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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    search engine just looking for a new place to find some mattingly I don't have

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    Meet Don at the Nationals years ago.......been hooked ever since.

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    Google search
    Collecting Rookies, especially YGs, and Senators especially Erik Karlsson

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    Lucas refered me to this site a few months ago. I registered then but hadn't used it since. I rean in to lucas again at Showtime card shop and we talked about this site again so I thought I would give it another try.

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    I got tired of waiting on other sites to be fixed so I google'd sports card forum and here I am.

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    i was looking for a through the mail autograph site and stumbled across this site

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    I heard about it from someone on another site (Beckett, I think) mentioning it.
    I am always looking for Habs cards seq #'d 24/xx
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    searching for information on variations

    I acquired a large quantity of older cards and most are commons, but I have been researching what variations to look for. Sometimes people forget about common variations from the past. I am hoping to use the commons to complete my sets from my childhood, and I will have oodles left over for trade or helping other set builders.

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