for some people's PERSONAL COLLECTION.

    I think that the majority of people who actually bid on these "Custom" cards already know they are not "real".

    The people who get sucked in without reading the description are probably searching eBay for a quick steal, they click it and BID ASAP.....only to find that it really was not a "steal".

    I just don't see how it is against any laws, since they aren't Jersey cards to begin with, and it is not being sold as an original. If that were the case then McFarlane would be pulling Custom McFarlane Auctions all day long.

    Now if you guys wanna see something I bought this card almost 2 years ago. I have held it because people say it is fake. I do not know for sure but until I get an answer from DLP it will stay mine. People that do THIS stuff are the real crooks.


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    You can only fault the buyer on that auction because it even stats custom made. It doesn't make the one selling it right though.

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    I am not supporting what the guy is selling or making.

    The fact that he at least states that it is CUSTOM though, I don't think it makes it that bad.

    If he was trying to pass it off as real, then that would be really bad.

    Think about it this way though, he is taking cheap cards and probably a $3 patch to make the card. Book Value wise, it is worthless. But "value" is determined by what someone is willing to pay, and if someone is willing to pay more than $.01 on it then they probably feel it is worth that much (to them).

    Plus, he is making $20+ on these cards that cost less than $5 to produce. Customers are obviously happy if his feedback is 100% (I haven't checked to see if they are for patch cards like this).

    Again, I don't agree with these types of cards or auctions but its not like he is trying to scam people and if people are willing to bid on this stuff (assuming they have read the auction) what is wrong with that?


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