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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    I saw some mailday's from my friends on youtube.
    Collecting George Gervin and Jarrett Jack!

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    i found SCF by a google search for sports cards.
    Looking for Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, Ross Detwiler, and all other Red Sox!

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    sports collectors weekly, forum fodder
    I collect Champ Bailey, Chris Harris (Broncos CB), Current Denver Broncos, Gerell Robinson (Broncos/Cardinals WR), Soccer cards and anything that catches my eye! Let's get trading!
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    I think I found out about SCF from someone spamming beckett after their site change.
    Collecting: St. Louis Blues, HOF goalie autos/Game-Used, T-206 baseball
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    just picked my vote. was referred by some1 ;)

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    Just voted, found via search engine. Was looking for a place to get some updated info on the hobby and some discussions.

    Looks like I found a gem!

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    I found SCF after using a search engine. I've recently started back up in the hobby. I'm 28, and collected avidly from 89/90 until 98/99. I'm really loving what the card companies have done with designs and concepts, it's truly astounding.

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    I found it by someone on youtube mentioning it in one of there vids.. I have heard about it a few times but one of them said you can do TTM's on the site and the services is free. I had to check it out..

    So far so good.. Love the site..

    Football - Trading for RC autos from 2015-2017 of QB's, WR's and RB's. Teams I collect: Baseball - Astros, Basketball - Pelicans, Football - Saints, LSU, Tulane
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    I go by SV.. A card is only worth what someone will pay for it.. Becket is way off...

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