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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    I was asking around another board trying to find a way to complete my 09 Football Heroes Rookie Auto set. So, a couple guys told me to try here.
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    I found SCF through an add on Card Collectors World Trading forum

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    I was not referred here from a member. I went to Google and typed in Sports Card Forums to see what would show up and this popped up. This place is a great place so far though.
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    I found this site by searching by google-ing TTM addresses. I definately have NOT been let down.

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    I was frustrated with another site that was never loading pages so I searched google and voila, here I am. I am really enjoying it so far!

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    The other big Edgerrin collector told me to check it out over here, so I came! :)
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    I found SCF via a mention at a former partners' board. It's been almost 3 weeks and I'm still not approved there. Needless to say this was quicker, and looks to be a more hopping place anyway.
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    Hello all,
    I found this site by Google-ing TTM addresses and sifting through the results.

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    Using Google last year after being frustrated with the apparent lack of traders at the LCS... little did I know haha. I've actually met a lot of SCF people local to me!

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    A friend of mine showed this page.Here in Hungary are very few of us ..
    Those who collect cards.unfortunately.

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