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  1. 2015 Donruss Bat Kings #31 Andrew McCutchen

    I'm looking for the 2015 Donruss Bat Kings card of Andrew McCutchen (card #31) to complete my set. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online. Any help in locating this card would be greatly appreciated. If you know where I can find this card, or, if you have this card for sale, PLEASE send me a message. Thanks, Mike.
  2. Kronozio
  3. Some new listings 2014 Panini Prizm Baseball

    Quote Originally Posted by Sigchris View Post
    Some new listings of 2014 Panini Baseball with some low SP # s.


    Free Ship for any Forum member.

  4. Neeeding blue chips!!!

    Hi, I am trying to complete a set of blue chips from 2012 Panini Limited. If you can help, shoot me an email at
    Tags: blue, card, chip, need, panini
  5. The Panini Caper

    The recent announcement that Panini products would be distributed in Canada by Universal Distribution only and that Grosnor Distribution had been cut out of the picture is rather disturbing on several levels. Allowing only ONE distributor in Canada is going to create several problems with very unfavourable results. Not only will this mean increased prices to hobby stores and to collectors it will also mean more stores and collectors buying from US based suppliers. It will also add further credence ...
  6. TWO Hockey Group Breaks TONIGHT!

    Hey Everyone!

    We will be LIVE tonight, Friday September 14th, at 5 Central with TWO Hockey Group Breaks on BlogTV!

    Prime/Ultimate - $102
    Prime/Titanium/Limited - $45

    We have a special for TWO Spots in the $45 and ONE in the $102 for only $180!

    Remember that all First-time Breakers with us get $5 off per spot!!!

    See you tonight!.

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