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Tagging Cards with Teams in Your Inventory

After adding cards to your inventory you can tag teams to each card. A video of this feature can be seen here. For example, if you upload some Matt Ryan football cards you can tag these cards with the “Atlanta Falcons.” This

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Adding Entire Sets to Your Inventory

1. At the top left of SCF, click on “Inventory Manager”. 2. This will bring you to a search screen where you can add cards to your inventory. On the right side, clickSearch Card Sets. You will be taken to

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How to Create Categories in Your Inventory

In version, SCF is glad to annouce that we now have a images bucket style with home page. This will create similar effect then what everyone is used to in PhotoBucket tags but so much easier to create, more

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Building Your Sports Card Inventory

The staff on Sports Card Forum is working hard on developing an inventory, storefront and Online Price Guide (OPG) system that will benefit all collectors, big and small. Building up your SCF inventory is something all members should do! The benefits

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