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You can view the top 25 Racing signers for:
All time - Last year - Last six months - Last three months

General statistics

In the TTMM Database, We Have:
33,129 players/celebrities
61,056 addresses
268,827 members submited request
Out of these request, we have:
184,943 success
29,467 failed
54,417 pending
69% overall success percentage

The top 25 Racing signers

For the past 3 months only!
PositionPlayer's Name# Of Successes% Of Successes
1Richard Petty1999%
2Geoffrey Bodine797%
3Kyle Petty7100%
4Leonard Wood7100%
5Bobby Allison6100%
6Darrell Waltrip6100%
7Rusty Wallace561%
8Buddy Parrott5100%
9Michael Waltrip597%
10Bill Elliott5100%
11Wally Dallenbach, Jr493%
12Donnie Wingo4100%
13Eddie Wood490%
14Chad Little4100%
15Andy Petree4100%
16Rick Hendrick4100%
17Ken Squier3100%
18Mike Beam3100%
19Phil Parsons378%
20Kurt Busch395%
21Danny Sullivan3100%
22Harry Gant398%
23Todd Bodine394%
24Mike Wallace3100%
25Hut Stricklin3100%