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John Wall Addresses Report   Sport: Basketball

Player overall success: 95%

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Address success percentage: 80%    
Total number of submission on this address: 7
# of Success: 4  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 2
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 01-27-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Redwolf 08-31-2019 Pending -2/0  
Beastmode828 02-08-201902-27-2019Success 193/1Autograph sighned only 1 of 3 but still good 
BigRedMachine 02-19-2010 Pending -2/0CIC 
pal_joey1 02-16-201007-19-2010Failure 1521/0Calling this a failure since he's likely on his private jet right now and not at UK. 
blkdodge 02-01-201002-11-2010Success 101/1Personalized 8x10 
RockiesFan33 01-27-201002-11-2010Success 151/1Signed my custom 8x10
gysot 01-27-201002-11-2010Success 151/1Signed my 5X7 with a sliver sharpie 
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Address success percentage: 95%    
Total number of submission on this address: 173
# of Success: 125  # of Failed: 6  # of Pending: 42
Added by:delones24   Added on: 11-16-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
SC76 4/7/201805-04-2020Success 7581/1Handwritten letter, SASE, 17 Donruss AllStar 
m4catky 11-02-202012-30-2020Success 581/1Sent 1 TC and came back signed. Thank you Mr. Wall. One of my all-time favorite UK players.
ecfan 10-07-202012-14-2020Success 684/1Signed 1 of 3 TC DNS 2 of Spades.
avonbarksdale 09-28-202012-18-2020Success 811/1Sent a letter with an 8x10. SASE included. Received my photo back signed and personalized by Mr. Wall in bold silver sharpie. Sick Pick Up! 
mmarq 09-22-202012-14-2020Success 831/1Inscribed to me 
MikeHeezy 08-31-202012-14-2020Success 1051/1Wow never thought I’d get this back. Beautiful return!
schrums1 08-25-202012-14-2020Success 1111/1Sent 1 card, note and SASE. Received a personalized signature back. 
TimHefty 07-09-202009-26-2020Success 791/1  
Ben42719 05-12-2020 Pending -1/0  
RodrigoAS 05-08-2020 Pending -1/0Sent floorboard and hand written note 
PhilZee93 05-06-2020 Failure -2/01 card, 1 4x6 (Wizards) - handwritten note, SASE 
TheCajunCollected 05-05-202009-25-2020Success 1432/12 cards and a hand written note....signed one card and personalized sweet 
thorgy213 04-23-202006-15-2020Success 531/1SASE-NOTE-15 donruss - signed in gold? 
Justin Vasquez 04-13-202010-01-2020Success 1711/1Rookie Card signed in black, awesome!
PandaCardZ 03-14-202006-10-2020Success 881/1  
Christian L 03-05-202006-11-2020Success 971/15x7, LOR, SASE
whitemamba 02-08-202005-04-2020Success 852/1sending nba hoops and panni revolution cards with a handwritten note; Signed and personalized the revolution in black, sent the other back!!! 
BroadStreetBullie 02-03-202003-23-2020Success 481/1SASE and an 8x10 
PatrickTheSoxFan 01-13-202002-12-2020Success 301/1Signed an 8x10. 
Piester 01-12-202002-10-2020Success 294/1  
Leeburtt 12-16-201902-10-2020Success 561/1  
Justin Vasquez 12-06-201902-11-2020Success 673/22 8x10 photos signed 1 in black Sharpe, kept the other and returned my card unsigned. Thanks John! Great Success! 
GbabySweetness 12-05-201912-11-2019Success 61/1Personalized Wizards jersey in silver Favorite ttm! 
Achilles106 11-28-201905-02-2020Success 1551/1Started to think this one got lost in the fray. Sent one card and he signed and personalized it! THANK YOU JOHN!!!
gfast12 10-31-201906-09-2020Success 2221/1Signed Jersey with Black Sharpie. Thanks Mr. Wall 
csieg 09-17-201902-07-2020Success 1432/1returned one signed and personalized and one unsigned 
Altego2099 09-13-201905-04-2020Success 2342/1SASE, LOR, 1 Card Return, 1 Card Gift: Received 1 Signed Back!! Thank You Mr. Wall.. 
Piester 09-10-201905-05-2020Success 2381/1sent in 2018 
chelseanykole92 09-05-201905-05-2020Success 2431/1Sent one 2015 NBA Hoops card, came back personalized and signed. Thank you Mr. Wall! 
bdmorr 09-03-2019 Pending -1/0  
MarcusJohnson 09-03-2019 Pending -1/0  
Danmay55 08-24-201902-18-2020Success 1781/1Signed it! 
jackrose91 08-22-201911-06-2019Success 762/1sent 2 8x10s with LOR and SASE received 1/2 signed still great return 
PorkCards67 08-20-201905-02-2020Success 2561/1  
BostonRocker 08-20-201911-07-2019Success 791/1  
BostonRocker 08-20-201911-07-2019Success 791/1personalized 
BurkerKing 08-15-2019 Pending -6/0  
ecfan 08-07-201905-04-2020Success 2715/2Signed & Personalized 2 of 3 Trading Cards.
ecfan 07-29-201908-06-2019Success 81/18 Days, Signed & Personalized (1) Baseball
Gatorfan526 06-10-201911-15-2019Failure 1581/0  
zbullsmoke 06-04-2019 Pending -1/0  
nobzilla34 06-01-201912-31-2020Failure 5791/0Write-Off 
Moxieh 05-31-2019 Pending -3/0  
Tombrady123 04-17-201905-11-2019Success 241/1  
RIFF RAFF 77 04-10-201908-08-2019Success 1201/1  
pokemonclub 04-08-201908-08-2019Success 1221/1  
  Edit your submission Guest 04-07-2019 Pending -1/0  
CBM777 04-07-201908-08-2019Success 1231/1  
  Edit your submission Guest 04-07-2019 Pending -1/0  
coolskeletons95 04-04-201904-18-2019Success 141/1Sent a SASE and a hand written letter. First TTM success! 
cshen94 04-03-201908-20-2019Success 1391/1sent with SASE, a letter and a card 
TripleTTyler50 03-23-201908-08-2019Success 1381/1Sent one 8x10 Photo, received photo back personalized to me and signed in black sharpie 
ctownslammers 03-14-201904-04-2019Success 211/1  
Sskelton 03-11-201908-06-2019Success 1481/1signed a picture and personalized to me 
Nickke 03-09-2019 Pending -1/0Sent one donruss card to be autographed, with letter 
dcnowlan 03-06-2019 Pending -1/0Sent a LOR, SASE, and card. 
bobby1134 02-28-201904-06-2019Success 361/1Signed Funko Pop box 
rose1 02-25-2019 Pending -1/0sent a letter and a card hope to get it back 
rose1 02-25-2019 Pending -1/0sent a letter and a card hope to get it back 
21kholley 02-19-201904-04-2019Success 431/1Signed 18-19 Contenders in black 
Aaron174386 02-14-201903-06-2019Success 201/1Signed my 2018-19 Panini Contenders Season Ticket inscribed to me. Thanks Mr. Wall! 
locly 02-12-201905-04-2020Success 4461/1  
SyxxSynse 02-11-201902-28-2019Success 171/1Signed my 2017-18 Panini NBA Hoops card. Thanks, Mr. Wall! 
steagald85 02-06-201902-28-2019Success 221/1Sign in Card personalized it in silver ink thank Mr.Wall 
Leeburtt 01-29-201901-29-2020Failure 3652/01 year 
Logan Richmond 11-05-201802-28-2019Success 1151/12015 Panini 
ctownslammers 10-18-201801-31-2019Success 1051/1  
Zrianna08 10-04-201802-11-2019Success 1302/1  
LBrierley 10-01-201802-12-2019Success 1341/1Signed and personalised a photo, sent back to the UK. 
StarburyMatrix3 09-15-201810-09-2018Success 241/1Sent (1) Panini Excalibur card.
pmc14 09-08-201805-06-2020Success 6061/1Signed 1/1 
Ky1603 08-28-2018 Pending -1/0  
Asrq 08-27-2018 Pending -1/0Hope to get back from Mr. Wall 
dish142002 08-27-201805-04-2020Success 6161/1Signed 1 card 
Piester 08-19-201808-09-2019Success 3551/1  
Danmay55 08-14-201802-11-2019Success 1811/1Signed it! 
scodd84 07-20-2018 Pending -2/02015-16 Panini Contenders and 2015-16 Panini Contenders Old School Colors 
jasonthebald 07-12-2018 Pending -1/0  
Donhutson 07-10-201807-19-2018Success 91/1  
tc123 07-06-2018 Pending -1/0Sent Card SASE LOR 
heystu17 05-19-201807-05-2018Success 471/12016-17 Donruss. Color me impressed. Thanks, John! 
Logan Richmond 05-10-201807-05-2018Success 562/1two Panini cards (hoping to get one signed for a friend) **Only signed one and inscribed it "To Isiah" (my friend) 
Tbird21 05-08-201809-01-2018Success 1161/1sending one sase 
skiumah 04-17-201806-20-2018Success 641/18x10, LOR, SAE, signed in gold, Thank you! 
TripleTTyler50 04-14-201809-22-2018Success 1611/1Sent one 5x7 photo, received photo back signed in blue sharpie personalized to me 
Wolverine 04-03-2018 Failure -1/0LOR, SASE & 1 card. Over a year, no return. 
cutchamin 03-30-201806-27-2018Success 891/1  
Cashmoney23 03-30-2018 Pending -2/0  
diegoqr35 03-29-2018 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE and 4x6 
cgfl 03-13-201803-29-2018Failure 162/0Only signed one card. He only inscribed my name and forgot to sign my card? 
ttmracker 03-08-201803-31-2018Success 221/12017-18 Contenders signed and personalized in blue. 
DC4L 03-06-201803-28-2018Success 211/1Rough guess on the date sent. Came back signed in gold sharpie personalized! Thanks John Wall! 
dinodog333 03-01-201803-28-2018Success 261/1Personalized 1/1 in blue.
TripleTTyler50 02-28-201804-04-2018Success 342/1Sent two 5x7 photos, received one photo back signed in blue sharpie and personalized to me and returned the other one unsigned 
Casey24 02-28-201804-04-2018Success 341/0SASE, LOR, 1 card/// returned with inscription to casey signed in blue 
Wyattket88 02-24-201803-30-2018Success 331/1He signed 1 card in silver 
Duketter 02-12-2018 Pending -2/0  
Player Hawk 02-09-201807-19-2018Success 1591/1LOR, SASE, 2017-2018 NBA Hoops base card, received signed and inscribed to me 
WCBringerOfRain6 02-07-2018 Pending -1/0  
Czr073 02-05-201803-02-2018Success 251/1personalized 8x10 
Jtthatsme55 02-04-201802-26-2018Success 221/1sase 1 card lor 
Danmay55 02-01-2018 Pending -1/0sent 1 card 
cutchamin 02-01-201803-29-2018Success 551/1  
ManU 01-31-201802-10-2018Success 102/1Sent a pic and a card and only signed the pic. 
Jdscards0323 01-31-2018 Pending -2/0Sent a 2016 contenders and a 15-16 threads 
devils1854 01-25-201802-09-2018Success 153/1LOR, SASE, 3 cards.............received one back personalized. 
cutchamin 01-25-201802-12-2018Success 181/1sent 2012 Panini Past & Present 
haynmay 01-22-201806-25-2018Success 1531/1sent back a different card, but its personalized to me and signed in gold and looks pretty freaking awesome so i am happy for sure! 
Bostoncollector 01-20-201806-23-2018Success 1532/2  
twp0906 01-19-2018 Pending -2/0  
Spudscardshop 01-18-2018 Pending -1/0Sent 1 8x10 
diback34 01-18-201809-22-2018Success 2461/1Sending a 12-13 brilliance card.. signed in blue, and personalized by someone other than him 
mlbnbafan 01-16-2018 Pending -1/01 Card 
caitlynnwood16 01-06-2018 Pending -1/0  
mikmik2k4 01-02-201801-13-2018Success 112/1Submitted 2 panini cards but only one came back with personalization
deckard21 12-21-201701-13-2018Success 231/1Sent SI Cover from UK- Huge Success! Personalized to me 
ashlar 12-21-201701-13-2018Success 231/1  
Ttmohio154 12-17-2017 Pending -1/0Sent a Pannini hardwood classics! Hope to get it back! 
Parklandball14 12-04-201701-12-2018Success 391/11/1 
Zrianna08 10-24-2017 Pending -2/0  
Wyattket88 10-11-2017 Pending -1/0  
Curry7Eagles 09-08-2017 Pending -3/0Sent 3 Cards With Index Card LOR and SASE. 
Gkinder75 07-21-2017 Pending -4/0Sent 4 2016 Optic 
flutie13 06-08-201707-28-2017Success 501/1  
RobHarrington 06-01-201702-09-2018Success 2531/1Signed one card in silver ink. 
Davito 05-12-201708-02-2017Success 821/1Addressed to me and signed 
LiutenantVan 05-08-201705-26-2017Success 181/1Sent 1 card...received signed in blue Sharpie and personalized as requested :) 
Pigul 01-14-2017 Pending -1/01 4x6 
mdweck42 01-10-2017 Pending -1/08x10 
Atlantaman 11-01-201601-03-2017Success 632/1  
zooiiks 10-19-201607-28-2017Success 2821/1Signed my 8x10! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
mpay9779 09-09-2016 Pending -1/0  
PhantomApache 08-29-201610-17-2016Success 492/22 cards and personalized 
Donhutson 08-13-2016 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, questions and 1 card, 
w8lifter28 05-03-201607-19-2018Success 8071/1Personalized and signed my white filler card
digricolic204 04-12-201604-21-2016Success 91/1  
BaseballGraphs 03-03-201606-20-2016Success 1081/1Sent back the 8x10 I sent! Personalized and signed in Silver Sharpie! 
BLawson87 02-09-2016 Pending -1/0Sent 1 jersey 
BROD 01-28-201604-01-2016Success 632/1He signed my NBA hoops card in silver and even personalized it! Thank you so much John! 
Philly4Life 01-05-201604-21-2016Success 1061/1Sent a jersey, LOR and SASE. I asked for an inscription. Got it back signed and personalized but with no inscription. Still an awesome jersey! 
moleskyb 01-02-201602-20-2016Success 491/18x10 photo 
leam1098 12-15-201505-27-2020Success 16241/1  
MWMP 12-15-2015 Pending -3/03 Cards 
Sjw3315 12-01-201505-04-2020Success 16151/1Got back after 4.5years, I wonder where it's been sitting 
moleskyb 11-09-201511-27-2015Success 181/1  
CelciusII 11-05-201511-27-2015Success 221/1Personalized to me 
auburn 1 10-24-201511-28-2015Success 351/1Personalized my index card. Thanks Mr. Wall! 
jwongnyy 10-08-201511-28-2015Success 512/1Sent 2 4x6s; personalized and signed 1 
Davito 09-14-201509-28-2015Success 141/1Quick, great success with Mr. Wall, inscribed to me in silver ink 
BSRice 07-21-201510-22-2015Success 931/1 
Boinks 05-13-201505-28-2016Success 3811/1Over a year, sweet return! Wow!
MWMP 05-04-2015 Pending -4/0Three Cards & One Index Card 
Nlach 04-21-201505-07-2015Success 162/1Sent 1 4x6 Photos, Panini card, LOR, and SASE, only the card returned, nice signature, with inscriptioin 
blakers03 04-11-201505-05-2015Success 241/1Inscribed my name autograph is in silver 
Outdoors29 03-31-201505-09-2015Success 391/1Signed 1 Prizm card and personalized. Thanks John! 
PorterMan20 03-04-201504-01-2015Success 271/1Signed & Personalized!!! Awesome return on a 12/13 Past & Present card 
berty32 02-18-201503-11-2015Success 201/1Sent 1 8X10 Photo got it back signed and personalized. Only downside is it's smeared a little. Overall a good success! 
brrice96 02-10-2015 Pending -1/0  
copaantl98 02-10-201510-20-2015Success 2512/1Signed one card, returned the other unsigned 
lc82memorabilia 02-09-201503-04-2015Success 231/1Sent 8x10-signed and personalized in silver of my best returns yet! 
lautnerfied 02-07-201503-07-2015Success 281/1Came back smudged on Card holder, personalization NOT HIS. 
Pedroia15TheBest 01-21-201502-05-2015Success 151/1Signed and personalized 8x10 
Ebys23 01-20-201510-21-2015Success 2732/113-14 Hoops- signed in silver and personalized 
ttmcollector10 01-14-201504-02-2015Success 771/1Signed and personalized 12-13 Prestige in black 
raywhite24 12-30-201403-07-2015Success 671/1  
chefsanders 12-19-201401-12-2015Success 241/1Personalized 4x6 to my son. Awesome. Thanks 
ttm4life7 12-14-201401-12-2015Success 292/1he personalized my name 
Striker83 12-07-201404-04-2015Success 1171/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 8x10/Receive my photo back signed and personalized in black sharpie
BLawson87 11-18-201404-02-2015Success 1341/1Sent 1 Card; returned signed and personalized 
Mattsecre 06-03-2014 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, and card. 
anthonyhale 04-18-201405-07-2014Success 191/1I dont know the dates tbh 
delones24 11-26-201205-19-2014Success 5382/1Offered 1 - 12 Prestige
delones24 11-19-201205-19-2014Success 5451/112 Hoops
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 22
# of Success: 21  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Instruction:washington wizards
Added by:reecer31   Added on: 02-24-2014
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
fwtincaps70 12-31-201803-25-2019Success 831/11617 panini excalibur 
ClevelandSports 08-22-2017 Pending -2/02012-13 NBA Hoops and 2017 Panini Father's Day 
LiaoCJ 01-16-201710-02-2018Success 6231/1Sent one card , LOR and SASE.Finally got my card signed for such long time!! 
pokemonclub 11-19-201603-08-2017Success 1091/1  
BayAreaJavy 11-12-201608-02-2017Success 2621/1  
rose1 10-21-201601-03-2017Success 742/1I really hope i get it back! Signed one of my cards 
bickel84 02-02-201605-28-2016Success 1151/1Sent 2011-12 Panini...Received card signed and personalized. 
K5bulldog 12-08-201504-06-2016Success 1191/1Thank you Mr. Wall! 
pokemonclub 11-14-201511-27-2015Success 131/12013-14 Prestige Bonus Shots 
kdargani35 10-30-201512-10-2015Success 411/1Amazing Great Success by a super star soon to be one of the greats thanks john wall!!! 
pokemonclub 10-26-201511-13-2015Success 181/1Personalized my 'Hardcourt Heroes' card!! Autograph was authenticated by Sportscard Guarentee
Soeren2811 10-10-201504-18-2016Success 1912/1sent picture playing for Wizards and cover of ESPN magazine; he signed the picture, TTM to Germany 
Ebys23 10-07-201510-21-2015Success 141/113-14 Hoops- signed in silver and personalized 
Csmith3 04-25-201505-06-2015Success 111/1  
WVSU71 03-20-201504-01-2015Success 121/1Signed and Personalized Jersey for my Son!!!! Thanks Mr. Wall!!!
jmintz 03-06-201504-02-2015Success 261/1Remarkably quick turnaround for a player in-season
southsidegraphs24 01-01-201503-07-2015Success 651/1AWESOME SUCCESS.CANT BELIVE I GOT THIS BACK PERSONALIZED TO ME! 
mets86 11-23-201401-12-2015Success 501/1Sent a 8X10 got back personalized like i asked in silver 
soxmatt 09-09-201410-23-2014Success 441/1Sent a 5x7 personalized to my name in silver! Thanks 
RyPB 07-18-201401-13-2015Success 1792/1signed 1 of 2 cards sent, personalized 
SammyD619 03-05-201404-09-2014Success 341/1Great TTM 
reecer31 12-31-201302-24-2014Success 551/1nice success- maybe reason for other failures is wrong zip code, try this one 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 6
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 5
Instruction:new team
Added by:Tombrady123   Added on: 12-14-2020
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
pjfish16 02-19-2021 Pending -2/0Sent 2- 5x7 pics 
KUZ12 01-27-2021 Pending -1/0  
PolishMafia6969 01-11-2021 Pending -4/0  
dish142002 01-11-2021 Pending -1/0  
Trelane 01-02-2021 Pending -2/0Sent two different 2016-17 cards (hoops and prestige) 
Will3119 12-15-202006-16-2021Failure 1821/0Write off 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:Trelane   Added on: 01-02-2021
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage


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