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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    referred by doniceage at The National Convention less than a year ago
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    Google search for "Baseball card forum". I think it was the first link.

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    Found on another site listing top 5 sports card fourms. This was the only one that looked like people cared about MMA.:D

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    I was looking what people were selling cards for that are not listed in beckett yet and members were selling/trading on the this site. I was so happy to see a forum for sports cards!
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    I am pretty new returning to this hobby. I started out for about 3 days in the Beckett forums and grew frustrated because the layout and load times were pretty disappointing. I searched on Google for "sports card forums" and this was the first site I came too. I have spent significant time on different forums for other things (paintball for one), and I can say without a doubt this is the most well run, organized, and best members of any forum on the web. Thank you!
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    I heard of the site through my friends at NUTS
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    I found this site through a Google search for "baseball card forum". I spent probably 3 hours looking at several other forums, but this place is the only one that seemed worth spending more than 15 seconds on! lol Between this place, cardboardconnection.com, and espn.com/mlb.com, it's tough to find time for anything else at work ;)

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    I found SCF by Googling "Basketball Card Forum." I looked over the forums for a couple of days before I signed up. Everyone seems so knowledgeable about all their cards when I'm just starting up... I hope I'll meet some people to assist with picking up this new hobby.

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    mike bought tr and all that stuff went down so i followed the sheep over here

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